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((Rave first))

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw looked around and shrugged as he started walking through the forrest.

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Just across from the Thunderclan border, a smooth furred slightly muted calico was walking at a slow pace. While her fur was half stinking of herbs, the other held a faint trace of mint and grass. Stretching, the mix blood Shadowclanner trotted slowly, her head tilted upward to the sun. So she didn't realize when she began to near, far too close, the Thunderclan/Shadowclan border.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw put his nose into the air and smelled in sharply. He had been expecting to get a taste of prey not herbs. He looked around and noticed a calico shecat extremely close to the border. He quickly crouched into the shadows and waited.

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Eyes flashing to the sharp cry of a bird, she was immediately jerked out of her daze. It was only a moment before the smell of Thunderclan's oaks and plants struck her square in the face that she realized her paw had slipped over the border. Pausing, the molly looked down with surprise and confusion. She was a medic, so it was fine, but she felt a gaze on her... Looking around, Tytopaw's eyes narrowed slightly, green orbs trying to catch sight of whoever was watching her.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw wasn't sure what to do. He should protect his clans border but she wasn't that far in it. Should he charge or just wait. Making a split second judgement he decided rushed forward and hissed hoping he could at least scare her back over the border. He didn't see a reason to fight her. At the last second he remember that he knew the smell. It was that of a Medicine cat. As he tried to charge his front paw got caught on a root sending him spiraling out of his cover looking like an idiot.

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Jumping, the skittish molly let out a shriek that was very un-Shadowclan like in it's fearfulness. Trembling, she dropped into a messy crouch-one her father had spent weeks trying to teach her without success.

"I-why-I didn't, please don't..." All her words were a jumbled up mass of nonsense as she spoke out of terror and uncertainty to the Thunderclan tom.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw looked at the she cat and for a second was wondering why she was upside down. Then he realized he was showing his weak spot. He quickly rolled over and looked at her curiously. He tilted his head back and forth wondering if he was supposed to answer a question that hadn't been asked.

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Composing herself, she stood up straight and tall... Ish. "I-I'm Tyt-tyopaw... Medicine Cat apprentice...?" That's not a question...! Feeling slightly exasperated with herself, the calico did her best not to show it as she offered the other apprentice a tiny smile.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw got confused almost as soon as the she cat now calling herself Tytopaw introduced herself. Although he wasn't sure because it sounded like a question. He shook his head and smiled back friendly. "Atleast I know you're not here to invade my clans borders. I'm Ravenpaw warrior apprentice." He said filling his voice with kindness.

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Relaxing, the stutter quickly slid out of her speech as she sat just behind the border, "I can't fight," she said easily, her smile remaining, "I've tried-I failed.. A lot." Laughing despite the creeping frown on her face, Tytopaw shook it off and focused once more on the apprentice in front of her, "You're a Thunderclanner, right?" Of course he is... But, by now, it was too late to take the question back.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw shook his head chuckling. "No I'm from the mysterious forest clan. We come out once every fifteen moons." He said jokingly. "Yes I'm Thunderclan. And you're Shadowclan. Our clans don't exactly get along that well but that doesn't mean we can't." He said hopefully.

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Scoffing, Tytopaw rolled her eyes, "Ha, ha," she smirked, a tiny grin replacing the expression in seconds. "Well, seeing as I'm a medicine cat in training-I have different laws, but yeah, you're right!" Feeling brave, she scooted a bit closer to the border until Ravenpaw and she were a good distance apart.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpawn looked at her a bit. "So what brought you out this far?" He asked.

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"Boredom, restlessness, curiosity..." The molly shrugged, "I guess I just wanted to walk and so I did-and here I am!"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw nodded. "Well if you want I can go kill each of us a mice and we can eat before going back to whatever we were doing." He said hoping she didn't ask why he was this close to the border.

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Tytopaw shrugged, "I've never had a mouse!" She exclaimed, "Is it like a rat?" Sometimes in winter, Shadowclan would resort to hunting rats if they could find them.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw tilted his head to the side. "I don't think so. I'll be right back." He said before turning and jumping into the forest.

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It was then that Tytopaw took in her surroundings. Where the dark pines met the golden oaks was a small patch of grass with sunlight flooding the land. And. Why? Why did he ask about why she was here-and she didn't ask him? Maybe she'd assumed him to be on patrol? But... No, that wouldn't be right, there were no other warriors-or apprentices. Frowning, eyes narrowing with a sudden spark of suspicion, the she-cat waited for the tom to return so that she might question his being there.

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((Sorry to budge in, but only mods are allowed to create topics.))

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((Oh, sorry, I saw some threads made by members-I can go to a Free-For-All roleplay thread))

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((It is okay just ask next time.))

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((of course))

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw hoped back out of the forest with two mice in his mouth. He set them on the ground and passed Tytopaw one.

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Taking hers, she took her time sniffing the rodent before taking an experimental bite. And... Wow, yeah, different. It had a foresty taste, sweet and delicious-definitely not foul and chewy like rats. "So... Why were you near the border?"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw was about to take a bite when Tytopaw ask her question. He suddenly say straight up. "I definitely wasn't running to get away from my clan for a bit because I'm an out cast with no mother and no siblings." He said chuckling nervously.

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Tytopaw felt faint regret for her question, but responded smoothly, "Better to be an outcast with no family to disappoint you than an outcast with a family that'd rather ignore you." Avoiding going into detail, the she-cat dove back into her prey

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw looked at Tytopaw surprised. He looked at her. He was starting to wonder what she knew about how he had lived. "What do you..." He stopped and looked around before eating.

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"Father's a heartless fool, mother's a happy lil Windclanner with a perfect new family-that's my guess, last I heard she had a new mate-and my brother and I... Well, we look after one another," answering the question her new companion hadn't fully asked.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw looked at the ground. He looked at her apologetic. "Sorry." He said before half heartedly trying to eat his mouse. He looked around at the forest. "So um. What do you want to do?" He asked.

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"I don't know... I can hunt... Sort of," laughing half-heartedly, she finished off her prey and grinned, an actual grin, "That was amazing! You can eat that everyday?"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw shrugged. "That rabbit and some times a few birds." He admitted. He looked around. "So how is the medicine training going?" He asked so they didn't go back to the other conversation.

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She shrugged, "Well, I spent three moons as a warrior apprentice and recently was chosen to become a medicine cat apprentice, so I don't know much!" Shrugging again, the molly smiled faintly, "Warrior training, is it fun?"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw nodded. "It is but it's not for everyone. A few apprentices are having a lot of trouble." He admitted. "Want me to help you with anything?" He asked.

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"Hmm... Do you know if your territory has any marigold?" The molly knew only of a few plants, since she was, as said before, new to healing.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw thought for a second. "Maybe. I'm not a medicine cat so I don't really know." He admitted.

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"Mind being an escort?" She asked, half serious-since she really didn't see this seemingly very loyal apprentice letting her even an inch on his clan's land. And that would be smart, they didn't need the tension to be even more... tense.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw looked Tytopaw up and down. He decided if the need arise he could drag her back over the border. "Fine but I'm not letting you out of my sight." He said seriously.

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Freezing, Tytopaw laughed, "I was joking," she murmured, but stood up nonetheless.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw looked at her sideways. "You said yourself. Medicine cats have different rules." He pointed out.

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"True, true," she agreed with a smile, padding after the tom.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw walked around the forest stearing clear of the camp.

((Sorry got to go for a long while. About two weeks then I'll be back. Keep safe.))

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((It's fine! You, too))

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) ((Feel free to have Tytopaw adventure around the rest of the group. This seems like something that we can fit into any point in time.))

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Nah, I'd rather wait for you-it's fine

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) ((Back for a bit.))

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Walking alongside the tom, the calico tilted her head towards him, "So... What do you Thunderclanners do for fun?"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw looked at Tytopaw and shrugged. "It's what I was raised into. Not like you can really talk bad about your clan." He pointed out.

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"Of course," Tytopaw agreed, bowing her head again. "Me, I have to say Shadowclanners don't have much to do-unless you like skinning frogs, tripping over roots, falling into swamp ponds, and-oh! When winter comes, we slide on some frozen areas of swamp!"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Ravenpaw looked at Tytopaw. "Huh I was not expecting that." He admitted. "Thunder-clanners mostly train and hunt for rabbits occupationally, birds, mice, and defend our borders." He says with a shrug.

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