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message 1: by Graham (new)

Graham Grayson (grahamjgrayson) | 4 comments Prospective Beta Readers,

Thank you for your consideration.

A Stigma of Many Bees?

Women's Literature/Literary Erotica (I’m saying that’s a thing)

130k Words

Edited first draft. One close-in beta reader thus far and resulting edits. Very readable, and in decent shape. Not a rough draft.

A hot and humid afternoon spent alone in an apartment with a broken air conditioner compels Chloe to seek respite and company in a hotel bar where she meets Jim. She thinks their time together was a casual one-night-stand, he thinks he hired a prostitute. The misunderstanding disgusts her, at first, but the cash fixes her AC and she begins contemplating the social conventions of female sexuality. Her x-boyfriend who treated her terribly was socially ok. Fulfilling fantasies, even if enjoyable and well compensated, isn’t. An aspiring ballerina in the corps de ballet of a barely holding on experimental company, Chloe’s contemplations turn practical when she’s forced to earn a living and pay her student loans after the dance company temporarily closes on the verge of bankruptcy. Embracing situations she’s told are wrong, challenging those she’s told are right, and, in the process, coming to grips with scandalous secrets from her past, transform Chloe into a strong-willed, self-confident woman. Confident enough to keep a qualified suitor at arm’s length knowing there will be others, strong enough to enlist unlikely allies in an attempt to save the ballet company, and strong enough to single-handedly face down unchecked police brutality.

Manuscript is graphic and contains disturbing scenes.

Seeking beta readers who aren’t invested in the manuscript for honest feedback on story, pacing and anything else that grabs their attention (or, perhaps more importantly, on what doesn’t).

Private message me and tell me, in a sentence or so, what caught your eye in the description that made you interested enough to beta read. Alternatively, if you’re passing on being a beta reader because of something in the description, I’d be thrilled if you messaged me and let me know what put you off.

If you’re up for beta reading, I’ll send you the first three chapters (just shy of 10k words). If you want to continue after reading those I’ll send you the rest of the manuscript.

I can also be reached at grahamjgrayson at sign gmail dot com.

All the best,


message 2: by Hajar (new)

Hajar Ali | 18 comments Love the title and the premise. Very Belle de Jour (Luis Bunuel's, not the memoir). Quite thrown off by the length but interested enough to read the first 3 chapters !

message 3: by Graham (new)

Graham Grayson (grahamjgrayson) | 4 comments Thanks for the comments Hajar! I've PM'ed you to get started.

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