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Archive: Other Books > Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil by Deborah Rodriguez ~ 4 stars

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message 1: by Joni (new)

Joni | 625 comments In 2001, Debbie Rodriguez went on a humanitarian trip to Afghanistan to provide relief to the citizens who had suffered at the hands of the Taliban. At the time she didn't know what kind of relief help she personally could provide, but she soon learned that people really sought out the services of a hairdresser....Debbie's expertise. From there, Debbie was on a mission, to teach the Afghan ladies to do hair. During her stay, she faced many trials....many of which she didn't have to experience in America.

I really enjoyed listening to this book. Debbie fought for women's right in a country where the women had very rights.

message 2: by Ellen (new)

Ellen | 2330 comments I enjoyed this one, too. She really had a rough go at times, but she had a lot of heart and determination.

message 3: by Book Concierge (new)

Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 6406 comments I gave it 2.5**
The atrocities to which Afghani women are subject are appalling and infuriating to most Westerners. I’m sympathetic to the cause and applaud anyone’s efforts to make a difference. Debbie’s continued inability to understand the cultural differences, however, really irritated me.

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