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A Natural History of Dragons (The Memoirs of Lady Trent, #1)
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message 1: by Auntie Terror (last edited Jun 08, 2018 04:57AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Auntie Terror (auntie_terror) | 64 comments As this didn't make it to the group read for June, lets Buddy Read it. ;-)

A Natural History of Dragons (The Memoirs of Lady Trent, #1) by Marie Brennan

Start Date: June 1st 2018

Nikki (Nyx)
Auntie Terror

If you want to join in, too, just say so here :-)

Auntie Terror (auntie_terror) | 64 comments So, first things first:

When do you guys wish to start? Right at June 1st? Later in the month?

message 3: by Coll (new)

Coll | 54 comments I would do June first it looks like an awesome book

Nikki ~ The Nocturnal Bookworm (nyxreadsstuff) I'm not too picky whenever everyone else wants to. My only preference is no earlier than June 1st.

Auntie Terror (auntie_terror) | 64 comments Great! Then we'll start the day after tomorrow, I guess :-)

message 6: by Coll (new)

Coll | 54 comments So far so good I'm really just staring to get into it, but I like how the author writes.

Auntie Terror (auntie_terror) | 64 comments I'm right at the beginning still, but so far I'm impressed how close she gets to the tone of voice of the original female explorers of Victorian Times. :-D

message 8: by Annezo (new) - added it

Annezo Add me to the list!

I've just started it.

Auntie Terror (auntie_terror) | 64 comments @Annezo: Will do as soon as I'm back from my hiking holiday.

I find Isabella amazing, as elderly narrator as well as young heroine, and I love how cleverly the author has woven the social conventions into this. I'm getting close to being halfway through.

Auntie Terror (auntie_terror) | 64 comments Hey guys,
how is everyone doing with the book?

I'm still ever so happy and would be done with it already if I weren't multi-reading with two other buddy reads to keep up with as well ;-)

(view spoiler)

Nikki ~ The Nocturnal Bookworm (nyxreadsstuff) I got started a little late so I just finished part 1 but I'm really liking it so far!

Auntie Terror (auntie_terror) | 64 comments I'm done already, have been for a few days, actually, but didn't have the time to comment here.
I loved everything about this book. It was so amazingly plausible in its time setting and topic - I very much hope there is a parallel universe to this where in the equivalent of the Victorian Age, Dragons were part of the fauna. :-)

Nikki ~ The Nocturnal Bookworm (nyxreadsstuff) I'm really loving it so far and even though it's July now I plan to continue to post my thoughts as I finish it up.

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