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E M M A {Assignment} Recsue the mutant McAllister triplets and their mother from their home. Father is an abusive Elite member, and the four lives are greatly at risk. Do not harm the father if possible, or raise an alarm. Bring the four back to the Acadmey unharmed.

-over 18
-group of two or more is best

{Danger} 5/10

*i prefer someone who is on everyday to do this one, because they're my charries you're rescuing xD*

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Morgan Waking up rather early, Wynn was extremely tired even though she had drank a mug of coffee already to liven up. It didnt help much. She was still moping around her room like a dead weight as she tried searching around for some clothes that were actually clean, due to the fact that she hadnt done her laundry in weeks. Picking up a shirt that she thought was rather clean, she slipped it on then went searching for a pair of pants. She couldn't remember the last time she woke up this early. It was insane and she was not a morning person at all. When people tried to talk to her all they got were groans and moans.

When she found pants she put them on as well and slid into her shoes. Running a hand through her short brown hair that fell just above her shoulders, she went out the door, not even bothering to style it because she never did. Wynn walked slowly down the long corridor and all through the Academy. Today was the day she went on the mission she had been assigned for and it was her first one. Her nerves were pumping greatly and she wasn't quite sure what was to come out of this. All she knew was that she was rescuing the triplet boys and their mother from their abusive father. Seemed simple enough right?

Wynn was honestly scared. How would she ever find them and how woul she get them all back here. Then she remembered that she wouldn't be doing this alone. She would have the help of another person, but she wasn't sure who. Hopefully someone helpful at least. Wynn walked very slowly on the floors of the academy, being faster on walls and ceilings. It was easier for her when she was at an angle, being flag seemed to slow her down greatly. She didn't have much practice walking on the ground because most of her life she was on walls and ceilings.

At last, she made it to the front where she was supposed to meet up with her 'teammate'. She had high hopes that this mission would turn out successful and nothing too bad would happen. Maybe they would even be rewarded, but one could only hope. Wynn stood at the entrance, rubbing sleep out of her pale green eyes. Looking around, she searched for the person she would be leaving with, but wasn't sure who it woul be. Waking up to a random person, she asked him if he was the person, but got a strict no. Then she moved on to yet another person, but got a no from her as well. Finally as she walked up to her third person, she was expecting another no. She hadnt seen this boy around the academy which was strange. He had dark hair and sharp feature with an amazing jaw to sum it all up. "Hello." She greeted him kindly, outstretchinf her hand in attempts to shake his. "I'm Wynn. Are you the person that's attending the mission with me today?" She asked him curiously.

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E M M A ((I'll pop in and post something every once in awhile))

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E M M A It was a rather chilly day in Chicago, and the triplets were all still in bed at 7 in the morning. However, they weren't asleep. Their father had come in just twenty minutes earlier, dragging Tommy, who had simply gone to the bathroom, by the ear and throwing him ino the room with strict commands for them to stay in their room. The shouting had woke Halle and Brennen, and they all began to cry with Tommy, huddled in his bed, in fear that they would be hurt again. It was never a good sign if their father was that upset that early in the morning. Elena had watched from behind a corner, tears spilling over her cheeks seeing her babies be abused. She had called for help a few days ago, yet none ever came. Was this how the triplets would live?

It was after a quiet and miserable breakfast, and the twins were back in their room. The place was rather spacious, with two sets of bunk beds built into the wall with a set of stairs in between them. The bedroom doubled as their playroom, with toy chests and dol houses and play tables arranged around the room. Tommy lay in bed, cuddling with their golden retriever, Alfie, and looking on somberly as his brother played cars on a giant racetrack they had built together the day before. Halle sat on her beanbag, with her mother kneeling behind her brushing the knots from her blonde hair. Elena spent as much time as she could with her children, sometimes even spending the night in the spare bunkbed.

"Don't move, Halle," Elena pleaded softly, to her daughter who had began to squirm and fidget in her pink seat. "I don't wanna brush my hair," Halle complained, pouting and sharing a look with Tommy. Brennen seemed to be the only happy one, as usual, but the triplets would come around some time. Alfie and Elena's presence always seemed to brighten the day, even if it was gloomy and threatened to rain that October morning in Chicago. They lived in an average neighborhood with rather larger houses, a driveway, a front lawn, a backyard, and a pool they couldn't go in yet. "If I don't brush your hair, I'll have to cut all those knots out," Elena warned, and Halle settled with a huff.

Tommy spoke up in his particularly baby sounding voice, muffled by the fingers in his mouth. "Mommy, when are we gonna go somewhere else?" He asked softly, the look he have his mother nearly crushing her heart. Brennen stopped playing as well to look oer for an answer. Elena grew quickly emotional, tears sparking in her eyes again. "I don't know, love.... I don't know.... Soon, baby," she promised, wiping her face with her shoulder. Seeing their mother cry always upset the triplets, and immediately, Brennen, tommy, and Halle were piled on Halle's beanbag, hugging their mother with their faces buried in her shirt. "Don't cry, mama," Brennen managed, his bottom lip trembling as his eyebrows furrowed over his eyes. "I won't," she sniffled, smiling with a gentle warbled laugh. The four lay there in a pile, huddled together for a good hour. The triplets were all she had, all she could rely on. She was the only thing they could rely on. She had to be strong, for them.

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Morgan Wynn was not disappointed in her partner. He seemed very capable of holding his own against whatever they were about to go up against. She was happy about that. She could've gotten a weak team mate that didn't know the first rules of fighting. That's what she was dreading the most when she was walking down the halls to get here. The last thing she wanted was to go at this alone. Having someone to back her up made her even more confident that they could pull this mission off and return with those innocent triplets that were being abused. In Wynn's mind, that wasn't fair. No father should treat their children and wife like that. Their supposed to be loving and caring and support the family. Wynn would stop him at any cost.

Nodding, Wynn acknowledged his name. Carter. Easy enough to remember. He took her hand in his and shook. She released an returned her hand to her sighed. Excitement was building up inside of her. She wanted to get started right away and save those poor children, but she had to push it down. Wynn got far too excited over the littlest things. She was currently struggling to control that, but it was a lot harder ten it seemed because so many exciting things happened all the time and Wynn couldn't help but think of them all the time. Web she learned she would be going on this mission, she had a hard time sleeping the whole week before today because of her excitement. She wondered if it would ever be under control.

Wynn was practically jumping for joy that they would be leaving soon, but she held it to a minimum to where she was bouncing on her tip toes. Looking around, she noticed that students were beginning to wake up to catch their morning classes. Wynn always woke up at the very last second for everything. Her eyes stayed closer with the blankets wrapped tightly around her body until the very last minutes she had to be in her seat for her first class. She always threw on whatever clothes were scattered along the floor and ran out of the room, always taking to the ceiling. Breakfast was never an option for her. She never ate it. Her appetite was non existent in the morning.

Looking up at Carter, she searched her mind for something to say. Maybe she should tell him that they should go, or maybe she should tell a little more about hersef. She wasn't quite sure. Maybe he wasn't the talkative type. Maybe he just wanted to her started with this mission. "Uh..." She began, struggling with what to say. Maybe he wanted to get to know his team mate before facing this unruly danger. "Should we get going?" She asked him, Highly unsure of what he would think, but it didn't hurt to ask. Right? Maybe he was the quiet type and he didn't talk. Maybe she should just start walking out the doors. Wynn's mind was a jumbled mess. She knew she was never good at meeting new people.

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Morgan Wynn watched as Carter began to walk out the door and she followed suit when he answered her question he seemed nice enough. Hopefully they would get along during the mission. She agreed with him completely when he said that the sooner they got there the better. She didn't want those poor child and woman to suffer at the hands of that man any longer. They would be free soon and they would be loving here where they would be treated fairly and with respect. Not another hand would be raised at them and they wouldn't have to deal with that man anymore.

As they walked across the front lawn Wynn took in the beauty of the academy. It was an amazing sight and worked wonders by saving people's lives constantly. If it wasn't for this place she wasn't sure where she would be right now. Still getting made fun of and not fitting in that's for sure. The academy was getting ready to save even more lives as well. As soon as Wynn and Carter came back with the triplets and mother. The excitement of it all began to build up in Wynn again. She couldn't wait to see the look on their faces when they rescued them. It would be priceless.

Upon hearing Carter's voice break through the silence, Wynn looked up. He was wondering as to why they had never seen each other before and she was wondered the same thing. She was sure that they had both been here for some time and yet never met each other. Shrugging slightly, she answered his question. "I'm not sure." She said plainly. "We probably have different classes, plus that building pretty big." She laughed slightly, pointin back at the academy as they made it to the car they would get in.

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Morgan Wynn walked with Carter all the way out to the car, passed the creaky school gates. She couldn't remember the last time she left the Academy, and come to think of it she was getting cabin fever. This was the prefer opportunity to heal that. As much as she lived spending her time rubbing on the ceilings of the large Academy, she needed a break from it, but surely she would miss it whole she was away. Then that brought another thought upon her. How long would this take? The flight there was only a few hours, but how long would it take them to get the four of them out of that house and back tithe Academy.

Sliding into the car next to Carter, she shut the door and quickly buckled her seat belt with ease. She looked out the window, admiring the large building's beauty. She suddenly wondered how long it took to create such a structure like that. There was so many things she wanted to know about everything and she just couldn't keep her excitement stared away any longer. She had a big stupid from plastered upon her face as the car began moving, signally the start of their journey.

Carter began talking once again, agreeing to the reasons to why they had never seen each other. It made sense really. Wynn was sure that there were tons of other people that she had never seen in her life before either, due to different schedules. What she heard come out of Carter's mouth next made her face turn a deep Scarlet. It alas highly embarrassing and she couldn't believe that he had said that. He seemed like such a nice guy and then he came around and said that. Every one always said she talked to much and always told her to be quiet. She could be quiet and serious. He didn't know her at all and he had no right to say these things. "Okay." She said in a hushed voice. at a lose for words for once and turned back to staring out the window.

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E M M A ((I don't think we will make it by Monday, so take your time! Even have some detours :) don't wanna rush it, because I'm not on much tomorrow or Saturday either!))

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Morgan ((Alrighty Hun :) we'll go as far as we can by Monday, but I don't think we'll make it either))

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E M M A ((You guys are awesome!! Thanks <3))

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Morgan Wynn sat in the silence of the car, not daring to speak up and talk now, not when Carter just pointed out that she talked to much. She already knew that, but him telling her that to her face made her feel insecure. It wasn't her fault. She loved talking and getting to know people better. It made her feel welcomed and not so alone. Plus the fact that she was so excited didn't help much either. She had to let it out some how, but not now. Not after she was just shot down.

Watching the tree out the window of the fast moving car, Wynn brushed a piece of short brown hair out of her face and sigh quietly. When she heard Carter speak up, she snapped her attention to him, turning around to face him. He was apologizing and it seemed as if he really did mean it. He also said that he didn't want to screw the mission up and she agreed completely. If they messed this up those children's lives were at risk."I don't want to mess it up either." She sighed.

He kept talking, saying that he'd actually prefer it if she spoke and that made her smile sweetly. She agreed with him yet again, talking would help with their nerves and excitement. It might even calm them down a bit before the mission began. "That sounds wonderful." She said, nodding firmly.

message 12: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Wynn was still highly upset with Carter for pointing out something about her that she resented, but there was no point of being mad at him because they were going to have to get along. Those children's lives were in their hands and if they hates each other the kids were a lost cause an that's not what Wynn wanted. She wanted those children to have happy beautiful lives, not sorrowful torturous ones and that's exactl why she spoke up to Carter, accepting his apology.

When she began speaking she saw his smile and knew that she had made the right decision. He seemed to agree with the whole getting along thing, but it was kind of easy for Wynn to get along with people because she was normally always so happy and full of energy. Readjusting her seat belt, she turned in her seat so that she could be in a better angle to talk to him.

Her mind was swarming with all the possible things they could talk about, and like always she couldn't decide. Wynn wanted to talk about something fun and interesting, something that would go a long way and pass the time on the car quickly. When he heard Carter's question and smile grew on her face, but then it fell. What did she do for fun? She didn't quite know. "Uh... I like to climb things." She said truthfully, saying the only answer that came to her mind.

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Morgan Wynn knew that talking would help her excitement a little bit, but her excitement never went away from her. It wa always there, creeping in the back of her mind, urging her to let it out. She always tried her best to keep it down, but sometimes it was far too impossible, such as this moment. She was in her way to go save lives. How awesome was that? It was also her first mission so her nerves were pinking through her body along side the excitement. Hopefully they would diminish before the serious stuff happened or else everything would be ruined. She had to keep it under control for the children.

Watching Carter place his back pack down in the floor by his feet, she wondered what was exactly in there, but pushed those thoughts out of her mind because she didn't want to be too creepy. When she told him what she liked to do he seemed a little interested in it and he even asked another question. How great was this? Wynn actually found someone to talk to and not someone that pushed her away because they didn't want her talking their ear of. She was having the time of her life in that car. "It does." She answered him. "I have the ability to walk on walls and ceilings and everything at an angle without falling and gravity doesn't stop me." She explained to him.

As she was talking Carter began to dig through his back pack, searching for something. When she finished he had pulled out two water bottles and at that moment Wynn realized how thirsty she was. Taking the water out of his hand, she took a sip right when he said that he used to climb trees and she instantly pictured him getting stuck in a tree. That only led to her laughing and that only led to her chocking on her water and laughing at the same time.

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Morgan The thought of Carter climbing a tree and falling was glued in her mind, which was why she was choking on her water because she was laughing. The thought of it was just funny to her although she knew nothing about Carter and he may actually be able to climb trees, who knew. When she climbed things she never fell. That was just what her power gifted her with. When she was scaling something she managed to never fall, but when on the ground it seemed as though she was clumsy and uncoordinated.

Wynn was still choking as Carter began giving her advice on how to stop. Nodding her head, Wynn tried to control her coughing as she brought the water bottle back up to her lips and took a small sip, not wanting to choke even more than she already was. She felt the cool water slide down her throat with ease, clearing it and stopping her cough but she took another sip just in case. Afterwards she screwed the cap back on and set it in between her thighs.

Hearing Carter's question, she tried her best to keep a straight face when she thought about what the answer. Wynn was unsure whether or not to tell him. She didn't know if her would find it rude, not funny, or if he would even laugh along. "We'll when you said you liked to climb things when you were little." She began, going slow. "I thought of you doing that now and falling. That's why I laughed." She finished with a small smile.

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Morgan Wynn could only imagine how funny it would be to see Carter climbing a tree. She didn't know him very well, but to her it just seemed that way. Wynn had always had a wild imagination. She had so many imaginary friends. She would go an adventure through the forest in her backyard. She would kill goblin kings and she would pretend the floor was lava. It was always something new day after day. Her imagination never ceased to amaze. Whenever she thought of something she would exaggerate it or twist the truth. She'd think outside of the box constantly and hated being normal.

When she told Cartee what she had been thinking she felt her cheeks turn a light red. She had no idea how he was going to react to this and she was quite nervous. What if he got angry? What if he got upset with her? What if he hated her? What if he thought it was just as funny as she thought it was? Once again her mind was rushing around with a million of different way thus could end up. She wished she would just keep her mouth shut and stop thinking, but it was far too hard for her.

Wynn looked to him when she finished. As much as she dreaded his reaction, she needed to see it. When she saw the mad look that was on his face her heart sank. She hasn't meant to make fun of him. Now she really wished she wild stop opening her mouth. Suddenly she saw the slight smirk that grew on his face and she realized that he had just playing around. A wave of relief went through her and she chuckled nervously as he began explaining the last time he tried to climb a tree. He had fallen and broken some bones. She laughed along with him, finding it slightly funny. "Sorry but that's funny." She told him.

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Morgan Wynn tried her best to stifle her laughs, but a few giggled escaped her lips. It was funny and not funny all at the same time. Funny because she visioned him falling out of a tree and not funny because it must have hurt when it happened. Wynn had never broken a bone before so she was unsure how much pain there really was when it happened. She was almost positive that it was a lot. When Carter told her that he had some other stories of his tree climbing experiences, she suddenly was curious, but she didn't want to bombard him with questions and make him uncomfortable.

Before she knew it they were pulled to right beside the plane that would be shipping them to Chicago. The only time Wynn had ever ridden on a plane was on the way to get the academy, but that was a while ago and it wouldn't be as crowded. Wynn stepped out of the car, tucking her water bottle under her arm before closing the door behind her. The plane a lot bigger up close and grew with each step she took towards it.

Boarding the plane, she followed Carter and watched as he took his seat. Wynn followed suit and sat down in a chair across from him. It was a nice plane and she figured that it belonged to the academy. She was certain this was only one of many. Carter began speaking and she listened. He told her that it would probably be best if they got some sleep and she agreed. It would go a lot quicker if they did. Resting her head in her hand, Wynn shut her eyes, willing herself to fall asleep.

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Morgan As Wynn closed her eyes get mind began rushing with thoughts once again, like alway. Sometimes she liked it, but sometimes it was a curse. She wished that her mind would just be quiet and let her rest, but instead it was buzzing with all the excitement that would happen as soon as they were off this plane. Her excitement was mixed with deep nerves and she wasn't quite sure what to think of this whole mission.

Her mind was set on the fact that everything would go very well and they would get the triplets out of that house and away from their father and back to the academy. They would never have to worry about being hurt again. But some part of her was thinking of all the things that could go wrong. What if they were caught by their father? What if they couldn't bring the poor children back? Those thoughts frightened Wynn.

Squinting her eye open, she peered over at Carter to see him with eyes closed as well. She sighed gently, wondering how she would fall asleep to make this ride go much faster. Closing her eyes once more, Wynn tried to calm her thoughts of all the bad things she thought would happen and focused on the good. Soon enough, she found sleep.

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Morgan (( that's perfectly fine :) ))

Wynn was out like a light. She hadnt gotten much sleep that night she thus was very vital. She needed to be wife awake and alert if they were ever going to help the triplets. The plane ride was so smooth Wynn didn't once wake up. Probably because she was so tired from getting barely any sleep. Sleeping was always Wynn's favorite part of the day and if she could do it all the time she would, but she had to go to school and study and all that dreaded stuff.

Her dreams were full of bright vivid colors and gently formed the shape of her parent's faced in whispy strokes. Oh how she missed them. Her heart ached every day for them, but she knew she was better off at the academy. Safe. No one made fun of her for her powers and no one thought she was a freak. That was the best part. She never got bulkier because everyone else was exactly like her.

The blurry colors of her parents her washed away quickly when she felt a hand lightly shake her knee. She didn't want to wake up. She wanted to stay asleep. She wanted to she her parents faces again. Then she felt the shaking again, but this time a voice followed it, telling her to wake up. Squinting her eyes, she saw that it was Carter. Wynn yawned lightly and sat up in her seat.

message 19: by Morgan (new)

Morgan The plane ride had gone extremely quick for Wynn, due to the fact she had been sleeping the whole time. At least now she would be energized and fully alert to go save the triplets That seemed to be the only thing that was on mind. Saving those triplets were the most important thing in her life at the moment and if it didn't happen she wasn't sure what she would do because then they would be stuck with their dreaded father and hurt for the rest of their lives while she had a grand life living at the academy.

When she at up she heard Carter speaking to her. She turned to face him and gave him a little nod of acknowledgment. She wasn't much of a morning person at all. Well, it wasn't exactly morning. She didn't talk much right after she woke up, but as soon as the sleep was out if her she would talk your ear right off. Then Carter spoke again, handing her granola bars. "Thank you." She said, taking then from him and unwrapping one right away, finding herself slightly hungry.

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Morgan This mission was going to have to have a perfect execution because they both knew the consequences. Wynn knew the risks. She knew what would happen if things went wrong but she also knew what would happen if things went as planned. Either her and Carter would end up dead or the triplets would be saved. It was obvious which choice was better and she didn't really want to think about the first one.

Wynn sat back in her seat and peeked out the window. She could see the city of Chicago below her. They were close which made her smile. She took another bite of her granola bat before realizing that she should probably buckle up if they were going to land soon. Only a safety precaution. She reached behind her finding the belt and securin it around her with a click.

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Morgan Wynn's eyes shifted up to the ceiling of the plane for no apparent reason as the captain's voice boomed over the intercom system, signaling for her and Carter to fasten their seat belts. Looks as if she had already done that. She looked over to make sure Carter had or was buckling. He didn't want anyone getting hurt before they even made it to the serious, more dangerous stuff. Seeing that he was prepared for landing she settled back in her seat as they slowly descended.

Carter's voices drifted over to her as she was looking out the window at how the cloud passed right by. "I'm fine." She told him, looking over and smiling. She was so used to being on airplanes that the landing didn't bother her that much. So much as a few jostles and a jerk when the planes wheels made contact with the runway. "Yes we are." Wynn said excitedly in response to Carter.

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Morgan Unbuckling her seat belt, Wynn stood up and stretched out her limbs. It had been a long flight, but she barely even noticed because she was asleep the entire time. They were finally in Chicago. They were one step closer to saving the triplets and they were so close. She just couldn't wait to see the look on their faces when Wynn and Carter came busting in the rescue them. It would really be a glorious moment.

Wynn followed Carter off the plane and over to yet another car. She wasn't excited about being cramped in another one of those, but at least this one was leading them to the house and not another airplane. Hearing Carter's words made her smile. She didn't know much about Chicago, but she did know it was called the Windy City. Ducking, she clambered inside the car and buckled up, waiting for the driver to pull away.

message 23: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Wynn just wanted to be there already, at the triplets' house and saving them. The nerves and anticipation were killing her. She heard the car door close and looked over to see Carter smiling at her and soon enough he began to talk, telling her that he had a plan on how to rescue the triplets. Now was a good time to be discussing this matter because they were close and they hasn't figured out what they were planning on doing. Wynn hadnt thought once about what she would do. "I don't have any ideas." Sh told him honestly. "Let's hear yours."

As she waited for his plan to be laid out, she glanced out the window at the beautiful structures that lined the streets. This was an amazing city. It was too bad they wouldn't be here very long an she wouldn't get to see anymore then this. She could only look at the buildings, not go in and explore. Wynn was curious as to what Carter had in mind. Maybe it was a flawless plan and they would get the triplets out with ease. Hopefully.

message 24: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Wynn waited, curiously for Carter to tell her the plans. She was glad that he had some idea of what to do because she was absolutely clueless. Throughout all the excitement she had no idea what to do. As Carter began speaking, she listened intently to the plans, nodding along every so often so he knew she was paying attention and she really was. They were both descent plans, and if executed correctly they would work, but there was one that really stood out against the other one.

"I think the first one will work out better." She told him honestly. "The second plan is good, but it's too risky. It's better for you to make a distraction because who knows where the father might be." She explained. That way was a lot safer. They wouldn't be caught that easily either. It made a lot more sense to do it that way.

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Morgan The plan they has created would work, Wynn had no doubts. They could do it. They could get these poor children out of the him and away from their abusive father. It was as simple as that. She watched as Carter nodded, agreeing with her. That was final. That's exactly how they were going to get the children out. He was going to distract the father and Wynn would sneak in and snatch the children. Then an envelope came into play. Carter explained it, telling her that she was to give it to the mother. Nodding, she put it in her pocket, not wanting to lose it.

Wynn could practically feel how close they were to the house, like a sixth sense that didn't exist. She was going to do anything in her power to get the triplets out, even if the whole plan didn't work. She would still find a way. Wynn heard Carter ask if she was ready and saw the reassuring smiled he casted over to her. "Yeah." She says boldly, returning his smile.

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