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Brian (oscart) Name: Aberdeen Pike

Birthday: July 5

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Predecessor (if any)

Alias: Patch

Powers/Abilities: Patch is a remarkable acrobat and completely fearless. He is perhaps the world greatest contortionist able to twist his body and squeeze himself into unbelievably small space. He trained briefly under the tutelage of the Tibetan monks that taught Dr. Doom and has learned to fire bolts of energy and to create protective shields, He also received extensive training in self defense and martial arts, eventually earning black belts in karate, judo, and Tae Kwando.

Equipment/Gear: He wears a medicine bag that once belonged to Michael Twoyoungmen, Shaman of Alpha Flight. The medicine bags contain many compartments and each compartment allows Patch access to a pocket universe in which he can store and carry a multitude of useful items, from ropes and pulleys, to lock picks and weapons.

Suit: Patch wears a costume similar to that worn by Wonder Man consisting of tight leather pants and a safari jacket with the Sarcee medicine bag worn at his hip.

(Height): 5-5
Hair Color): Brown
(Eye Color): brown

Personality: Aberdeen can come off as quiet and somewhat sneaky and appears quite arrogant unless he is around circus folk. In truth, he is just painfully shy and not truly comfortable around those he considers outsiders. Around people he considers family, circus folk, carnies, and performers, he can be quite outgoing and displays a wicked sense of humor.

He is essentially a performer, much more comfortable being the center of attention rather than engaging is a one on one discussion. Due to his circus training, he feels completely at ease with all eyes on him, from a distance. He is a firm believer in ‘personal space’ and will go to great lengths to protect his own or someone else’s.

Aberdeen is intelligent and strategic minded. He is in touch with the physical world around him and is very strong mentally and surprisingly strong physically. He is brave, and when he sets his mind to something he is unstoppable.

Background: Aberdeen Pike was born in the back of a circus wagon somewhere in Maine. He was trained from an early age to join his family, a troupe of circus acrobats. Aberdeen received intensive training in circus tumbling and gymnastics, juggling and sleight of hand magic, high wire walking and even a bit of aerial training. The Pike family had aligned itself to a poor travelling circus run by a kind-hearted, but overly ambitious man, so times were always tough. His childhood was one filled with wonder and amazement and was basically a happy one. He had several siblings, as well as the children of other circus performer with which to play. The circus made a great play space.

As a teenager, Aberdeen began using his skills to supplement his family’s income by becoming a burglar, a so-called cat burglar, specializing in scaling walls and fitting into tight spaces. He would wiggle himself into the small spaces under the circus seating and pilfer from wallets and purses. One of his illegal forays brought him to the residence of the descendants of Alpha Flight member Michael Twoyoungmen. While searching the residence, Aberdeen located, quite by accident, a hidden recess inside a hallway closet. Hidden in this secret recess he found a fringed medicine bag. Finding little else of value, Aberdeen took the medicine bag because it caught his fancy. Later, back at the circus, he began a thorough examination of his prize and found that each pocket would hold much more than was believable. The bag was an opening into the Void.
Aberdeen spent several years in a juvenile detention facility after being caught and decided to turn his life around. He took the medicine bag to a known magic user who determined that the use of the Void was not true magic but that Aberdeen himself had a measure of magical affinity. Aberdeen agreed to train with this master and in the next five years reached the level of Adept. At that point he went out on his own determined to do good in the world.

Other: Aberdeen is a master of close up magic and often can be found performing very intricate card tricks and feats of close illusion when he thinks he is alone. He is also an avid participant in the local karaoke bar scene and has a surprisingly good voice.

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Brian (oscart) Name: Ariadne Maximoff

Birthday: February 29

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Predecessor: Fantastic Four/Crystal/Quicksilver

Alias: 4Cast

Powers/Abilities: 4Cast has a measure of abilities of the original members of the Fantastic Four.
She has Mr. Fantastic’s ability to stretch, Invisible Girl’s ability to become invisible, but no force fields, the Thing’s strength (She can lift 25 to 50 tons), and the Human Torch’s ability to produce fireballs that can be thrown, but not become engulfed in flames.


Suit: 4Cast wears a reverse of the traditional Fantastic Four uniform, white where the original was blue, with blue accents.

(Height): 5-5
Hair Color): Brown
(Eye Color): Violet

Personality: Ariadne is a studious type and may appear, on first meeting, to be somewhat absent minded due to the fact that her genius level mind is constantly moving from project to project.

If she can be pried away from work, or planning her next project, or thinking about planning her next project, she displays a very pleasant, outgoing personality, in very small bursts before she once more is thinking about work.

Ariadne is brave and a bit reckless, a bit overwhelmed by her newfound abilities. She wants to continue the good work of the Fantastic Four, and is willing to place herself in harms way if need be. She has returned to Empire State University and is now working on her second doctorate.

Background: Ariadne is the second daughter of Crystal Amaquelin and Pietro Maximoff and as such is half Inhuman and half mutant though, like her sister Luna she displayed no superhuman abilities and was not exposed to the Terrigen Mists. As a young child she did exhibit an keenly developed intelligence and at age 10 tested out at genius level.

Ariadne grew up idolizing her Aunt Susan and Uncle Reed Richards and her Uncle Johnny and Uncle Benjie, keeping a scrapbook of their exploits. Following the Civil War, all four members of the Fantastic Four fell to various enemies. Ariadne began college at age 14, entering Empire State University majoring in forensic science. She felt that, in this way, she too could perform heroically and serve humanity.

During her second year, she heard through rumor, that another student had succeeded in recreating Reed Richards’ cosmic ray creation chamber. In an attempt to emulate her heroes, Ariadne broke into the science building late at night and entered the chamber and bombarded herself with cosmic radiation. Her Inhuman/mutant physiology protected her from the harmful radiation and she emerged from the chamber unharmed and unchanged. She increased the radiation output and reentered the chamber. She emerged feeling no different and locked up the lab and returned to her dorm, disappointed.

Over the next several weeks, she began developing and exhibiting abilities like those of the Fantastic Four core members. She withdrew, temporarily, from school to train in the use of her new abilities and donning a white and blue uniform, and a mask, she began fighting crime as 4Cast.

Other: Due to her half inhuman/half mutant nature, Ariadne physically ages at a slower rate than humans. Although she is 21 years old, and has the driver's liscense to prove it, she often mistaken for a girl of 12-13 years old, much to her frustration.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 120 comments Name: Bastet

Birthday: October 31

Age: She was 24 when she became a Dark-Hunter

Gender: Female

Predecessor (if any):

Alias: Cat

Clairaudience- The ability to aurally perceive words or sounds origination on the spiritual plane but also can hear sounds of low/high frequencies not able to be heard by people. The strength of this gift depends on how concentrated empathy is that has this gift

Chronokinesis- The ability to manipulate time only if she has the precise time and place.

Farsight- The ability to see the events or possible events of the past, present, and future though Precognition and Clairvoyance. Which is the ability to perceive events before or have already happened in known or unknown places in vague or clear dreams when sleeping or daydreams.

Shape-shifting: She can change into most felines or in a puma form

She also has the gifts of a goddess…

Atlantean Dagger: A dagger with short wavy etching-covered blade from hilt to point. The only blade that can kill a Charonte demon (god killers)
Katana: Japanese single edged longsword.
Shuriken: Throwing stars
Srad: A circular dagger that’s a Celtic blade
Two double barrel shot guns

Suit: Leather Jacket with a panther on the back, black skinny jeans, silk long or short sleeve peasant like shirt (color varies with her mood), and a tight black and silver bodice with thigh high boots

Appearance: Bastet is 5'1" with marble like porcelain skin, Silver dusted Onyx hair that flows in soft mellifluous waves to her lower back and cascades around her Heart shaped face that was blessed with a well-shaped nose and slightly full blushing lips that set off her deep Emerald eyes. She’s gone from almost too thin to a slender muscular built of a dancer that woke a new grace in her along with physical training that’s required of all Dark-Hunters. The only signs of her training are shown on her elegant petite hands and feet that are lightly callused which can easily be concealed. She is often seen wearing black skinny jeans that’s worn with a peasant like shirt of the same color which is often adorn with black and sapphire bodice. She’ll then round out her attire with a leather jacket with a slightly faded panther whose eyes glow emerald and black boots that is also her Dark-Hunter attire.

(Height): 5'1"

(Hair Color): Silver dusted Onyx

(Eye Color): Emerald green

(Other): She has the Dark-Hunter mark, a double bow with arrow on her neck near the collar bone.
http://o.aolcdn.com/hss/storage/midas... )

Personality: Complicated would be the correct word to describe it. She went from happy, sweet, loving child to showing her true Scorpio self where everything when into major extreme mode. That night she lost everything, family, the love of her life and her humanity. Just as she was near death a woman, the goddess Artemis, approached with the promise of vengeance. In return for this gift she would join the ranks of the Dark-Hunters to protect the mortal world. Thus, she was trained as one of the fiercest warriors. As she saves the innocents of the world she herself can’t live while still bent making good on her vengeance pack and glorify in the blood of those who killed her family and Fiancé. It’s because of this even and the laws of the Dark-Hunters she doesn’t let others close. She is angry and doesn’t always play well with others. She comes of as cold and heartless but under that icy exterior is a warm heart. That is only shown to those she trusts, which is no one. Cross her and feel the wrath of unknown levels torture and pain.

Background: Unknown to Bastet, she is the love child of the Egyptian goddess Bastet, who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect her child from her enemies. Entrusting the child to a dear a faithful friend to raise among the mortal world. Her adoptive mother took her gladly as her own child had died in its birth. The child who was named Bastet after her true mother was raised by loving adoptive parents who kept this secret close to their hearts. Bastet grew into a beautiful child with traits of both of her mothers. It wasn’t until her high school years that things began to change for her during a failed attempt on her life. But the details are sketchy do to the interference of the goddess Bastet. As time went on Bastet developed into an extraordinary lady. Beauty, intellect, and a fierceness that helped her become successful and engaged to the love of her life. It wasn’t until that very day of her wedding. The day she lost everything. As she stood to take her vows tragedy took place. Before anyone could react, it was a massacre. Every life was taken…. Even though she fought to protect those she loved. As she laid dying a woman appeared to her, the goddess Artemis, with the promise of vengeance. In receiving this ultimate vengeance, she would become a member of Artemis’s Dark-Hunters to protect the mortal world from danger. It only took moments for Bastet to accept and begin her journey as a Dark-Hunter. Now years later she is still answering the call to help those in need, taking icy pleasure in taking down the enemy.

Other: She doesn't know that she's a demi-goddess, daughter of Bastet. Even though she is gifted with powers she will often use them as a last resort.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 120 comments Thank you. She's not too much? I can't wait to start.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 120 comments True but that we'll reserve for special things....

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) | 9 comments Name: Blythe Laufeyson
Birthday: June 14th
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Predecessor (if any): Loki
Alias: Mischief

Powers/Abilities: Like her father, Blythe has superhuman strength and is resistant to conventional injury. She is also able to shapeshift, fly (via levitation) and create illusions, though her illusions aren't nearly as strong as her father's. She is also able to teleport from place to place. The power she enjoys most is her ability to create small eldritch energy blasts.

Equipment/Gear Though she doesn't really need them, Blythe enjoys carrying throwing knives on her. She also has a scepter that looks remarkably like her father's and is very sharp at the tip - when she decides to use it, she uses it like a spear.

Suit: Blythe mimics her father's appearance. She wears a black dress that stops at her mid-thigh and has a gold u-shaped neckline. She wears black tights underneath that and dons black knee-length boots. She wears a sleeveless cloak that is black on the outside and forest green on the inside, and the edges are colored gold. She wears gold wrist gauntlets and a gold cuff around her right bicep. (view spoiler)

Appearance: Blythe has black hair that stops around the middle of her neck and fringed bangs. She has a slightly tan complexion and a sprinkling of freckles across the tops of her cheeks/nose. She's rather tall, coming in at a 5'7. She has an oval shaped face and piercing gray eyes, along with a small nose and rather full lips. She has a dancer's body - lean and elegant but deceptively strong - and has calloused hands to show for her training. Blythe can often be found wearing jeans and t-shirts and enjoys rocking black leather jackets. She frequently incorporates the colors black and forest green into her outfits, and enjoys wearing converse and combat boots.

(Height): 5 ft 7in
(Hair Color): Black
(Eye Color): Gray
(Other): Has two lobe piercings on each ear and a nose piercing on the right side of her nose

Personality: Blythe gained a combination of both her father's personality and her mother's personality. She is someone who loves to laugh - especially at the expense of others. She loves playing tricks like her father, but they tend to be very harmless. Blythe also picked up her father's flair for dramatics. She is definitely a drama queen and likes to go over the top with just about everything that she does. She has a bit of a temper but is trying to work on it.

She gained her mother's compassion and sense of loyalty. Blythe has a strong desire to help those around her, especially those who are in need. When she gets to know and befriend someone she cares for them deeply, and once you gain her loyalty it is something that is hard to lose. She is dependable and will always be there for you if you need her.

Blythe enjoys being sarcastic and can sometimes come off as a bit uncaring and indifferent, but she has a very good heart. She is very blunt and will always speak her mind and always tell you the truth - a trait that many people love just as much as they hate. She is passionate about everything that she does, and that can be both a good and a bad thing. She is always open to meeting and talking to new people and loves to have a good time.

Background: Unbeknownst to most people, Loki and his wife Sigyn had a daughter that they named Blythe. Due to Sigyn's grief over her betrothal to someone who was evil, as well as to the worry that enemies would try to use their daughter against him, both Sigyn and Loki decided it would be wise to keep the birth of their daughter a secret. Blythe grew up around her mother more than she did around Loki, as he was always off getting into trouble. Though she didn't have many people her age to meet or play with she never felt lonely due to the love that her mother gave her.

When Loki was around Blythe was always ecstatic. Despite his evil - and somewhat unstable - nature, Loki showed his daughter nothing but love. He worked to teach her the magic that he knew - despite Sigyn's protests - and helped her refine her craft. Had it not been for her mother's watchful guidance and kind-hearted nature, Blythe may have joined her father in using her powers for evil (though she did not know that her father was doing this).

Decades before initiating Ragnarok, Loki stole his daughter from Sigyn in the middle of the night and brought her to Earth. He explained to Blythe that something horrible would be happening on Asgard. When asked why Loki did not also save her mother he did not answer, merely giving her one last hug before leaving her.

Blythe has not seen or heard from her parents since then and still does not know the fate of Asgard - or that of her parents, for that matter. The disappearance of Thor has left her even more confused as to what's happening on her home planet, though she's not sure she would try approaching him even if he was still around. She tries to keep hope that she will one day see her parents again and has dedicated her time to helping protect those on Earth while she waits.

Other: Blythe refuses to let anyone know of her last name or her heritage despite the fact that many have seen the resemblance between herself and her father. She believes her parents kept her hidden for a reason and intends to do her best not to let anyone find out the truth, which is why she never approached Thor even when she had questions about her home planet.

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