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message 1: by Dave (new)

Dave D'aguanno | 6 comments I have many UK codes available for 6 of the novels in my comedy-mystery series. (A few US codes as well.) The series features a tough, wise-cracking private detective -- the type of character you either love or hate.

Each installment in the series is a stand-alone novel, and each one is narrated by Travis Henry Carter (the voice of Brett) who also voices all the other characters (both male & female).

If you're interested, please leave me your e-mail address and specify the name(s) of the audiobook you'd prefer to listen to.

In exchange for a free download, an honest review would be very much appreciated.

More info on the series here:


message 2: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Haugen (victoriahaugen) | 97 comments I'd love a US code :) I guess just the first one in the series would be great!! :)

message 3: by Dave (last edited May 28, 2018 08:11AM) (new)

Dave D'aguanno | 6 comments Victoria wrote: "I'd love a US code :) I guess just the first one in the series would be great!! :)"

Hi Victoria,

Actually I don't have any US codes left for the 1st 3 audiobooks in the series; however, if you'd like, I can give you a US code for the 4th book ("Wedding Bells for Brett"). If so, just let me know.

More info on "Wedding Bells for Brett" here:

message 4: by Rus (new)

Rus | 5 comments Would live a uk code please

message 5: by Dave (new)

Dave D'aguanno | 6 comments Rus wrote: "Would live a uk code please"

Hi, Rus - Please e-mail me at the address below, & please specify which of the 6 audiobooks you would like a UK code for:


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