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Hi there, I prefer Christian books and my list is about 95% or more of Christian books. I am only going to list one book of each letter otherwise this would be WAY too long. I have read books that start with Y and V so I am going to wait to fill those in when I either read or re-read books with those letters.

A - An Accidental Family by Loree Lough
B - Baby Blessings by Jennifer Johnson Collins
C - Calico Canyon by Mary Connealy
D - Deep Trouble by Mary Connealy
E - Everything But a Groom by Holly Jacobs
F - Forevermore by Cathy Marie Hake (one of my favorites)
G - Groom by Arrangement by Rhonda Gibson
H - Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer
I - Instant Prairie Family by Bonnie Navarro
J - Journey of Hope by Debbie Kaufman
K - Kentucky Chances: Three Brothers Finde Romance Far from Home by Cathy Marie Hake
L - Loving Liza Jane by Sharlene MacLaren
M - Maggie's Journey by Lena Nelson Dooley
N - North Country Family by Lois Richer
O - Out of Control by Mary Connealy
P - Plots and Pans by Kelly Eileen Hake
Q -
R - Return to Rosewood by Bonnie K. Winn
S - Sarah My Beloved by Sharlene MacLarent
T - That Certain Spark by Cathy Marie Hake
U - Unexpected Father by Carolyne Aarsen
V -
W - Whirlwind by Cathy Marie Hake
X -
Y -
Z - McKenzie by Penny Zeller (guess I got Z covered twice with the title and author)

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June I love your list, Janine. I've read most of these myself. For your Q book you might check out The Quaker and the Rebel. It's a Civil War story by Mary Ellis and fits in the Christian genre. It's not like any other Civil War story I've read before!!

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To update my list, I have been going through my looking for the Q, V, and X since I am sure that I had something that would work. The only hard one was X for I couldn't and dont think I can find a book that has a letter X that starts at least some part of the title. the other hard ones at least have a word that starts with the letter LOL.

Q- The Doctor's Christmas Quilt by Kathi Macias
V- Her Valentine Sheriff by Deb Kastner
X- Bo Buttons or Beaux by Cathy Marie Hake
Y- You Are Here by Liz Fichera

So I guess I got my list completed for this year.

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Janie  R. (janierfreeman) | 25 comments Great list, Janine !

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