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"The Turn and The Flame"

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Gina Bowman I just read this story again last night. I read it in a hurry last fall when I finally got the 10th Anniversary Edition book.

I was amazed at the details I'd missed out on the first time through, or had forgotten.

Janine Hathaway, Dimitri, Ving, and the others. What do you think of this story and how it brings them together before they are in the book series?

Did you think about how Tasha had her epiphany while young Dimitri was standing there in front of her? How it foreshadowed what was to come in their future? How she did all that she did to win him? She said she'd do anything if she ever fell in love again.

She lost her first love, half her face is torn to shreds as her brother attacked her, she and Christian made fire and lit up a rug to keep them safe for a few minutes, they were going to have to jump to their death or worse if the fire didn't keep Lucas and Moira away, cracked inside, fell in love again, he rejected her for Rose, she broke more, her love dies, she has to have broken entirely when this happened.

So when he was restored but still didn't want her she went to the lengths she did. I think she was completely broken inside by this point, She could have stopped everything if she'd have tried though.

What are your thoughts on this story? Did it make you feel any empathy for Tasha?

Gina Bowman This is an excerpt from the book,

When Tasha was standing in front of young Dimitri and thinking about her new mantra it gave me goosebumps to think about what she ended up doing.

This is what she thought.
Page 390, Vampire Academy 10th Anniversary Edition novel.

"Tears stung her eyes, and the wound of his loss--still raw, still bleeding--tore at her.

One moment we were in each other’s arms, finally ready to cast aside all those stupid, archaic rules. And then he was gone. Just like that.

The ache of his loss followed her everywhere. It was her new companion, one that made her dream of Vinh’s face when the Strigoi had attached and the screaming had followed. Tasha couldn’t imagine this hole in her heart--no, this hole in her life--would ever heal, but if by some miracle it did, she’d made a vow to herself.

I will never endure this sort of pain again. If I’m able to love someone else one day, I will do whatever it takes to hold on to him. No matter what the cost."

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