Sanctum (Asylum, #2) Sanctum discussion

Which book did you like more?

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Nadia Which book did you like more?
Asylum or Sanctum
I personally liked Sanctum more. I feel that it had more horror.

Alexis I liked the first one more. It had more information for me to follow.

Michael Prentice I can't decide. They're the kind of books I like for horror content, and both delivered. I guess the scare factor was a little higher in "Sanctum" so maybe that one...

Josie I think I liked the setting and atmosphere of Asylum better but you got to know more about the characters, (and meet new characters) in Sanctum. They are both amazing, but I would have to say I enjoyed Asylum more.

Girafa2323 Each book had their strenghs but i think in the first book had a better development related to the plot and how things were happening and when you compare to the second one, some occurrences were dispensable. Anyway, i enjoyed reading both of them.

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