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The Thirteenth Trick
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. 1970s murder mystery. Brothers, one in a wheelchair. You can't tell who was the killer till the end. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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message 1: by Connie (new) - added it

Connie Conine | 40 comments I read this in the 1970s. it might have been a Readers digest condensed book, if so then it could have been published much earlier. Spoilers: turned out that the disabled brother was jealous of the other brother and tried to frame him. there was an archery scene where one brother almost shot the other one on purpose. the male detective finally figured it out.

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Lobstergirl | 40603 comments Mod
Where was it set? England, U.S., etc.?

message 3: by Connie (new) - added it

Connie Conine | 40 comments Yes, England or the United States. Leaning toward England.

message 4: by Fiona (new)

Fiona (msnoctiluca) | 33 comments I think I remember this one! The Thirteenth Trick by Russell Braddon The Thirteenth Trick, by Russell Braddon. It was in a 1974 Condensed Books volume.

message 5: by Ingo (last edited May 29, 2018 09:43AM) (new)

Ingo (ilembcke) | 640 comments For the click (no cover, so I also do not show it):
The Thirteenth Trick

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Connie Conine | 40 comments You guys are awesome! The cover even has the wheelchair bound brother holding a bow, with a target background. I had no idea how to find this.

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Connie Conine | 40 comments I forgot that it was a series of murders. I remember reading this at my grandparents' house when I was about 13. They had stacks of volumes of condensed books.

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Fiona (msnoctiluca) | 33 comments I always read these at my grandparent's as well - they really were great :)

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Connie Conine | 40 comments sorry I don't know how to mark this solved

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Glad you found your book, Connie. I moved your request to a Solved folder by clicking the small "edit" link beside your topic header on the desktop website (note: this link doesn't appear on the mobile app).

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