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message 1: by mlady_rebecca (new)

mlady_rebecca | 593 comments This is the best place I can think of for this discussion. There needs to be a decision made with respect to this whole series and how it is going to be numbered. There is way too much of one librarian undoing the work of the next librarian. And it's across a large number of books, so Librarian comments or notes are not sufficient.

1. Should the numbering of the books only include the full length novels? Or should it include the shorts interleaved within the series reading order?

By the way, does anyone know if Sherrilyn has an official listing of the series with the shorts interleaved? Since she updated her website, I haven't been able to find the old list.

2. Should the Dark-Hunter, Were-Hunter, and Dream-Hunter novels be listed as part of the same series?

For instance, the Dream-Hunter novels are currently listed like: Dream Warrior (Dark-Hunter, #18 and/or Dream-Hunters, Book #4).

3. How should the shorts (that mostly appear in anthologies) be listed/numbered?

My vote would be to include them in the greater numbering scheme, because some of the shorts are parts of the bigger story, not throw-away stories that are just in the same world. For instance, you want to read Fury's story (a short) before Fang's (a full length novel).

Please respond if you have an opinion. I'm going to make changes and add a link to this thread as an official decision.

Also, I noticed a large number of the books had the covers switched lately. This is against the rules in the Librarian manual. If you have a different cover, you're supposed to create a new edition, not corrupt an older edition.

message 2: by mlady_rebecca (new)

mlady_rebecca | 593 comments By the way, I added a link to this thread in the author profile.

message 3: by DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (last edited Aug 15, 2009 12:52AM) (new)

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 35 comments I would argue that it should only be the full books as that's how Kenyon lists the series on her site:

Of course it also breaks the Dream Hunter books out as being a different series all together. I didn't realize she'd gotten around to updating her other site as well, but you're right, I don't see a full listing of the anthologies anymore.

*** Edited to say that on her site it has a more complete listing:

And I don't know about the covers, but did you check if they were updated by an individual or if the image on Amazon has simply changed?

message 4: by mlady_rebecca (new)

mlady_rebecca | 593 comments Yes, that is the link I was looking at. I even emailed the webmaster to see if I was missing a page on the site. She used to have the books listed with the shorts in between.

In a way, I want to see both. I want to know where the shorts should appear in the series, but I want just the novels listed, as well.

Any appeal to the (Dark-Hunter, #1.5) style notation?

I only spot checked, but the cover I saw was deliberately changed. I really wish they'd quit re-using ISBN's.

message 5: by Inara (new)

Inara | 24 comments I don´t know if my list is still accurate, I saved the series some time ago from S.Kenyon´s Website:
Fantasy Lover 1 (Dark Hunter Novels) (Julian)
Dragonswan 2
Night Pleasures 3 (Kyrian)
Night Embrace 4 (Talon)
Phantom Lover 5 (Anthology Midnight Pleasure)
Dance with the Devil 6 (Zarek)
Kiss of the Night 7 (Wulf & Cassandra)
Night Play 8 (Vane & Bride)
Winter Born 9 (Anthology Stroke of Midnight)
Seize the Night 10 (Valerius & Tabitha)
Sins of the Night 11 (Alexion & Danger)
Second Chances 12 (included in Dark Hunter Companion)
Unleash the Night 13 (Wren & Maggie)
Dark Side of the Moon 14 (Ravyen & Susan)
A Hard Days Night Searcher 15 (Anthology My big fat supernatural wedding )
Until Death do we part 16 (Anthology Love at First Bite)
Fear the Darkness 17 (free eBook St. Martin´s Press)
The Dream-Hunter 18 (Dream Hunter Novels) (Arik & Megeara)
Devil may Cry 19 (Sin & Katra)
Upon the Midnight Clear 20 (Aidan & Leta)
Dream Chaser 21(Xypher & Simone)
Acheron 22
One Silent Night 23 (Stryker)
Shadow of the Moon 24 (Anthology Dead after Dark)
Dream Warrior 25
Bad Moon Rising 26 (Fang)
Dark Hunter Companion
Scars & Souvenirs (Dev & Samia)
As I said, I´m not really sure if the books are in the right order.
And yes, I´d vote for the # 1.5 style...

message 6: by Paula (last edited Aug 16, 2009 08:52AM) (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments I would prefer to see them split out by series:

Dark Hunter
Dream Hunter
Were Hunter

not including the anthologies (keep those separate) but then I would like the number of the book for part of the series it is in, then the number of the book in the over all series.
i.e (Were Hunter #1,(#8))

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 35 comments I like the 1.5 notation as well.

I've always considered it one big series - Dark, Were and Dream included, so I was surprised to see that her site had it broken down. Possibly with the direction she's taking the series and the separate story arc she's developing it will be more important to separate them out in the future, but for now I'm happy to see them all as one, but not terribly bothered one way or another.

But as for the changing covers, hmm... I guess you can simply undo their change and mail the individual explaining they should make a separate entry for the alternate cover. =/

message 8: by Kathrynn (last edited Oct 19, 2009 06:56AM) (new)

Kathrynn | 189 comments I've never seen an author appear to be so disorganized in her reading order. I have two--now three--different ways she has numbered her series. Frustrating that she recently pulled some out of the numbering and made them "related" books. Grrr.

When I first came to GRs and started on her books, there were many reviews that said a book was #3, some said, #6 (so on and so forth), so I used the author's Site to number them, thinking that would help people struggling to read them in order. Then someone went through and changed the numbering. There is actually a topic already started in this group from 2008 on this author, please click here to see it .

Normally, the consensus here has been number like the author recommends, but what the heck do we do when the author continues to change the reading order?

On a side note, this has completely turned me off from reading anymore from this author. I started finding her writing style to be just as disorganized as her Site/numbering issue(s). Yikes!

I agree that the dream-hunter and other books should NOT be included in the dark-hunter. The author had them that way, initially.

I think, for this author and exception needs to be made and a consensus reached to number her books, sticking the .5 in between where they need to be.

Don't know about the cover's images changing. There's a way to add alternate cover images. Maybe the person changing the cover images isn't aware and needs a nice PM....

message 9: by Kathrynn (last edited Oct 19, 2009 06:56AM) (new)

Kathrynn | 189 comments Some of the discussions about the reading order of her books that were with individual books have been buried since other (group) discussions have become so popular.

Here's a link to a discussion connected with "Fantasy Lover."

Links are hard to see, so going to make it darker.

message 10: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn (seeford) | 579 comments Well, here's my $0.02:

Series should be listed separately (Dark Hunter, Dream Hunter, etc.), not combined.

Since individual stories are not supposed to be listed on GR (unless they are published on their own, such as a Kindle or other ebook edition), I don't think that the short stories/novellas should have a full number. They should be listed as .5, or whatever fraction makes them all fit. Keeping in mind as well that the author may continue to move back and forth inside the series as they add to other anthologies, you wouldn't want to have to re-number the entire series just because she writes a new story that needs to be inserted. Actually, taking that into account, I'd start the numbering at .1, then go to .2, etc from there, rather than starting with .5.

Details about things like you mention - needing to read Fury's story before reading Fang's - would be better served by putting that information in the description field.

As for the covers, you're right and whoever is doing that needs to be messaged (or reported up the food chain for them to message.)

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