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message 1: by Drew (new)

Drew (thataleech) | 40 comments Mod
In the Buckbeak attacking Malfoy fiasco, who should take the blame?
- Did Malfoy intentionally not listen? Was Hagrid out of his league when he brought in dangerous creatures for his first lesson? Was Buckbeak too proud?

message 2: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (chlochloreads) | 13 comments Hippogriffs are very sensitive creatures, and Hagrid warned them about this at the start of the lesson. However, Malfoy was talking to Crabbe and Goyle at this point, and was not listening.

You would have thought, that if you had seen Hippogriffs for the first time, not known anything about them and found them intimidating that you would have listened to every word Hagrid was saying about them and asking questions? Hagrid specifically said that you wouldn't want to insult a Hippogriff and what does Malfoy do? Insult Buckbeak. Just because he wasn't listening.

It wasn't even at the end of the lesson, it was at the start of the lesson when Hagrid told them this. Normally at the start of the lesson you'd be listening to what the teacher says and then drift off towards the end of the lesson. And especially with the Hippogriffs. They're new, intimidating and interesting creatures and you can't be bothered to hear Hagrid say anything important about them? In my eyes, it's Malfoy who is to blame.

While Hagrid could have at least reminded them what not to do, it was definitely not his fault. Maybe he could have put the Hippogriffs lesson a few more lessons in after having the students do some theory on them, just to ease them into it a little bit. However, it's a class and they're dealing with very big and intimidating creatures. Malfoy wasn't listening when Hagrid was speaking.

It's Malfoy's not listening, rudeness and his "pure-blood wizard superiority" that got him into trouble and in harms way. If he had just listened to Hagrid, he wouldn't have got hurt. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if he had listened to Hagrid and insulted Buckbeak anyways.

Another argument is that he could have intended to to do this. Malfoy's not particularly fond of Hagrid and would have him sacked. According to Harry, Malfoy looked like he was plotting something too. Had he been plotting to get Hagrid into trouble? That's the question. While he may not have intended to get hurt during the process, he could have still been aiming at making the Hippogriffs do something so he could tell his Father about it and get Hagrid sacked.

Another thing is that he was jealous of Harry. He was jealous of Harry doing everything right with Buckbeak, and when he realised he could do it, he started saying that it was so easy (He's actually saying Harry isn't anything special and anyone could do it) then starts showing off and getting too cocky. He was trying to show off to everyone that he could do it too but went too far when he insulted Buckbeak.

As for Buckbeak, he was too proud, but that's part of his nature and he is definitely not to blame here. All Hippogriffs should be treated with the highest respect and no one can change that, it's part of their behaviour and characteristics. Buckbeak demanded his respect too, but Malfoy didn't return it as he thinks is superior over everything that isn't his family.

message 3: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Wells | 24 comments I think that both Malfoy and Hagrid are to blame for the incident.
Malfoy: He purposefully didn't listen to Hagrid's warnings due to the jealousy that he felt towards Harry. He deliberately provoked Buckbeak with the intention of getting Hagrid fired from his position as a teacher. However I doubt he wanted to get injured in the process, causing him to do everything in his power to removed Hagrid from Hogwarts.
Hagrid: He shouldn't have brought in such a dangerous creature for the first lesson, he is risking harm to his students-also seen in the book that he encourages them to buy. Hagrid is almost blinded when it comes to dangerous creatures e.g. Aragog, so for him to be responsible for looking after students is unreasonable in my opinion.

message 4: by Jem (new)

Jem (fandompatronus) | 8 comments Mod
Malfoy’s entirely to blame. Although he wasn’t listening when Hagrid explained how proud Hippogriffs are, he was intently watching when Harry approached Buckbeak. He would have clearly seen how Buckbeak was behaving and would have heard Hagrid’s commentary - Hagrid was constantly telling Harry to go easy, stay calm, maintain eye contact, back away slowly, etc.

Also, Draco’s a horrible person, but he’s not completely thick. Of course he knew they were dangerous. He must’ve been very aware because he says “I bet you’re not dangerous at all, are you?” - so he clearly knows that they’re claimed to be dangerous.

And we know anyway that he wanted to make sure Hagrid’s lesson didn’t go well. I’m not sure he was planning on getting so seriously injured, but he just played along anyway. It was all planned.

message 5: by Elisa (new)

Elisa (ravenclaw_patronus) | 29 comments I agree that Hagrid loves dangerous creatures and he does bring them in, but Buckbeak was one of the least dangerous. Some are more dangerous later on. Malfoy was totally not listening and intentionally mean to Buckbeak just because of his dislike of Hagrid. Hagrid did nothing wrong in bring Buckbeak to the class. Malfoy was the real problem and even though getting hurt by Buckbeak might hurt badly, he over reacted because it was Malfoy's own fault he got hurt.

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