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The office, has a chair for the inmate to sit in if in her office. There is a normals desk, with a rolling chair behind it, and in the far corner there is a table for the inmate to lay down on if need for an examination. There is a bookcase next to Victoria's desk, which if you pull the right lever, you walk into a secret room. There you will find, torturing devices, and tools, and there is a mini fridge filled with horrific items.

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Victoria opened the door before Maggie, and stood in front of it, to let her in. She ducked the clipboard behind her back. She gave an evil smile, and let her eyes glow. If anyone was to look at her, it was the look of a cat about to pounce. "Please hurry on in, child."

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Victoria closed the door behind her and locked it. She then walked over to her desk, and placed the clipboard on the table. Se sat down and looked back at Maggie. "Okay dear, let's get the boring stuff out of the way. How has your experience been at the asylum." She new the answer, but she like to play, before she eat her food.

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Victors smiled, she untied her hair, and gave a smile laugh. "This will be easier than I thought." She got out of her chair and stood in front of Maggie. "Maggie, tell me why you're here, this is the most important question I'm going to ask you." But she said it all with a smile, were normal doctors would look at the serious, only she raveled in her insanity.

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Victoria frowned. "Nothing useful there. Maggie would you be a little dear fetch me the red book on the top shelf?" She simply asked the question, and turned back to the desk, looking for something, but looking ever so often at Maggie making sure she did as told.

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Victoria glared at her and then suddenly yelled at her, "Gwt the book dammit! Do as I say or I will kill you!" She yelled in a deep voice, like it wasn't her own. She then turned back to her desk looking for the item once more.

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Victoria grabbed a bad with a syringe at the end. She was behind Maggie, and when the book case opened she pushed her inside, and onto the table the girl went. It was identical to the one in her office, only this one was stained with red spots. She strapped her in, expertly and went to her fridge.

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Victoria let out a laugh, as she returned with a knife and a table for the bag. "This is nothing to do about that. This is all about me, you are just a little body bag filled with what I desire." She stuck the syringe in her arm and let the knife cut little marks all across her legs.

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Victoria loved the color that was seeping out of the poor girls wounds, she ran her hand across the wound inflicted leg and brought her hand to her nose. "Your blood smells Devine." She inhaled and then exhaled. She gave a groan, and looked back at the strapped girl, "I think your too good to pass up. Better only take a little today, but I'll be sure to have you come back soon." She took out the syringe, and smiled seeing the bag, three quarters of the way full.

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Victoria smiled, she stepped forward and brushed loose hair out of the girls face. "That's just from the blood loss, you'll be fine after a long nights rest, not that you'll get one." She grabbed her watch, and began to hypnotize the girl, this always worked, she whipped the girls brain of her time here, and told her that she had a nice check up, but would like to do more tests. She then unbuckled her arms and legs.

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Victoria gave out a laugh as she watched the dazed girl being escorted out of her office. "She's a ripe one I will admit." She grabbed the bag and put it on the table near the sink, were you could see other bag fuller than Maggie's. She cleaned her hands and straightened her coat. She then proceeded out to her office, knowing that soon the bells will ring.

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