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message 1: by Benoît (new)

Benoît (benoitp) | 2 comments For people with a perpetual interest in science fiction. I'd like to have a thread for talking great new authors or lost classics. Awarded books is fine, just not the entry-level and most obvious.
I leave it to anyone to start off.

Actually no, I'll start. I'm interested to read Delany and more Priest. Anyone wants to advise me where to go and not to go ? I'm also interested to have opinions on Niven (Ringworld) or Heim (Mysterious Skin) if anyone's read them :)

message 2: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn Roxie (marilynroxie) | 16 comments Mod
I loved Babel-17/Empire Star and Heavenly Breakfast: An Essay on the Winter of Love, Dhalgren is on my to-read list.

For whatever reason, I have always had a lot of trouble getting into sci-fi but The Left Hand of Darkness is also great. I actually didn't know there was a book for Mysterious Skin, but it's one of my favorite movies, so I'll have to check that out.

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