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this is for the following to rp...

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Ivy was just outside her den, a mouse layed in front of her. she had caught al by herself! she started to eat to the mouse, the ferns rustled behind her, she dashed into her den mouse hanging behind her. the sun shone through the branches, she ducked into the shadows, leaving the mouse. there were paw-steps outside, she held her breath. then they faded, she was safe! after she finished the mouse, she started adding branches to the walls.
( Eagle)
he was a little frustrated, Ivy ran away, not to them. "aren't kits usually curious?" he asked, turning to spark, " well...yes" she said. " maybe Ivy just isn't as curious as most kits" she said, tilting her head. " maybe" he relied,he really wanted to help Ivy but couldn't find a way how, he couldn't just walk into her den, pick her up and carry her away. he sighed. " let's fix the den, there is some sun coming in through the top," he said calmly, trying to push Ivy out of his mind. " good idea"he barely heard spark, his mind was spinning. I need to help Ivy, he thought.
( spark)
she understood her mate, he just wanted to help Ivy, why couldn't they? there had to be away, there had to be! she padded out of the den, then into the forest to look for sticks. after she found some, she brought them back to where Eagle had made a clump of ferns, she scooped up some cool mu with her paw and placed it gently on a leaf, she placed to muddy part of the leaf on a stick and placed it on a gap in the wall, repeating this until most of the gaps were covered. Eagle was working on the other side, when she was done she padded over to him and brushed her cheek against his, a purr rumbled in his through. " let's go wash ae paws off" suggested Spark, " good idea" purred Eagle.
( Eagle)
after washing his paws off, he set out into the forest to hunt, when he returned his mate had caught a mouse and a thrush, he dropped his 3 voles with her prey. smiling he took the thrush a settled down, plucking the feathers off. Spark had chosen a vole and was eating slowly.

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