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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily Luebke | 11 comments For your consideration:

'The Game' (working title)
YA/NA Scifi
198,359 words
Language and Violence. One very tame sex scene that 'fades to black'

Song is an intergalactic slave who was abducted as a child from a human colony by an alien race called the muu. Now, as an adult, Song has been sold again, this time to a most unusual space station. Here she will be teamed with aliens and humans alike to battle one another for the entertainment of the muu. Song must fight the conditioning that made her an obedient slave, bond with her found family of fellow misfits, and struggle, not only to live, but with the desperate hope to escape! Song has always been afraid to make ripples, but now she's going to have to make waves!

'The Game' is a character driven battle royale tale with a diverse and likeable cast and action galore! Queer characters, many interesting aliens, and dramatic battles await!

The Beta Process:
My beta process is very easy. Contact me here, or message me on FB (linked below) and we can exchange email addresses. I will send three chapters at a time with an easy question sheet for each! All you have to do is read and answer the questions!

Timeline: Beta process begins June 1st and ends Sept 1st (2018). I am a very easy going and friendly beta-partner, so you can contact me with any questions, concerns, etc at any time during the process. If you need an extension, or have to stop reading, just let me know!

Check out a video all about it:

FB link:

message 2: by Tina (new)

Tina (elaineedits) | 29 comments Hi Emily, I sent you a message on Facebook through Messenger. If you have any trouble you can contact me at - Tina

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