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message 1: by E9 (new)

E9 | 4 comments I'm willing to do Beta-exchange if you so desire.

Synopsis: the peaceful yet savage life of the protagonist--Centipede--is thrown into disarray when he encountered a creature from the world above his own.

Selling points:
-has personified arthropods as characters
-allegory of human nature (and not beating anyone over the head)
-relatively succinct

Desired responses from beta reader:
-descriptions of immediate impressions
-pointing out problems with phrasing, choice of word etc. that is confusing or unappealing
-pointing out problems with pacing, narrative, characterization etc.

If you are interested, please message me or send email to

message 2: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (paperbackpuns) | 4 comments Centipede is such a cool name for a protag! I'd definitely be interested. Sent you a PM

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