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Ryan Ryan May 28, 2018 10:22AM
While this is the feature that lead me to sign up, I haven't found one new author from the recommendations alone... (Ironically, I visit Amazon/Audible to see what others have bought, hit friends up for ideas, etc.)
Just curious if others are having the same experience, and, if so, what you guys and gals do to find new books...

Eileen (last edited Sep 12, 2018 07:37AM ) Jun 07, 2018 02:20PM   1 vote
The library is my destination even when I travel to foreign countries, I browse.

Christopher Moore is always fun. Reading one of his books seems like the journey gets over too soon because I just want to read more or the mayhem and satire. I recommend any of his books.

Noir is no different as it gives a tongue in cheek look at the old films and books from a bygone era.

I need to browse the library again. That used to be my go-to as well but my rural town doesn’t have much selection. I mostly browse recommendations anywhere I can find them and look at the giveaways and deals that are current. I have spates of....lackluster books and occasionally some real gems.
I see you like Christopher Moore. If you haven’t read them I suggest Terry Pratchett, spencer Quinn, Tim Cockey, and maybe Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files

Ryan Thanks for the recs; I'll check them out! ...more
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