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As one would expect, the young man sat by waters edge, the bare tips of his feet gently sending ripples through the calm waves. He had managed to close his eyes and completely relax in the spot he was in, almost appearing as if he was in some sort of state of meditation. The area around him appeared to be just as serene, at lease it was for the time being. However, Gael could pick up the trace of something a bit unsettling nearby and had opened a cautious cerulean eye to gaze around.

Changing his posture to lean a tad back now, he had waited for a fair bit of time before soon enough calling out, "I know you are there. You can't exactly hide from me you know. Not when you smell like rotting tuna." The ends of his lips curled up into a playful grin, soon enough rising to his feet, although was ready as if a predator was going to spring out at any moment.

His gloved hands had slipped into his dark overcoat pockets, enjoying the hints of the subtle lake tinged current that had brushed past him, moving locks from his pale face. Overall, he had a calm position despite being stalked and watched from afar by the familiar 'creature'.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 12 comments This boy, much like the man calling him out, came here often. He never knew why. Ever since he was little he was drawn to water. Sure, this lake wasn't as good as the river he was born near, but it still gave him around the same satisfaction.

Akame had been watching this man for quite some time. That's what he did. He was a people observer. He has always had trouble approaching people. Despite knowing this.. 'Man', he still always observed him until called out.

Fish? He smelt like a type of fish? How could that be? He had bathed 7 times before he had came here. He growls, quickly stepping out from behind a tree,"I do not! You smell like seaweed! Maybe it's you you're smelling, not me!" Ah. The casual conversation starts. It was always like this. This man was probably one of the few that could get Akame this steamed up. His brown eyes glared at this man as fire erupted in them. He was still studying him. Even though he had been called out, he was still trying to figure this man out, as he always tried to. He never knew what it was this man thought, or what made him as skilled of a swimmer as Akame was. It.. Infuriated him.

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Gaelyn watched as he stepped out from hiding in amusement, listening to his angry comments. He shook his head faintly before approaching him, "Seven times hmm? That must be it. bathing in a river doesn't keep you clean, mind you." He had crossed his arms softly before gazing back out into the water,slipping his sandals back on so his bare feet weren't touching the ground any longer, "Find any reason today for wanting to come here? No clues or anything of it?"

He turned back to akame now a bit more seriously, but still not too sternly. At first he felf relieved when he first met akame, as he wasn't the only known one with an odd fixation on the sea. But now that it was a normal reoccurring thing, he really wanted to know why this was. How could something that had ended up killing his sibling still be so soothing to stand besides?

Figuring there wouldn't be much of an answer, he turned away as he normally did and teased, "Well... if you are done yapping your jaw, do you want to actually get something to eat?" His eyes locked back on the water, taking off his over coat and shirt. While doing so, he wore a mischievous smile, knowing how to motivate him, "Bet i can easily bring more fish ashore then you if you really want to make it interesting. Or you can save your self the humiliation and admit that i am in fact the better swimmer. How about it?"

A finger prodded him challengingly, wearing a friendly but competitive grin, and a gaze that definitely seemed determine not to lose any time soon. Especially to akame. That would be mere child's play compared to all his experiences in his prior life. At least that's what he was quite fond of believing.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 12 comments Akame felt his body tense more. He hated this. Arguing with someone, feeling angry, yet the person he was arguing with being able to stay calm and cool, not seeming to be phased at all by his arguing. But he had to admit, it was one sure way to make Akame hesitate on his next words. How was it Gael could act this way? To remain calm when someone was shouting at him? To not seem to feel anything but peace? Or at least, that's how he acted. Akame still couldn't figure Gael out.

He swallowed harshly at his next question. A.. Reason for coming here..? He only came here to watch Gael! Though.. He couldn't admit that, could he? No. Surely not. That'd prove weak in both of their eyes. Besides, why would someone who hated someone so much, spend all their time watching the person they hated the most? It was the most stupid of logic out there. He decided not to respond, looking out at the lake quietly.

Akame blinks at his question, sneering,"Something to eat? Sounds like you're asking me out on a date, Gael. That doesn't sound like you." He teased, his eyes trailing Gael as he had taken off his shirt and jacket. A man with no marks on his pale, smooth body. Was his body as cold and rough as the sea? Or was it warm and soft like the sun's ray after spring showers? Akame didn't know. Would he find out soon? Probably not. At his request, Akame's gaze hardens. Within seconds, he approaches Gael's side, having taken his shirt off as well. He was never one to back down from a challenge. Especially one from Gael.

Akame narrowed his eyes at him before looking back at the lake. Akame was one of the fastest swimmers here. Only.. So was Gael.. How was it Gael was just as fast as him? Did he grow up near a deep river as well? Did someone coach him? Or was he like Akame and had to teach himself?

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He raised a brow at him and joked, "Right. I wouldn't ask someone so small on a date. It would be like dating a child." He chidded in amusement at himself seeing him strip down and flicked his shoes back up. Approaching the waters edge, he had dived on into the depths, seeming to disappear completely in the water.

Eventually he came back up above water once more and teased, "Whats wrong? Chickening out now? I will wait for you to jump in to beat you, so no rush. But you look like a bit of a coward from up there. He laughed at his own comment, diving back down in the depths, awaiting for akame to join him in the water.

His eyes were open and concentrated on the lake floor, feeling rather at peace while gliding through the water to get a good look around at their playing field in the mean time.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 12 comments Akame felt his body tensed as he shouts,"I'M NOT A CHILD!" He seemed to tense more at the sight of Gael jumping into the water. It's not that he was scared. He wasn't. He loved water. He felt at home in it. Especially in lakes and rivers. His problem was entirely Gael. How the fuck could he tease him so lightly like that? The thing that pissed him off the most was that after having teased him so lightly, Akame still had a hard time figuring him out. Even as he dived into the water, he caused Akame to hesitate and question many things. Many things of which he didn't wish to think or question.

Akame narrows his eyes,"Scared of you? Please. You're the least scary thing we're going to find in this lake. No, scratch that. Perhaps you are pretty scary and ugly with your shirt off. More so than usual." With that he dived in as well.

Akame had no trouble adjusting his eyes to the stinging darkness of the uncleaned, fish filled waters. He had no doubt in his mind that he'd be able to hunt for fish easily here.

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Gaelyn had just chuckled in amusement after hearing his comment, allowing himself to rest idly in the water, "Perhaps i am. Or at least, my form intimidates you. Must be why youre talking your sweet time to come in. Dont worry. I am not some shark that will attack you." He eyed him keenly with a playful smile. Of course, he would wait for akame to dive in to start before he would even start thinking about hunting fish.

He submerged himself underneath the water once more as akame had did, easily passing him and seeming to disappear within the dark depths. Moments later, a small school of fish appeared to scurry away past akame from the direction that gael had disappeared.

He had resurfaced without much effort at all if he was honest, already having a fresh bed of fish resting in his coat, spitting out the last one he had in his mouth into the small pile. he raised a brow, shoving his hands in his soaking wet pants and raised a brow, "Well, little miss princess really is taking her sweet time. It doesn't take that long to gather some, does it? Unless he had perhaps drowned or got stuck down there..." He raised a brow, watching with anticipation, waiting for any moment for akame to surface once more.

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Akame had glared at Gael quietly at his words. His form intimidated him? ..Was that possible? Yeah, that was probably it. His fucking form. All poised and shit. Even thinking about it pissed him off. Though, he supposed he had to get over it soon. ..Yeah, that thought pissed him off more.

He held his breath perfectly fine, blinking lightly in shock as he saw the fish swim back up. It took Akame quite some time. The waters were still and quiet. Before Gael had a chance to go back down, Akame pops back up, a large fish hanging in his mouth, 2 large ones in his other hands. He quickly pulls himself up, spitting the other fish out before he glares at him, panting and growls,"You got a head start.. That's the only reason you were faster at retrieving them.."

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Gael had raised a brow at what he said and crossed his arms, "Right. Even though i waited for you to begin? I am not one to cheat you know. Besides. Id like to humiliate you fair and square," He chuckled in amusement, going over to pick up his fish to add it to the pile. staring back down at akame, he licked the corner of his own lip before taking a few steps closer asking, "So how much of this will you actually eat? I can grab more if needed, but it already seems a bit... excessive i suppose. But i guess a growing little boy would need more food hmm?" he teased in slight amusement at his own comment.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 12 comments Akame narrows his eyes and crosses his arms, grumbling lowly,"You have to cheat. No one can swim as fast as me. It's impossible." He eyed him up and down lightly. Well.. He did have the figure of a fast swimmer.

Akame felt a tight pain in his chest as Gael had licked his lip and moved closer to him. As if being controlled, Akame stepped back, a little closer to the water's edge. He had gave him a warning glare, seeming to watch him closely. It was visible that he had swallowed harshly as he waited to see why it was Gael had approached him with such a sinister smirk.

Akame's attitude had completely changed at his words. In a matter of seconds, he was once again inches from Gael, glaring at him. He had to stand on his tippy toes just to be somewhat close to his face. He growls,"I'm not a little boy!" He shouts. Though.. He was known to look like a child.. And eat a lot, for that matter.. But that was beyond the point.

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He raised a brow and chuckled, "Right. Tiny boy. My bad. There is nothing wrong with that. Heard you can go down much quicker when you're smaller." Gael had meant that in the most innocent way possible, referring to the water, although his tone gave the illusion that he meant otherwise. He extended out a hand to him to help him back onto land, "Come on. Lets get something to eat." He then turned to lead him to where the pile of fish was, flicking water droplets off himself despite it not really drying him off.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 12 comments Akame glares at him. That name wasn't any better. "Whatever you say, Gay lord." He sneers lightly as he grabs his hand, pulling himself up. He then blinks, looking at the fish as he follows close behind him. He mumbles,"You plan on eating this stuff.. Raw?" He asks, slightly raising his eyebrow and looks up at him.
Sure, it'd probably taste the same, but wasn't that unhealthy? Well.. Bears and wolves did it. How bad could it be?

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