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Michelle (mimihalley) | 84 comments Mod
If you read the book and care to share any parts that struck you as funny (or interesting, I suppose), please share them here for us to all laugh (or be interested) with you.

Michelle (mimihalley) | 84 comments Mod
As a side note, he decided her frown would not inspire poetry. Because the poem would read: Her frown made him desire they be better strangers.

Michelle (mimihalley) | 84 comments Mod
She lowered her work and began unknitting an entire row of stitches one at a time, erasing their tangled existence with much more finesse than she’d created them. (She had a lot of practice unknitting things. She could unknit entire wardrobes. You’d imagine that lots of practice unknitting would mean lots of practice—and improvement—knitting, but your imagination forgot to account for Jane.)

Michelle (mimihalley) | 84 comments Mod
“I liked the look of you.”

He sat back, amazed. He thought (although he wasn’t entirely sure) that she meant that she’d found him good-looking. “You liked—”

“You had kind eyes. A nice smile.” She was blushing.

This was wonderful, wonderful news. “Have you seen your own eyes?” he said impulsively. “Green like . . . forest moss.”


“Like pools of . . .” He cursed himself that he was not more of a poet.

“Yes?” Her lips twitched as she clearly tried not to laugh at him.

“Beautiful eyes,” he stumbled on.

“Pools of beautiful eyes?”

“Yes. Exactly. And your hair. And your smile, as well, is so . . . And you’re funny and clever. And brave. I’ve never met a girl like you.”

Michelle (mimihalley) | 84 comments Mod
Edward’s eyebrows were furrowed.

“Sire?” G said. “Are you troubled?”

“No. Everything is fine. With Gracie. Staying behind. With the Pack. And . . . Archer. That’s fine.”

“Right,” G said slowly. He picked up his sword. “We are off, then?”

“Without hesitation,” Edward said. And for a few moments, they hesitated.

Then they were off.

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A. (amyrose4801) | 40 comments Mod
Ah, is this our next book? I don't know why I was confused. I have to pick it up now, I love these excerpts!

Michelle (mimihalley) | 84 comments Mod
A. wrote: "Ah, is this our next book? I don't know why I was confused. I have to pick it up now, I love these excerpts!"

The "without hesitation" one makes me laugh every time I read it, which has been four times this evening as I've been reviewing and posting.

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