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Bambi stood in front of a small pot of withered violets and willed them to grow. She had done it before, accidentally causing weeds that had been sprayed with poison to come back to life healthier than ever, but no matter what she tried, Bambi couldn't do it again. She was sure that understanding her powers was the key to figuring out which deity she was, but at the same time, maybe it was the other way around? Bambi frowned, the more she thought about it, the more confused she became. How was she supposed to make some stupid flowers grow? Bambi tried to think about the circumstances that led to her using her powers the last time, but nothing really came to mind. There had been a cat nearby in the bushes that scared her half to death, but that didn't seem related to Bambi.

Bambi blew her bangs out of her face in frustration and tried to use her powers again, but to no avail. She felt like she was getting nowhere. Did she really belong at this god school? Couldn't someone else who was better at this kind of stuff be her deity? "Why can't I figure this out?" Bambi muttered in frustration and tried to focus once again. If anything, the girl was persistent.

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Bambi stiffened in surprise when she felt arms reach around her. She hadn't expected anyone else to come into the greenhouse while she was practicing, but then again Kiran always managed to work in mysterious ways. Bambi relaxed into Kiran's arms, smiling to herself. She didn't quite understand the relationship they had, but it made Bambi's heart flutter all the same.

"How can you? Its my power." Bambi pouted and gently touched the side of her head to Kiran's. She had to admit, she was slightly jealous of Kiran, the older girl seemed to have everything figured out and stuff like this came so easily to her. Bambi also wanted to make things look effortless. At the same time, Bambi is happy with how she is, or at least she's learning to accept herself as is. "Actually, never mind, how do I get this to work?" she made frustrated gestures at the pot of violets in front of her.

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Bambi blushed at Kiran's display of affection. It had been several weeks and yet she still wasn't used to how physical she was. "Encouragement. Yeah I can do that." Bambi took a deep breath to realign herself before trying to use her power again. This time she felt far more focused with Kiran's calming presence nearby.

With new determination, Bambi studied the violets in front of her. They were plants, obviously, but plants were an amazing thing, capable of recovering from the most devastating disasters. Plants existed long before humanity and would exist long afterwards. These violets were going to grow regardless of Bambi's intervention, she just needed to get them to go faster. Carefully, Bambi stroked the shriveled petal of a violet and thought about what it needed to grow. Water, sunlight, care. At that moment, water trickled out of the soil and the sun seemed to shine through the skylights just a little brighter, but Bambi didn't notice until the violets began to turn to their natural blue hue.

"I did it." Bambi said in utter disbelief. "Oh my God I did it!" She squealed and threw her arms around Kiran's neck, kissing the girl square on the mouth in excitement. "Thank you thank you thank you!"

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"What?" Bambi asked, finally looking at Kiran for the first time since the other girl showed up. "Oh!" She blushed once she noticed what Kiran was wearing. Bambi had never seen that much of Kiran's skin. She'd never seen that much of anyone's skin except her own actually. "I-um I mean- s-sorry!" Bambi stuttered and looked away. God she was pathetic, not even able to look Kiran in the eyes as long as looking down was so tempting. Bambi blushed even harder, if only her mother knew what kind of girl she was becoming, she'd be horrified. That thought made Bambi want to laugh rather than the guilt it would have made her feel before meeting Kiran.

"Maybe we should celebrate later?" Bambi asked, grabbing Kiran's hand so the girl wouldn't leave just yet. "I've been baking recently and I wanted you to try my cherry pie, maybe we could split it over dinner to celebrate?"

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Bambi broke out into an ecstatic grin, elated that Kiran accepted. "Tonight? Around five o'clock?" Bambi asked, realizing that it was a little early to eat dinner, but not wanting to wait any longer than she absolutely had to. She was too excited to spend time with Kiran, it had been a few days since the last time that they saw each other, Bambi being busy with remedial classes, and Kiran being, well Kiran. She wan't exactly known for her ability to make plans, usually just showing up whenever she felt like seeing Bambi. And while Bambi said she hated it when Kiran showed up unannounced, she actually loved knowing that the other girl was thinking about her.

"Just bring something to drink, leave all of the cooking to me." Bambi stood on her tip-toes to kiss Kiran on the cheek, but quickly realized she wasn't tall enough and settled for giving her a quick peck right below her pulse.

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