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Jack & Jill (Alex Cross, #3)
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message 1: by Mary Pat (new)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments This thread is to discuss James Patterson‘s book, Jack & Jill.

***Please remember to mark spoilers.***

Participants: Daph, Beth, Spicedmama, Dyln, Ashley, Angela, Sarah, Kerry, CharlieAngel

message 2: by Angela Jr. (last edited Jun 05, 2018 03:17PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Angela Jr. started this today and i seem to have accidentally gotten an abridged audiobook version, whoops.
anyway, I'm in chapter 30 and it's alright so far. this might be due to the audiobook (i tend not to like them as much as physical ones), but the story hasn't gripped my attention so far. one detail i find very interesting though, (view spoiler)

Angela Jr. Finished today. I have to say, the last few chapters were quite eventful, especially (view spoiler)

The ending with (view spoiler)

Ashley Moore (ashleym99) | 1208 comments I will hopefully be starting this one soon. Will definitely read it soon

Angela Jr. You have almost a whole month left to read it, no need to rush :)

Ashley Moore (ashleym99) | 1208 comments I just started this book. This book starts off different that the first two. The others started with a killing that happened in the past and this one picks up where Kiss the Girls ended. Interested to see where it goes from there as the history of something is not a factor in this book. Also this book and Kiss the Girls are names of "games" the criminal(s) play, so wondering how this book might be a little different.

Ashley Moore (ashleym99) | 1208 comments There was a lot going on in this book and it seemed like there were a few extra people in the Jack and Jill killings.

(view spoiler)

Angela Jr. I just started the next book a few minutes ago (finished my last audiobook and didn't want to start another one inbetween) and (view spoiler)
I think we'll get the thread for book 4 on july 1st :)

message 9: by Mary Pat (new)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments Ashley, do you want to continue with the series? I know Angela does. If so, let me know and I will create a July thread for the next book.

Ashley Moore (ashleym99) | 1208 comments Yes, I will continue the series

Angela Jr. Since we don't have a thread yet, I'm going to comment here before i forget :)

Around 35% (listening on audio, so I'm not too sure), the scene in the house with the green walls (view spoiler)

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