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Mel (melsheard) | 878 comments Mod
You're slightly dazy after just being stabbed in the arm with a tracker. You run your fingers over the spot where the needle entered your arm and shivered; the Gamemakers can track your every movement. After a while you feel better as you have spoken to your stylist. They haven't been able to give you any tips about the Arena however they feel as scared as you are - they have styled you for the chariot rides and Caesar's interviews. They had a chance of showing their skills but now that is all over for another year. A woman's voice comes over the speakers in the room you are in, saying 30 seconds until descent and you are literally dying of fear. Your stylist reassures you that everything will be alright, gives you some last tips and secures your token to your outfit. The glass tube feels different, scary, not how you expected it to be. The glass door shuts. You take one last glimpse of your stylist. You're going into the Arena and a bright light hurts your eyes.


"20, 19, 18, 17.." You're frantically looking round the Arena, trying to take it all in. Just to think, you might be the Victor. Your fellow tributes around you will all be dead. 24 come in, 1 comes out. Unless there are slight rule changes? You shake your head, knowing the Gamemakers won't be at all friendly to you this year.

"12, 11, 10, 9.." Nope. No way are you going to let the Gamemakers control you. You're a free spirit and nothing will get in your way. Apart from the other tributes. But you will deal with that later.

"7, 6, 5, 4.." The choice is yours. Do you run to the Cornucopia? Take the weapons you know you are best at and kill the others during the bloodbath? While at the Cornucopia, do you quickly form an alliance with the Careers to slaughter any lower-district tributes? Or do you run away from the Cornucopia, scared you could die? So, in that case, do you look for water? Or do you run and try to find your ally, hoping they still want to ally with you?

You're too busy deciding your plans that you forget the gong has already sounded. But no matter how hard you try to run to get off your plate, you can't go anywhere. A laugh echoes around the Arena, no doubt coming from invisible speakers. You sigh but are prepared for any tricks the Gamemakers might throw at you. Then your vision blurs, you blink, trying to think you're just scared of what might come before you but then you realize this is happening. You take a glance around and notice the other tributes are struggling as well. The Cornucopia is fading, so is the ground, the weapons, the backpacks. You're stood on a metal plate, surrounded by blackness. You blink again and everything comes into focus.

Why had everything gone black? But then you see you're in a rainforest. You hear the distant chirp of animals. A roar comes from inside the trees. A wave of water explodes from the Cornucopia and finds its way into the forest. From this action, thoughts buzz around your head again; is this a thing that happens at certain time slots?, if I'm in distance of the wave will I be attacked?, what else do the Gamemakers have in store? A wide river snakes through the middle of the Arena. The Cornucopia is centered in the middle, surrounded by weapons. This is what you see:

(view spoiler)

Some of the animals:

(view spoiler)

They are all deadly. But here's the catch: one animal is set to kill out a certain tribute. This animal will follow you around the Arena. You don't know this. You can't kill it, however it can be tamed and it can kill itself. Once tamed, they follow your orders. If you asked it to kill, it would kill. The animals can be eaten. The cleverest will understand that you can ask the animal to kill itself. Sea creatures are adapted to the land. *Dolphin's tails become legs once on land. Any queries about the animals, please ask! This will result in a sponsor. But not all Sponsors are kind..

"Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour."



Male: (view spoiler)
Female: (view spoiler)

D1: Blue
D2: Green
D3: Purple
D4: Yellow
D5: Orange
D6: Black
D7: White
D8: Red
D9: Turquoise
D10: Lavender
D11: Maroon
D12: Pink

Animals that follow you: Kill-offs have regular animals that change

Hyra Lade: Lion Tamarin
Malia Flynn: Capybara

Kaiden Ciocca: Amazonian Manatee
Kai Le'Graiden: Amazon Pink River Dolphin

Fawn Rosehearty: Anaconda

Ryland Maddox: Jaguar
Veronica Scorsone: Poison Dart Frog

Ella-Marie Petrova: Fishing Bat

Cash Furfax: Black Caiman
Piper Hudson: Antelope (Adapted toRainforest)

Lyra Platinum: Kinkajou

Marley Francis: Bullet Ant

Tahl Lueson: Potoo
Essence Holloman: Ocelot


4 Daggers
2 Mines (they look like tennis balls, so you'd think they aren't harmless. When the logo of the tennis ball is pressed, the mine is activated and is set to blow up in exactly 5 seconds)
4 Knives
1 Sickle
2 Bows, each with a quiver of 12 Arrows
1 Sword
1 Axe
2 Javelins
2 Fish nets
1 Spear
1 Flail
1 Cord of Wire; Approx. 100m long
1 Scythe
1 Trident

Backpacks that consist of: There are only 10

1 empty water bottle, dried fruit, sleeping bag

1 empty water bottle, sleeping bag, waterproof coat

1 empty water bottle, dried fruit, waterproof coat

1 empty water bottle, 2 metre long rope, dried fruit

1 empty water bottle, 2 metre long rope, sleeping bag

1 half-full water bottle, throwing knife

1 half-full water bottle, 2 metre long rope, dried fruit, sleeping bag

1 half-full water bottle, dried fruit, sleeping bag, throwing knife

1 half-full water bottle, waterproof coat, sleeping bag, throwing knife

1 full water bottle, throwing knife, dried fruit, sleeping bag, 2 metre long rope

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 †Emily† | 443 comments Piper rose up in her tube, her breathing short and detached. Fear was over whelming her and she was shaking from head to toe. Suddenly the Arena goes black and for a moment, she is disoriented but then a jungle comes into sight. And the Cornucopia is all she sees. She jumps from her plate and charges toward the weapons. She slings a bow over her chest, grabs the arrows plus a backpack, she takes a quick look inside, a full water bottle, a knife, fruit, etc. She zips it closed and books it. She runs into the deep forest, jumping of roots and logs. She wants to get as far away as possible.

Piper runs until she can no more and slows to a walk slinging her backpack onto her back and her quiver on top of her backpack. She holds her bow in her hand and looks down at herself. She is wearing a red bikini. She looks up at the sky, "Really?!" She asks, frustrated. She sighs and continues walking, her anger boiling inside her. These Gamemakers were so inconsiderate, they didn't care what the tributes thought, as long as they had a show they were happy.

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Mel (melsheard) | 878 comments Mod
Cash's breathing was short. Fear rose up in his chest like a tsunami. When he rose up in his tube, he felt as if the walls of the huge wave collapsed and caused him great pain. His whole body was shaking and he couldn't think straight. His vision suddenly went black. He can't have fainted yet, he'd barely done anything. But no, his vision returned as the Arena came into view. A harsh laugh echoed around what looked like a huge forest, with a lake running through the middle. It was huge. Probably 10 metres in width, as for length, he didn't know. For the short time that he wasn't able to move, Cash scanned round the other tributes and decided that, by the looks on their faces, they seemed as scared as he was. Only one tribute had set off in front of him, so Cash charged for the Cornucopia. There was a wide range of weapons. How he wished to take everything. But he picked up a backpack, something that looked like a ball and the flail. At least there was something he could use.

He then turned and ran in the opposite direction the other tribute had. Only when he was covered by the trees did he slow down his running, but he jogged until he could jog no more. The Cornucopia was out of sight but he could hear the trickling of water nearby. No doubt it would be contaminated; he couldn't risk it. Cash leaned against a tree and opened his pack. A water bottle, dried fruit and a sleeping bag. He opened the bottle and sighed as he found it empty. Slinging it back in his bag, Cash stuffed the tennis ball in too, zipped it back up, slung the bag over his shoulder and gripped the flail tightly. He trudged along the forest floor, listening to the forest's animals.

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 †Emily† | 443 comments Piper continued to walk, her footsteps quiet and light on the forest floor. She didn't really know what to do at that moment so she continued to walk, looking out for other tributes that may be following her or that she might run into. Her outfit for the arena really annoyed her as she trudged through the thick greenery. Had the Gamemakers really given them swimwear to fight to the death in?

She shook her head, trying to calm herself down and focus on staying alive. She could still feel her heart racing from when the gong had sounded. She could believe that she actually had a weapon but it didn't surprise her that much, she was small and fast and was able to weave around tributes easily. Her thoughts were distracting her from the actual task at hand and she almost bumped into another tribute, her district partner. She froze and quick sprinted away, making only the quietest sound.

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rimskur ((I'll poet in a sec. Amazing arena Mel!))

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rimskur It was hard to see in the dim lighting. Her skin pricked from the lack of clothing. Of course, they just had to be dressed in clothing that barely covered their bodies much less kept them warm or protected. Her hair floated around her shoulders as a cool breeze washed over her. Swallowing nervously, she was harshly given the tracker injection in her forearm before being pushed into a tube. She was closed in from the rest of the world, being pulled up in the glass tube. She felt like she was being clamped, the walls closing in on her. The sudden feeling of claustrophobia overwhelmed her as she rose in the tube. The timer counted down with a loud voice, echoing in her ears with every number. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she was hit by the sun's rays and emerged in a tube.

The timer counted down ending with a dramatic announcement of the final number.her cheeks burned in embarrassment as she caught sight of her get up. A blue bikini. She glanced around wildly, realizing that the other females had similar outfits on and the males were adorned in swim trunks. Each district sported a specific color, hers being blue. She breathed heavily as she attempted to fly off of the panel but to her dismay, she could not move a single step forward. She struggled, worry overlapping her emotions as she tried to reach the Cornucopia. Her eyes rose to the other tributes seeing all of them struggle as well. Her vision was taken away from her, the entire arena blackening out. The world faded before her eyes, leaving her in a paranoid panic. When lights began to flicker again, she noticed that she no longer saw the original sights before her but a dense rain forest, damp and full of mysterious noises.

She whimpered softly, tentatively taking a step forward. Her feet seemed to work this time as she was able to hop off of the metal panel. Panting, she began her sprint through the trees, searching for the Cornucopia she had seen not so long before. Breathing heavily, she broke through vines and branches trying to find it. Finally, after what felt like hours of running, she found the area she wanted to be at. Delight filled her as she caught sight of an array of weapons as well as several backpacks. Sprinting forward, Malia caught one pack by the strap and aimed to get herself a weapon. She grasped onto the knives set together, sticking out from the ground. Holding two knives efficiently, she caught hand of a spear. It was a weapon that she and most of her allies were proven to be good at. As she took the silver weapon in hand, another tribute caught up with her. Thin and determined, the female tried to snatched the weapons from her grip. Acting purely on instinct and reaction, she jabbed her knife forward, sinking it deep into the girls bare back. With a cry, the girl feel to her knees shifting before falling limp. Shuddering as a whimper slipped from her lips, she stared at the blood coating her hand.

((The pack she got has the half full bottle, dried fruit, 2 meters of rope, and asleeping bag.))

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Blackness. Darkness. Emptiness. A Mystery. Yes, that was what Kaiden was met with as his tube rose. A mystery as he was absorbed like a sponge into the darkness. Light suddenly blossomed from his vision and everything was in clear view as it should have been. Why there was darkness for those few moments was unknown to him, but there was one clear thought- one word- in his mind as the gong went off. Cornucopia The whole was up the tube he had been thinking about what to grab, and so now that he knew what the terrain of the Arena was, his thoughts were blurred together. Food will be easy to find, water will be easy to catch, a sleeping bag would be nice...but weapons are the big thing. You can't make weapons out of grass. And so he ran for the Cornucopia through the vines and tall grass. There were leaves thick enough that no amount of rain would weigh them down, and flowers with petals so thin they were literally sheer. Yet, despite this he was still one of the first tributes to make it there. First he grabbed 4 daggers and a trident. Although Kaiden wasn't from District 4 he was actually very good with the weapon. Then he got the backpack. It was at random of course, he just hoped there was something useful in it. Luckily, there was. The contents consisted of 1 empty water bottle, sleeping bag, waterproof coat were the contents of it.

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There was no place to panic. Ronnie's first instinct always the same; grab something sharp. She sprinted and grabbed a sword. Weapon she was good at but never told anyone about. The next, a backpack. She doesn't think much, just wanted to ditch the bloodbath and gathered with her allies. She grabbed a backpack on her way and took a glance inside; half-full water bottle, dried fruit, sleeping bag, and throwing knife. Better than nothing, she thought as she ran to find her alliance.

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((Aha yes! Not too many posts!))
Kai scoffed at her outfit. She was wearin next to nothing, so it had better be a warm arena. She waved goodbye to her stylist, who she had never really liked much, and stepped onto the glass plate, steadying herself with the countdown from above the arena. She scanned the arena, a rainforest with a huge river in the middle. She also laughed at the other tributes, who were also wearing less than usual. Hearing the final few numbers in the countdown, she got into position. 3... 2... 1...

A loud gong sounded across the arena, launching Kai into action. It was a mad dash for the Cornucopia, where she grabbed a sword, an axe and a backpack before making out like a bandit and high-tailing it up the shortest and nearest tree to asses her belongings. Kai opened her pack to find an empty water bottle, dried fruit and a waterproof coat. That's good, she thought to herself I have food, a way to her water and shelter from rain. Before making her descent, she checked her surroundings to make sure no one was around. Seeing nobody, she slid down the tree, sword and axe in hand, and began to move towards the river.

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Kaiden watched as some more tributes swarmed the Cornucopia, including his district partner. He continued his walk towards the river, vaguely aware that that was also where Kai was intending to go. They didn't have an alliance, and although one with her could be useful it would also be deadly in some ways. He didn't know if she had seen him and truly didn't care. He continued his way down to the river, to the more leafy and palm surrounded , with one of his four knives in hand. There was no one around right now although he nonetheless kept his high paced tread in action and his eyes keen, on the look out.

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Essence rushed to the Cornucopia after she heard the gong and looked at the others as she started to sweat. Her heart was racing as she felt a little cold. She decided to take a chance and jumped in the water and swam to the Cornucopia. She felt as if she were going to be the 1st one to die and was scared out of her mind. She had scored low on the training test and thought the others were going to destroy her, easily. Well the most experienced go after the kids 1st anyway, so it really didn't matter. She knew that she was going to die so she just wanted it not to be painful or slow.

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georgiabread | 119 comments ((Are there any more knives?))

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She made it to the river and filled up her bottle, catching a glimpse of someone familiar. Kaiden, she thought, her heart pounding. She was unsure of whether or not to alliance with him, but following him wouldn't hurt. As long as she stayed hidden, she'd be safe. She put the cap on her bottle and crept back to the edge of the forest, using the trees as her cover. Kai moved quickly and quietly through the trees, hiding behind each one for a moment before moving again.

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georgiabread | 119 comments ((Are there daggers and like mini swords or something?))

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((Are there any more bow and arrows?))

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rimskur ((Guys, you can read through the couple of posts yourself and figure it out. It's not that hard. Don't be lazy.))

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((I read through them and I wanted to see if anyone had planned to get them before I did.))

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rimskur ((Whoever gets there first can get whatever they want. It's as simple as that. Besides, there are two bows anyway.))

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((Okay thanks for helping me.))

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Diana wrote: "((I'll poet in a sec. Amazing arena Mel!))"

((Haha, thank you! :D I'll post in a minute too. -Just so you all know, Diana is just mod for me while I go away, or longer, depends if I'm nice;)- ))

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georgiabread | 119 comments Lyra immediately leapt off the podium and into the water. She had aleady planned her strategy-to run in, grab the nearest things and sprint off-as long as she didn't get killed first.
Lyra hauled herself into the cornucopia. Other tributes were dashing around beside her but she blocked them out and reached for an axe-the only axe-and the nearest backpack. She was out of there before anyone had time to injure or kill her. Lyra swam along underwater, and eventually felt soft sand under her feet. Then she stood and ran, straight into the looming mass of trees.

((the bag she took was: 1 half-full water bottle, waterproof coat, sleeping bag, throwing knife))

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((Chloe- The backpack you described had already been taken. Could you edit your post so your character has this one instead? I took into consideration her surroundings and gathered this would be more useful anyway, like I said, the one you described has already been taken. Thank you!:) *1 empty water bottle, dried fruit, waterproof coat*))

He wasn't particularly nervous. Not at all. The only thing that scared him would be the tributes, which was the main part of the Games. His Mentor had told him that (if he wanted to risk it) go to the Cornucopia, grab a weapon you're used to using and can use well, kill a few tributes then run away. He decided that would be his plan. Not that it was a brilliant or rubbish one, but it was the only one that had stuck in his mind. He hadn't been there when his district partner was sorting out her plans, but it seemed to him like she had everything covered. As for allies, he had no idea if he had any of them. Choice of weapon? Simple: Daggers.

His plate rose up into the Arena and as far as he could see the ground was pretty flat, not any water that he'd have to swim through. A gong went off. Then everything went black. Was his vision going? No, probably not. He'd been able to see a few seconds ago. Was this a trick from the Gamemakers? Yes, probably so. He grinned and waited for light to show up. When everything came into view again, his heart sank right down to his feet. A huge lake. Through the middle of the Arena. That he'd have to swim through at least once. And trees. Trees everywhere. Forests full of them. He groaned as his heart started beating slower. This Arena was ridiculous. Even though he'd managed to climb the wall in the Training Center easily didn't mean he could climb trees; trees don't have footholds. This was just great. He swallowed and took deep breaths knowing that was just to calm himself down but it only made him worse. His breaths came shallow and fast and his heart was hammering in his chest so fast and loud he thought everyone in Panem would be able to hear. Maybe not.

Finally, his feet were able to move. Deciding on his Mentor's strategies as well as his own, he headed for the Cornucopia. The big horn, which this year, was gold. A horn of plenty? As if; most of the things had been taken. He cursed silently and scanned what was remaining of the weapons. There were packs. 3 remaining. Were he to go for the one that was small but bulky, or the big but slim ones? He didn't know. He did another quick scan of the weapons when he saw a girl on the floor, maybe dead, maybe not as he hadn't heard her canon. Standing above her was his district partner, Malia. Had she killed someone already? He decided not to dwell on it. Grabbing a pack that seemed in good quality, he went to run off when he remembered he didn't have a weapon. Or two. A lot of choices. Which was good. But the daggers that he so wished would be there weren't. But there was a stand that was empty and looked big enough for several of the handy weapons. Someone had taken them. Fear ran through his body - if they were gone, it meant someone else was skilled with them or grabbed the smallest thing they could find. He settled on the latter.

He bit his lip and stared at the weapons. Other tributes were still running toward the Cornucopia. He didn't have enough time, unless he wanted to die like the poor girl on his right awaiting her death. His hand grabbed a small ball, something with a curved piece of metal on it, and a weapon he'd seen associated with the Grim Reaper. Scythe. Grinning as he'd accomplished his task, Hyra whistled slightly and heard creatures take it up. Some sort of song-bird. That could come in handy. He'd have to test out if they copied short lengths of sentences.

Several tributes were running up to him; he'd been stood for too long. Making his legs run as fast as possible, he ran around the back of the Cornucopia. The edge of the Arena were forests, a huge one, apart from where a river ran from one end to the other. No doubt it was an illusion towards the end of the force-field. Hyra checked over his backpack: an empty water bottle great., rope and a sleeping bag. Once he was deep enough in the forests and well hidden, Hyra stood, waiting, watching. He looked down to his outfit. His top half was completely bare. He grunted, not at all pleased with the choice of outfit. He remembered though, when he was stood on his plate, that the women were in bikinis. Did this mean the weather was going to be hot? He supposed so. And there were different colours. His pants were blue, decorated with different types of flowers. He rolled his eyes- each district probably had a different colour.

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Gibble Gobble Gabble wrote: "Lyra immediately leapt off the podium and into the water. She had aleady planned her strategy-to run in, grab the nearest things and sprint off-as long as she didn't get killed first.
Lyra haul..."

((There's no knife left, please change your weapon. our pack has already been taken, please change that too.))

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georgiabread | 119 comments ((Sure. I'll edit))

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((@Gibble I think that backpack already been taken before))

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georgiabread | 119 comments ((Yeah I know. I'll edit soon))

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georgiabread | 119 comments ((Can I claim stuff? If I can, can I claim the sword?))

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Mel wrote: "((Chloe- The backpack you described had already been taken. Could you edit your post so your character has this one instead? I took into consideration her surroundings and gathered this would be mo..."
((Totally! I must have scanned over it or something. Sorry!))

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rimskur ((I'll post in a bit. Mel, do you want Hyra and her to meet up? And Rea, with Ronnie too?))

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Gibble Gobble Gabble wrote: "((Can I claim stuff? If I can, can I claim the sword?))"

There aren't any swords left. Check the first post, Mel keeps it updated about what's left and what's not.

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Essence climbed onto the Cornucopia and rushed to a backpack. She opened it as she looked inside it and saw a half-full water bottle and a throwing knife. She smiled as she quickly put it on and rushed to a bow and some arrows. She rushed behind the Cornucopia and ran into Hyra. She looked at him as she let out a little scream as she stared at him. "He's going to kill me, but why can't I move!? What is wrong with me!?" She thought to herself as her heart started racing and she tried to move, but for some reason she couldn't. She looked at him as she waited for him to go ahead and kill her. She couldn't defend herself and here he is right here, a perfect kill. She had wanted to push herself to make allies and would make them with anyone. She couldn't speak nor move, all she could do was stand there and look at him.

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((Pack she grabbed half-water bottle, throwing knifes.))

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 †Emily† | 443 comments Piper had just snuck away from the commotion when she heard a scream. She immediately stopped to see if there was anyone around her but she couldn't see anyone. She wanted to see what was going on so she began to quietly jog in the direction of the scream. She saw two figures, one she recognized as Hyra and the other, a girl she didn't know. She hid behind the thick vines, only her green eyes peeked out so she could see. The girl was young and look as if she was about to faint. She was frozen with shock as she waited for Hyra to react. Piper felt for the girl, her heart racing. She didn't know if this girl would be a good ally but she didn't want to see Hyra murder her. She waited to see what would happen but made a promise that if Hyra made a move to kill the girl, she would intervene.

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rimskur She had killed someone. Not two minutes into the Games and she had already taken away someone's life. She hated guilt and never let herself feel it. It was a weakness that she could not live with. But now, with her hand stained red and the canon blowing in the distance, she knew clearly which emotion was running through her head. Remorse. Snatching her knife back out of thr girl'sback, she kneeled next to her for a moment. As if in a trance, she lifted two of herbloody fingers and pressed them down on her eyelids, closing them shut. The momenthad to be over quickly as other tributes were hustling to the Cornucopia. Her only option now was to find Ronnie. She had promised to stay with Hyra, by his side in the Games. It was getting harder for air to enter her lungs and sne began panicking over what had just happened. She had taken the first kill of the Hunger Games. She killed someone. Sobbing internally, tears pricked her eyes as she adjusted her weapons and back on her comfortably. Scanning the premises, she spotted Ronnie running ad a vague image of Hyra behind the Cornucopia.

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chloe...cx wrote: "She made it to the river and filled up her bottle, catching a glimpse of someone familiar. Kaiden, she thought, her heart pounding. She was unsure of whether or not to alliance with him, but follow..."

Some people had sixth senses as they called them. Understanding animals, being able to read people's minds. But not everyone had one and Kaiden was not one of those people. His 'sixth sense' was being able to tell when people were around him, like in hide and go seek for example. And right now, those senses were alerting him. He turned on his heel and surveyed the area around him. This was the ideal hiding arena, with all of the vines and tall grass and trees. It was then that in between all of the lush greenery, he spotted some specks of blonde against one of the thick bark trunks. It was hard to miss, especially considering that the specific tree was a weeping willow, and with it's leaning branches of green teardrops it blended in. He smirked and waved her over as innocently as possible in the circumstances.

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Kai knew he had seen her. She watched his grip tighten on his weapon, had seen the way his eyes had widened even the slightest bit at catching her. Regardless, she knew she had been spotted. With the backpack slung over her shoulder and a weapon in each hand, she carefully stepped out from the cover of the trees and into the clearing that lined the river to see Kaiden in the same green as her swimsuit. She stayed ready and alert for his attack, her grip tight on the hilt of her sword and axe. "Hi," she mouthed to him, not daring to make any sound. She really didn't want any other tributes around them, so she decided to stay silent until he spoke. Then it would be on him and not her.

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Kaiden got the hint at Kai's word mouthing although there were no tributes around. Better to be safe than sorry. "Hi." He mouthed back simply. He took careful notice of her weapons and wondered what was in her pack. With a glance around he strode a few steps closer and then stopped abruptly, having realized he had nothing to say. "What's in the pack?" He mouth to her. It was quite unlikely that Kai, being Kai, would give him a straight answer but nonetheless it was worth a shot.

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She slid the pack down off her shoulder and into her hand. Kai held it up for Kaiden to see, plus for the added dramatic effect. "This?" she mouthed at him with a sly grin. "This is your untimely demise." She offered a wink as she slung it back over her shoulder. "What's in yours?" she added, gesturing to his pack. She was surprised at how easy it was to communicate silently. It would have helped them back in 2, where gangs could be a problem for you if you weren't in the right crowd.

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"Flynn!" Ronnie called Malia's name loudly. She ran to her direction while dodging from other tributes, trying to kill each other; she couldn't be any more careless with the situation, it wasn't her style to jump in into such a mess like this, she would waited for a little longer to actually start killing anyone. She had no reason to kill anyone yet, since none of them bothered her anyway.
"Earth to Flynn! Are you going to sit here all day? Let's find your district patner and ditch this place, yeah?"

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The contents of Kai's bag were the same as his. Wait- there were doubles? Anyways...there was a waterproof coat, a previously empty but now full water-bottle, and a sleeping bag. "Same as yours." He mouthed with a sly wink, not even bothering to open it up. But there was indeed a difference. Kaiden's also had his other 3 daggers and a trident safely secured in there within easily accessible range. He kept himself firmly in spot, noticing that Kai had her two weapons- a sword and an axe in hand. And if they wanted a tiebreaker, one of them had to kill the other.

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((Somehow I missed that section when editing :/... and have him move to kill her next post.))

Kai shook her head. "I have food," she mouthed to him. She glanced around them, checking for tributes. There weren't any. She looked across the river, nothing. Although she did see a flicker of pink underwater. She shook her head, dismissing it for the moment. Right now she needed to be aware and ready, especially right then, as she was near Kaiden, who she knew was set out to kill her. She watched him for any movements, and seeing none, flicked her eyes to the trees on her left.

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rimskur She whiped her head to the side as she heard the announcememt surrounding her of her last name. No one here called her by her surname except for Ronnie. She felt safer alreadhy. She nodded her head in agreement, wiping the remainder of the wet blood into the grass before heaving all of her belongings and joining Ronnie. "I thiknI saw him behind the Cornucopia." Malia explained, her voice shaking slightly as she turned to look at the dead tribute.

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Food? That was the only difference. There was a lot of food out here. Guava trees surrounded them and some raspberries bushes were being eaten by ants. "Whatever." He mouthed back just before her eyes flicked to the left. So much could happen in those few moments. Including Kaiden whipped out another dagger and slinging his pack back over his back, and him sprinting to reach Kai. Maybe make a slash or two somewhere deadly and then what happened next was result depending. Kai barely had time to react before Kaiden had his blade swinging across her face.

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rimskur She stared at her hand briefly before shaking her head at Ronnie. "C'mon, we might miss him." Malia explained, festuring her head in the direction she had last seen him. Gathering the spear in her hand, she then took the necessary steps forward to the location where Hura should have been. Glancing around briefly, she found him muttering quietly and to another tribute! Upon glance, she recognized the girl as the one who had approached them in the training center.

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((Thanks for working with me! I'm new to this, so I might be delayed with keeping you all updated. No-one's claimed the '1 half-full water bottle, waterproof coat, sleeping bag, throwing knife' backpack have they? And Diana: Sure, they can do!))

Jordan wrote: "Essence climbed onto the Cornucopia and rushed to a backpack. She opened it as she looked inside it and saw a half-full water bottle and a throwing knife. She smiled as she quickly put it on and ru..."

Hyra gulped as he felt the shock of someone bumping into him. What had it been? 10 seconds and someone had already managed to be stupid enough to follow him? He bit his lip and then found courage to turn around. The sight before him was unfamiliar; he didn't know this tribute. He quickly pressed two fingers to her mouth and pushed her down into the long grass where no-one would be able to see them. Hyra's eyes looked meaningful. "Shh, shh! Keep quiet, I won't kill you!" He whispered urgently, pulling his head up to scan his surroundings. As far as he could see, there weren't any tributes within killing-range, but Malia had been joined by Veronica which didn't make him particularly pleased. He turned his attention make to the girl on the floor, hiding his head in the blades of grass. "Now. I'm a nice Career, unlike the others. I don't know who you are, or which district you're from, but I'm going to let you go. Now you run away, as fast as your feet can carry you, away from me. If I ever see you again-" Hyra narrowed his eyes, "-I will sure try to kill you." He grinned. "Happy Hunger Games!" He rolled off the girl, forced her to stand up and pushed her towards the forest.


Cash looked around him. The forest was actually peaceful, if you took away the fact that you could get killed in this place. Well, you were going to get killed in the Arena anyway. He shook his head and tried to think positively. He was alive so far. Check. He had a pack on him with weapons. Check. He had food. Check. Water. Nope. Cash sighed. At least he had three things that could come in handy. He wasn't feeling hungry yet so it would be stupid to waste a piece of the dried fruit; there were only 5. A rustle in the forest made Cash jump so much he banged his head on a tree, making it throb horribly. There was no point staying in one place for more than 5 minutes, especially so early in the Games, so cash set off for the Cornucopia to maybe grab any extra weapons that he would be able to use. Then a snap! ran through his ears. It sounded like teeth. He whipped his head round and saw nothing on eye-level.. until he looked down. There was a huge creature, and it was HUGE. Cash ran. He ran and ran. He reached the Cornucopia and, ignoring Malia and Veronica, climbed the golden horn, his eyes gleaming with terror at the slow beast meandering towards him. This wouldn't go down well.

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rimskur An angry expression folded onto her features as she caught sight of him letting the girl go. Now he would only bring his sponsor points down. I directly, hers too. Their audience wanted blood and gore. If one of their prized Careers, one from District One, decided that he wouldn't kill someone, it would make them lose interest in that tribute. They needed their sponsors. Her mouth was dry as she took a step to follow Hyra when she was nearly flipped over by Cash as he ran. A sneer set on her lips at him until she tur ed around to see what he was running from. It look alligator like. "Ronnie, move!" Malia panicked, pushing her ally to run as the creature slid its belly on the ground. Breathing hard, she moved towards the Cornucopia as Cash had on instinct. "Help me up, please." She panicked, hoping he would aid her. The animal might have been following him but she thought that it wouldn' t refuse to attack a few more tributes.

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Hyra stared on and grinned as what looked like an alligator - but was surely uglier - slithered past him without paying attention. Then when Malia ran to the Cornucopia, Hyra simply had to follow to watch all the commotion. He tapped the alligator on the head, even though it was a pretty foolish thing to do. The creature looked him in the eyes for a second then turned it's attention back to Cash. He looked at Malia, "It won't hurt you! It's after Cash!" He laughed slightly, then stopped. That wasn't very sympathetic for the District 8 tribute. He bit his lip.

Cash just grabbed Malia's wrist and hauled her up to the top of the Cornucopia. He thought they might be safe. But no, how wrong they were. The creature put one scaled foot-hand-paw thing on the metal horn and started to climb, but to Cash's great joy - and probably Malia's too - it slipped off. He turned down to Hyra. "Are you not coming up, you idiot?" He shook his head, "No, it's not after me!"

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rimskur She panted as she was pulled up, holding tightly as the creature attempted to climb up. But it slipped off, much to her relief. This creature was dangerous, but something was off. The alligator had snapped its jaws at Cash but when Hyra approached it, it merely stared at him befre returning its attention to the District Eight tribute. Hyra's point seemed valid now. "Is it a mutt or is it real?" Malia muttered to herself, crouching slightly to catch a better view of the creature. Judging by its eyes, she could tell what it was. It had obviously been trained to come after Cash. Maybe they could train it to go after someone else. "We have to lead it away. Or trap it somewhere." Malia announced for the first basis. After that, they would have to figure out how to get it off Cash' s trail. Ad if Cash has his alligator after him, would there be animals after all of them?

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Cash shook his head, thoughts running through his mind. He had no idea which one to focus on. "Um, Hyra.." He stammered, looking into the distance, thoughts gone from the beast following him. "Hyra, don't move, but there's a.. a.." A thing that looks like a monkey but isn't, has black fur round its head with streaks of red and yellow mixed in. No worries.

"What?" Hyra snapped, not moving. His eyes were fixed on a fat mammal behind Malia. "Malia, don't move either.." They were surrounded by beasts.

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