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message 1: by cosmic, everglow (last edited Jul 18, 2018 11:25PM) (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 721 comments Mod

1. Be respectful of other's opinions. If you feel the need to have one, then you can engage in healthy debate. If it becomes too much, then take it to PM.
2. Cussing/swearing is perfectly fine. However, don't overdo it for the sake of the other users.
3. This RP is strictly PG-13, so keep discussion of certain topics (alcohol, drugs, etc.) to a minimum.
4. When RPing, make sure that you are doing so in past-tense. This is not a strict rule, but it is highly recommended to sound more eloquent.
5. If you have any questions or concerns, you can post it in one of the 'Questions & Suggestions' threads, or send a PM to a mod.
6. No god-modding! It's unfair if your character takes all of the spotlight or you control a character that isn't yours. For more clarification on this, you can visit the 'God-Modding' thread.
7. And of course, have fun! Not only is this an RP group, but it's a healthy environment for free discussion.

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quq  (190511) | 2702 comments Mod
OOC = out of character
when OOC in a roleplay, please use double parentheses: ((-)).

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quq  (190511) | 2702 comments Mod
for better understanding:

past tense = she left
present tense = she is leaving
future tense = she will leave

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cosmic (erosful) | 721 comments Mod

So I recently learned about something called god-modding. In simplest terms, it is when you are roleplaying and you make your character basically invincible. IT IS NOT PERMITTED IN THIS GROUP.
For example,

Player A: Punches Player B
Player B: Twists Player A’s wrist and kicks him in the gut, forcing him onto the ground. Stabs repeatedly until Player A cannot get up.
Player A: ((Wtf?!))


Player A: Fires multiple times, hoping to hit his enemy
Player B: Dodges all the bullets, climbs the hill, attacks shooter, grabs flag,and returns to home base.
Player A: ((?!?!))

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