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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Jensen (michaeljensen) | 38 comments Hard to say whether this book is sci fi or supernatural because the author offers up suck a lame ending that only vaguely hints at the answer to what is going on. I hate when an author does this. It works in some kinds of books where there is an either/or choice. Either X goes back to his husband. Either Y lives or dies. But when there are strange happenings that could have multiple explanations I want an answer.

I mention the book here because one of the main characters is an older English actor who happens to be gay. Think Ian McKellen, but much MUCH less successful. His sexuality didn't factor much in the book, but was never hidden either and while I basically hated the book, I do applaud the author for including the character. Anyone else read it?

message 2: by PaperMoon (new)

PaperMoon | 665 comments I've not read this book Michael but it does sound rather creepy / scarey. The reviews for the book are wildly polarised. And I'm not sure I would adjust to the 'book within a book' approach of telling the tale. It's encouraging that characters who so happen to be gay are popping up in mainstream fiction though.

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael Jensen (michaeljensen) | 38 comments It sounds creepy, but is actually rather boring. The book within a book concept doesn't bother me, but so little plot did bother me. Def can't recommend.

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