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message 1: by Rachel (new) - added it

Rachel  (APCB Reviews) (gr8rach) I haven't read this book personally, but what were your thoughts on it?

Maya (ladycarstairs31) | 504 comments I really really liked it!

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I liked it

Jessica Folded Between the Pages of Books (jessilovesbooks) I love everything by Rainbow Rowell!! So cute!

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I liked it a tad better than Eleanor and park

Jurni | 231 comments I love this book!!

Riya | 846 comments Mod
I really want to read this book!

Chloe Davis | 1 comments I just finished reading it and I must say, I love it! I was trilled to find a book that I could relate to (being a fangirl my-self). This story is very practical, as in it's not so far-fetched. It makes you feel as if one day you may go through this, and maybe even get your own Levi. Definitely a favorite of mine! Xx

Connie (faeriewings) | 86 comments Absolutely adorable! Rowell's writing is great, and the whole freshman-at-college setting was lovely. Her characters were so amazingly realistic; I almost feel like I know people in my own life to fit every character in the book. The romance is cute and well-timed, and I love the snippets of the Simon Snow series, Cath's object of obsession, haha.

Destiney Fangirl is such a good book and super relatable! The only thing I didnt like was how it switched back and forth between Magicath's Carry On, Simon and the actual Simon Snow series

Destiney It got kinda confusing^^

BriboSwaggins :) | 49 comments I actually haven't read it :( But I really want to! Everyone says it's amazing...

message 13: by Maya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maya (ladycarstairs31) | 504 comments Yeah, I enjoyed it way more than my attempt at Eleanor and Park

Milan (thehopelesspizza) | 144 comments I just finished this book and it was so good!
When I first started it I was afraid I wasn't going to like Cath's character but I sort of felt myself relating to her.
And the romance bits are really good, not too cheesy.

message 15: by Maya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maya (ladycarstairs31) | 504 comments yeah. i liked how she and levi were friends first, and didn't just jump right into going out.

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