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The Grapes of Wrath
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Authors Seeking FREE Betas > 68K YA fantasy/romance/suspense/strong women/world building/two bffs/brooding warriors/laughs

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message 1: by Krdarrah (new)

Krdarrah | 1 comments Hello, I have 68K words of my novel called The False Soul and I would love to have someone read!. There's a lot of small clues that I'm very interested to see if the reader finds come together. I'm about halfway "done" with draft one.
It centers around two women, Moya and Ellen who are best friends and find themselves the villains of another world they know nothing about...whilst of course getting into lots of adventures, meeting brooding warrior types, and finding themselves having adventures through many different cultures. There's a family dynamic which I hope gives the reader a lot of laughs as they learn the characters they meet a long the way and I hope learn to love them despite their flaws. Thank you for your time!

message 2: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (paperbackpuns) | 4 comments This sounds super interesting and I'd love to check it out. I sent you a PM

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