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♥ Joy Joy ♥ (joylia) | 570 comments A couple of issues with the book, Gentlemen & Pigs.

1. The book has been created under Robert Brewster and Robert C Brewster. Technically both are correct but I wonder if there is a way to go ahead and mesh the two? Asking because with the different versions of spelling, the paperback and kindle versions are created under separate links.

ASIN (Kindle Edition with author name - Robert Brewster): B00P82RL2U

ISBN (Paperback version with author name Robert C. Brewster): 1517117151 (ISBN13: 9781517117153)

2. The kindle edition also needs to have the cover updated. It is the same cover as the paperback. Also provided the Amazon link which has the new cover and you can also verify that the author published both versions under 2 slightly different spellings of his name.

Thanks for any help you can give :)

☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 7260 comments moved the books to their appropriate profiles (one was for Robert O.) and it has to be Robert C. Brewster because that is what's on the covers of his books.
Did the combining also.

leaving the ACE for another librarian.

♥ Joy Joy ♥ (joylia) | 570 comments Moved book cover request to different thread in Book Cover section:

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