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Gina Bowman LOVE THIS BOOK!!

Ask a question and let's talk about it.

Gina Bowman Did you see the movie?
Before the books or after the books?

I found the movie first. We DVR'd it and watched it dozens of times. The whole family loved it, even the boys. It wasn't so much a "Rose and Dimitri" falling in love and stuff story. It was more about the whole group.

Did you like the actors that played the characters we love?

Since we saw the movie first and really loved it I think we bonded with the actors a lot. When I found out the movie was based on a book I quickly started with the next book. I read the remaining eleven books and found the three short stories.

I never read the first book until I'd read everything and then found out there were more short stories in the 10th Anniversary Edition of the novel. So that's when I read the first book, at the end.

Then I knew, I knew why the movie was hated by the fans of the book series. It was suddenly like seeing sort of bad fanfiction of the story. We still love the movie for what it is. A very good movie with good actors that bring our characters to life.

There were awesome parts to it.

The costumes, very well done! The sets were good too.

Rose's sassy and funny side was right on. Good job Zoey!

Dimitri, OMG, Danila Kozlovsky is amazing!! He's Russia's #1 actor now. Wish he was in American stuff so we could see him in different parts.

Lucy, Cameron, Dominic, Sarah, Sami, Gabriel, Joely, and Claire! WOW!

I see their faces when I think of how a character looks, hear their voices saying the lines in the stories now.

I hate they cut Eddie's parts out. He is such an important part of the future stories.

I know the movie was cheesy and strayed from the real story in the books but overall it's not a bad movie, if you let it stand alone as fanfiction and not as a representation of the book.

Gina Bowman I just finished reading Vampire Academy again. It's only my second time reading it.

I started with Sunshine, then went to The Turn and The Flame yesterday. Today I finished From The Journal of Vasilisa Dragomir and then The Meeting.

I read the book today, then read Hello, My Name is Rose Hathaway. It's my favorite short story I think. Now I'm reading Frostbite.

I read quite fast.

After reading the short stories then going directly into the book I think I picked up on inconsistencies more. Like when Richelle Mead says Tasha met Dimitri. In Tasha's story she met Dimitri outside the room where the Guardian team was meeting and discussing how to proceed hunting for Lucas and Moira. Dimitri was a novice visiting from St. Basil's Academy with a group to learn about Court.

Tasha was still reeling from all that had happened that evening so she was reluctant to let Christian, age 9, out of her sight. Dimitri was there in the hallway and offered to watch him while she went in to see what the guardians, headed by Janine Hathaway, were doing.

Then at the end of the story Tasha runs into Dimitri again and she has an epiphany while talking to him. She thinks that if she ever finds love again she will do whatever it takes to keep that love (foreshadowing much?) and has this whole thought process go on while Dimitri is standing there watching her think.

In the book I think later on they say Dimitri and Tasha met after he'd graduated, somehow with Ivan or something. But I can't remember quite when.

What inconsistencies have you come across?

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