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May 2018: Family Drama > Ten Women - Marcela Serrano - 4 Stars

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Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Here is my youtube review.

This book was very interesting.

9 Chilean women are brought together by their therapist, Natasha. Each chapter is a short biography and thoughts of each of the 9 women. Each woman has faced their own struggle and challenges, each different due to experiences, age, social standing and sexuality but yet they all have something very similar. A loss of self, an emptiness. The last chapter is about Natasha but told from the view of her assistant.

I like how each woman has their own voice. Each chapter is slightly different in writing style. This has to be very difficult to adapt to each character, not only in language and personality but also in writing. I enjoyed the references to the history of Chile.

Due to each chapter being a story of the woman's life, it does read slow at times as there is not a real main plot to the story.

I put this under family drama because each woman, in their own story, has family drama. Living up to parents expectations, being abused, marriage problems and more.

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I've looked at this book and it looked interesting. I did not realize it was each women's story but I like this. I enjoy reading stories as this especially from other parts of the world where life and experiences differ from ours so greatly. Good review.

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I enjoyed your review on youtube as well.:)

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments How's the accent?

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Well I lived in Virginia for 10 years so I was anticipating a slightly thicker accent with you. You surprised me.:) The only people I know from Georgia are some who originally lived in the midwest and that is the accent they still have. You should begin a whole new review blog on youtube.

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Amy | 9384 comments This one looked really interesting to me. Seems like it’s getting a lot of attention right now. Rachel, it’s fun to learn more about you. You’re like the enigma that’s unfolding.

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Amy, this definantly a book for you. If only it had some historical fiction too.

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Amy | 9384 comments You know I actually could live without it. LOL! I also like contemporary fiction. And have been building a toleration for a very well written nonfiction. And we do know I like magic as long as it’s told well.

Ellen | 2331 comments I read this one last week and really enjoyed it. All of the women's lives are so different and learning a bit about Chile is a plus.

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