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Marika | 9 comments Jaxon's side ached from at least two broken ribs, his paws had blisters from running so far and so long, and a gash on his hindquarters that he was sure would be infected soon if it wasn't cleaned stung like hell. The hunter that was after him was out for blood, and his pelt, he was sure. It was so ridiculous to him though, that hybrids were worth so much to humans like that. They were worth practically nothing to other weres; less than nothing to many of them.
He shook his head slightly, trying to clear his mind of pointless thoughts. He needed to find water to re-hydrate and clean his wounds, and hopefully something that was injured so he could catch it easily, as he was hungry. Worst case scenario, he could shift and find a town, but walking into a town with his injuries would be like a beacon for the hunter that he was sure was close on his tail. The last thing he needed was to get captured and tortured until he shifted again, only to be killed immediately after.
He continued on his current path for a while, pausing only when he picked up the unmistakable scent that meant he was passing into a pack's territory. Fabulous. He couldn't afford to backtrack though, or the hunter might catch him, so he trekked on, praying that he didn't come across a pack member while he was here. And unfortunately for him, he couldn't even try to pass off as just a regular wolf, or even a regular coywolf. Weres were easily identifiable by their scent, and his was rather unique, in that he wasn't fully wolf, nor coyote, so his scent was somewhat of a mix between the two.
Coming across a small stream, he dipped his paws in, letting out a whimper at the relief the cool water gave to him. He shifted forms and examined his torn and tattered clothes, discarded his shirt, which had been all but shredded during a scuffle before he'd shifted, then started to clean his wounds up some. He perhaps could have done a better job of it, but he was trying to hurry so he could get out of here quickly, preferably before he was ever detected by whichever pack this territory belonged to. He knew he wouldn't stand a chance in a fight in his current condition, and he wasn't much in the mood to be dragged to an alpha, only to be either sentenced to death or be sent away again. The delay in his movement that would cause would prove to be a serious problem for him.

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Marika | 9 comments ((It's good! I hadn't really thought about coywolves forming their own packs, since they're rare, but I like the idea of it lol))

Jax's head snapped up at the sound of a man's voice, his muscles immediately going tense. "Shit.." He muttered. He didn't respond to the large werewolf's questions, instead scrambling to his feet and backing up a few paces, wincing in pain as he did so. His eyes remained trained on the man as he shifted back to his four legged form so his injuries might not be quite as much of an issue. He felt no need to explain himself to the wolf, knowing he would have to do so to his alpha once he was dragged there, unless he could avoid that altogether. Examining the man, he could tell he was a few years older than him, much larger, and much stronger. He wouldn't stand a chance in a fight against this wolf, but he might have been able to outrun him, were he not injured. In his current state, he wouldn't be able to get very far, though he did have the advantage of already being shifted now, not that it was a very big one.
He continued to watch the man, his head down in a somewhat submissive stance showing he wasn't going to try to fight him. He limped backwards a little more, trying to put space between him and the other male. This wasn't the first time he'd been in this situation, so he knew pack rules for it. The wolf couldn't kill him without first bringing him to his alpha, unless he attacked him, which he had no intentions of doing. If he ran, he still had the right to a trial, if it could be called that, where the alpha would decide to either kill him or chase him off. That seemed the best option. He might not have much of a chance of actually getting away, but he might, and if not, he'd convince the alpha to let him go, since he was probably going to die anyway once the hunter caught up with him again.
As soon as he'd made the decision, he took off, running past the man and sprinting as fast as his injuries would allow away from him. He was small, yes, but he was fast, despite the gash on his hindquarters, but the question would be if he was fast enough to outrun an uninjured wolf who was clearly much bigger than him.
His jaw was parted as he ran, panting from the exertion. He wouldn't be able to go like this for long, not when his injuries were so severe and he was already exhausted as he was.
Come on, com on, he thought as he ran, Just have to get away. Can't let him catch me. If his alpha is anything like him, he'll kill me before I can even explain my situation.

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Marika | 9 comments Jax could hear the wolf behind him, his panic growing as he heard him getting closer and closer. He knew he was about to be caught, but he sure as hell didn't want to be. He pushed himself to move faster, but it was too late for anything he did to be effective.
He felt the wolf's jaws clasp around his unjured leg, his teeth immediately breaking the skin on his leg and further agitating the gash, causing him to cry out. He tumbled to the ground, his balance lost, and skidded a good distance with a series of pained yelps.
When he finally skidded to a stop, covered in even more new cuts and bruises, he attempted to get to his feet, but simply collapsed on the ground again. His breathing was heavy and uneven as he tried a couple more times to get to his feet, but continued to just collapse on the ground. He knew he was caught, but that didn't stop him from inching away from the wolf, still trying desperately to get away. The gash on his leg was bleeding badly, his already red fur drenched in crimson blood, and from the pain in his left foreleg whenever he tried to stand, he was sure he had a broken wrist.
He looked over at the wolf, snarled angrily and bared his teeth at him, but then let his head drop back to the ground, defeated, exhausted, and ready to black out. He was more injured now than before he'd tried to run, to the point where he couldn't even stand, let alone walk, and there was no way he was getting away from this wolf now. He'd taken his shot and missed by a mile, and now he would have to bear through the humiliation of literally being dragged back to the alpha. He had no intentions of shifting at this point, not when he was even weaker as a human than as a coywolf. So he remained where he was, and what he was, too tired and in too much pain to move.
All he could honestly hope for at this point was a quick end. In his current condition, there was no way he could evade the hunter; he would be able to track him just from his trail of blood alone. If the alpha didn't decide to kill him, he would still be dead within the week, so he would've rather just be put out of his misery over limping around and waiting to be hunted for his pelt.

((Actually, in all honesty, that's a perfect length post in my opinion lol
And that would be good. We could have them show up later on after everything that's already set is said and done.))

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Marika | 9 comments Jaxon flinched slightly when the man, who had shifted back from his wolf form, crouched near him. He whined softly when his muzzle was grabbed, following it with a halfhearted growl, but he didn't fight it, he knew better at this point. He growled again when he was lifted off the ground, though it turned into a whimper of pain when pressure was put on his broken ribs.
He grumbled and squirmed slightly while he was being carried, hating the humiliation of it. He felt weak and pathetic, and he despised it. Not that it would matter for much longer, he was sure.
He tensed as they neared the hut, catching the scents of several others in the area, including those of the alpha and alpha female (Idk but I'm eighty-two percent sure it's a thing now lol). As they entered the hut, he started squirming again, trying to free himself from the grasp of the other male, not to run away, but to at least try to stand on his own. He hated feeling weak like he did now, especially around wolves, because he knew what they thought of him, though this one certainly seemed to particularly hate his kind.
He managed to squirm free and drop to the ground, only to land on both his injured legs and crumple to the ground with a sharp yelp. All this happened right as the Alpha and his mate came into view. "What's all this, Bas?" The large man asked, looking down at the pitiful creature that was Jax. "Did you do this to him, Sebastian? There was no reason to put him in such a condition to bring him here."
Jax growled, struggling to his feet, forcing himself to stay standing as he glared up at the alpha. The alpha seemed unfazed by the hybrid's actions, and simply watched the small canine quietly for a few moments. "Shift," he said simply after a while. It was clearly not optional.
Jaxon growled once more before dropping his gaze, hesitating slightly before reluctantly shifting forms. He stood with his weight on his uninjured leg, cradling his broken wrist against his body, and held his other hand over the black, blue, and yellow bruising that gave away his broken ribs. His skin was tinted three shades darker from the dirt and grime that covered his body, save the parts that had been somewhat cleaned when he'd been at the stream. Blood was dripping from the gash on his leg, and it seemed as if he'd lost a lot of it. His body was trembling slightly from exhaustion and pain, and he looked ready to drop. Despite that, however, he stood as firm as he could, glaring up at the alpha as if he wasn't a good six inches shorter than him and at least fifty pounds lighter.

((This one ended up a little longer than that, but oh well xD Feel free to take over the alpha during your post if you want))

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Marika | 9 comments Jaxon remained utterly silent as the others spoke, or rather, argued. He didn't even flinch at the insults thrown in his direction, completely used to this kind of treatment from wolves. He had heard every possibly insult a wolf could give, so the was unfazed by these. He was startled, however, when the alpha's mate said they weren't going to kill him. The two of them actually seemed... Concerned... That was a new one in his book. Why the hell would they want someone to look him over? They were wolves, wolves never gave two shits about him, so why would they?
His confusion was clear in his eyes, though the rest of his expression remained distrusting and wary, unwilling to let his guard down in the slightest. He stepped back when the alpha moved closer, narrowing his eyes at him, but still remaining silent. He held the same sort of hatred as the wolf who'd captured him- Sebastian- only his was towards packs and alphas. They were the reason his life was the way it was, and they were the reason he didn't have the protection of a family that could have prevented a hunter from inflicting these injuries.
He watched the alpha female leave to fulfill the task her mate had asked of Sebastian, still unsure why they actually seemed to care about him. He flinched when the alpha held his hand out for Jax to show him his wrist, but didn't move otherwise. "I don't want your help," he muttered, unwilling to allow the alpha to look over his injuries.
The alpha sighed. "You may not want it, but you certainly need it."
Jax knew he was right, though he didn't want to admit it. He hesitated for a few more moments, but then tentatively laid his wrist in the alpha's hand, wincing as he did, and avoiding his gaze and instead glaring around the room. He didn't answer the question of how he got to be in this condition. If the pack knew of the hunter he might have lead to their territory, they probably wouldn't be too pleased, despite the fact that the hunter was only after him, and didn't care about a common werewolf.

((Sounds good! lol))

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