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I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer
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May 2018 Discussion: I'll Be Gone in the Dark

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Ashley Cummins | 47 comments Mod
I actually have not finished this book yet. I am about halfway through. Non-fiction is always difficult for me, but especially considering the content of this month's read. However, I have so many opinions already. I begin with the sheer intrigue and dedication that this book brings about. It is so well written (and edited) that not only do you want to learn more about the stories, the victims, and everyone else who was influenced by the GSK, but you CONTINUE to read in the most difficult portions of the book. I found myself crying at some of the accounts. Sometimes out of fear, other times out of frustration that this man wouldn't be caught, and other times I couldn't even tell you the exact reason why I was crying. Just that I was so utterly overwhelmed by tragedy of the situation as a whole.

The writing was also so powerful to me because it showed an amazing amount of detail to everyone's story: the victims, their families/friends, the people who worked on these cases, and even the people who were not directly effected, but had to live in fear that one night they would wake up and he'd be there.

Did any of you finish it yet? Have you officially made it a DNF (did not finish)? Are you still pushing through? Why?

Julie Catone | 14 comments I’m about 50 pages from finishing this book. I was super hyped that they caught the GSK and was super interested in the case due to a podcast I listen to, My Favorite Murder! I knew I had to read this book because the story of the GSK and of Michelle. The fact that she put in so much time into this book and trying to catch the killer when she wasn’t even a detective or a police official is amazing. It was heartbreaking when she died with this book unfinished, not knowing who the killer was.

This book is a HARD read. I had to put this down constantly due to being scared and uneasy about the content that’s talked about. I thought it would be easier to read because he was caught. I knew this man couldn’t hurt anyone anymore and that I was safe but that didn’t make me feel any better.

The book is so well written and I think it was edited so thoughtfully. You can tell how everyone involved loved Michelle and respected her. I’m going to continue reading this book but I’m super glad our next book is lighter because I need a serious break after this.

Ashley Cummins | 47 comments Mod
The aftermath is also super difficult to consider in this book. Although we know the GSK's true identity now and that he will be brought to justice, it's hard knowing that that does not change as much as we would like it to. I have never been in the position of losing a family member in such a tragic way, and I hope to never, but reading this book and having insight to some of the most INTIMATE of details I realize that there still is no satisfaction. I'm still mad. I'm still heartbroken. I'm still scared, because yeah, GSK won't be a problem anymore, but I know there are others out there who are just like him-- maybe even worse.

I am in awe that Michelle could have contended with all these facts, delved deep in these stories, and continued to investigate. I know for certain that there must have been moments where she felt rage and she felt despair, but she continued on to research. To write.

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