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Turner [hiatus]

It wasn’t a grin, but a subtle expression of peace, of relief, smoothed Sam’s features as she watched the light that scattered on the surface of the pond. Nice. Water was good. Water was relaxing. And there was some kind of machine at the far end of the pond that was doing something to the water - filtering? - the soft trickling sound soothing.

She was only glancing at it for a moment before Em turned to her, demanding her attention, and closed in on her. Sam’s gaze shuttered slightly, guarded, pretty sure she wasn’t about to be yelled at but steeling herself nonetheless, gazing down into the other girl’s face coolly. But the message was harmless enough, the threat unnecessary, and Sam relaxed a bit.

As Em stepped away, Sam turned, lips lifting in a slight smirk as she walked around the opposite edge of the pond. “Wouldn’t dream of it,” she murmured under her breath, with just a hint of sarcasm. In truth, she didn’t have any reason to tell anyone. She wouldn’t betray someone’s trust like that. Besides, it would be nice to have a place no one else knew about. Well, Em knew about it, but that was only one person.

Sam watched Em for a moment. For all the talk of not being friends, they certainly weren’t enemies. They’d fallen into a companionable silence most of the time, with the occasional bit of informative conversation. It was nice at times, not having to impress the girl, but Sam had yet to get used to the perpetual unclear state of Em’s opinion on her. Was she liked? Disliked? This field trip seemed to point to the former, but… Sam sighed. Whatever. She shifted her gaze to the sky, cupping her eyes in her hands to block out the light from the ground, staring at the stars. The world is so much bigger than you. And it’s beautiful.

She looked to the lamp lighting the pond, lips twisting. “Any chance that turns off?” If she had to she might be able to unscrew the bulb, but that would be kind of a pain in the ass (not physically, she didn’t really burn like she did when she was a kid, but she’d have to get into the case and find a place to put the bulb and remember to put it back… just a pain).

Turner [hiatus]

Sam hid her smirk as her roommate unceremoniously uprooted school property -- that was one way to deal with your problems. But hey, the lights were hidden, and when she looked up at the sky the stars shone brighter than before. The sky, the stars, the open air… Sam let her head fall back, eyes closing as she took in a deep breath. She would be present. She’d scoffed at advice before, but she found her mind dabbling in those stupid grounding exercises on its own.

The moon and the ripples on the pond. The slight muted reflections of light on the smoother rocks. The shadows inside the cups of the flowers. The soil peeking out along the edge of the path on the walk down. Em’s bare feet leading the way.

Even in the mostly-still air, she could feel her hair shifting in the most miniscule breeze, and the uncomfortable cowlicks that had it out of place. Her hands tightened on the strap of her bag, feeling the weave of it. Toes wriggled over the front of her sandals, poking at the grass below. She felt the cloth of her neckline shift with her breaths.

The sound of water, of night insects and their ever-present chirping, of what she could only assume was Em’s heavy sigh.

Another deep breath, surrounded by the smell of green and water.

But that final step, the one she always scoffed at, she still couldn’t complete. And she wouldn’t make herself.

Instead, she opened her eyes, hands already moving to release and re-do her ponytail, and glanced to where she’d heard the sigh. As her hands worked to shake out the tangles in her hair, she kept her gaze on the younger girl. It was… almost frustrating. She wanted to know things, to be nosy, but at the same time she’d really rather not. Sam already had enough guilt over stupid things, comparing her troubles to someone else could never go well. And she wanted to share things, but god -- her tongue felt melted to the top of her mouth. At the thought of opening up, her lips felt glued shut. Words could totter on the tip of her tongue but they would never make it halfway out of her mouth. And just thinking about the words she might say invited the buzz back into her head.

Sam looked down at her feet again, wiggling her toes once more. Back to the present. She dug in her bag as she made her way toward the bench, only glancing up once or twice, trying not to look as hesitant as she felt. She was almost holding her breath as she settled on the other side of the bench, expecting a growl. She kept her bag on the opposite side than Em’s seat as her fingers paused on her speakers inside. Ask? Don’t ask? “...Music okay?” She tried to sound casual, even though her voice was hushed in the darkness. She had a stargazing playlist. It was usually only her who would ever hear it. She didn’t really want to subject her roommate to it, not without knowing it was okay, but at the same time she needed something to focus on besides the intrusive thoughts she could feel vibrating behind her ears. And her speakers had pretty great acoustics.

Turner [hiatus]

Sam placed her little box speaker on the bench’s arm, pulling up her playlist and setting it to shuffle. She settled back into a similar position as Em, though not curled up, just relaxed, staring into the sky as the first few notes vibrated in her chest pleasantly. She pulled the dollar store blanket out as well, settling it only half over herself, in case the other girl wanted it. It wasn’t cold, but the blanket wasn’t heavy either. And there was a comfort to it that Sam appreciated.

She stared at the sky until stars started to disappear and then quickly blinked to clear her vision, trying to hit that perfect level of focus where she could spot the tiniest stars between all the big ones. She was barely aware of the smile that steadily worked its way onto her lips as the music went on, eyes fluttering shut with the crescendo, feeling the thrum of it on her skin and in her bones, her mind blissfully adrift with the melody.

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Turner [hiatus]

As one song ended and another began, Sam’s attention was on the way the music filled the open air, the way the slightest breeze tickled her skin… But then her eyes popped open, going wide with sudden shock as Em seemed to just thump straight onto her shoulder. For a brief moment she stiffened, the idea of pushing the other girl off flashing through Sam’s head: an instinctual need to separate and distance and close in on herself -- to not be touched, to mentally or physically distance herself from her surroundings. But the music was calming, the space was reassuringly empty and open, and after one frozen moment she let herself breathe again.

She carefully - barely moving - glanced to the head on her shoulder. Was Em really just… asleep? She stared with a cautious curiosity until the awkward angle made her head hurt. Em seemed to be… deeply asleep. Sam’s toes flexed and pointed awkwardly, worried any larger movement might jostle the sleeper on her shoulder. Chewing her closed lips, she finally shifted her hips, adjusting a bit, giving Em a chance to wake up and realize the position she’d put herself in. ...It didn’t seem to do anything. So Sam tried to relax, head tilted to the side awkwardly to avoid bumping her cheek on Em’s head.

When Em still hadn’t moved even through an entire other song, and Sam’s neck had started to grow stiff, she finally reluctantly realized she needed to change positions. She wasn’t as panicky, but she still felt nervous as she gradually shifted Em’s position, placing Em’s head on her lap and pushing the blanket around a bit so it offered the other girl some cover as well, crossing her own arms before her. Once Em was still again Sam relaxed once more, letting her head tilt back, eyes closing as the next song rose from the speaker. The piano, the strings, the soaring vocals… Sam was only distantly aware of one of her hands combing a repetitive, almost hypnotic, motion through her roommate’s hair as sleep crept up on her as well.

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