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soub (gothstew) Lily picked at the grass, gazing down at two crumbling gravestones with her parent's names etched into them. She sighed, rolling a dandelion through her forefinger and thumb; leaving a greenish stain on her finger pad. Lily had just come from detention, and was quite tired. She leaned back, using her bookbag as a pillow, facing the graves. Lily sighed and closed her eyes.

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soub (gothstew) Sensing a presence next to her, Lily opened her eyes in surprise. Seeing it was just a dog, she smiled and said “Oh, hello!”

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soub (gothstew) Lily chuckled slightly, she held out her hand for the dog to sniff. Lily didn’t want to pet the dog head on, she had many scars on her hands to show how that usually turned out.

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soub (gothstew) Lily smiled as the dog licked her hand. "What are you doing out here?" she asked, fully knowing she would receive no response.

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soub (gothstew) Lily jumped in surprise. “Uh... you can talk?” She stuttered. It definitely wasn’t the weirdest thing she had seen all day.

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soub (gothstew) “I’ve never met a talking dog before, that’s cool.” She spoke, regaining her composure. “You are a dog though, right?” Asked Lily.

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soub (gothstew) “Cool,” She said calmly. “I’m Lily Cardinal, what’s your name?”

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soub (gothstew) “Nice to meet you Leo,” she said. Lily glanced back at the gravestones before her. She turned back and asked:” What do you do out here? Do you get lonely?” Lily was being nice..for once. Her attitude was a bit strange and confusing to her.

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soub (gothstew) "What's your job?" she asked. "And that's what I'm doing here, visiting my parents."

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soub (gothstew) Lily nodded, not exactly sure how to respond to that.

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soub (gothstew) “Uh, yeah. H-How did you know that?” She asked, surprised at his question.

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soub (gothstew) “Ah, Do you go to Glissenwood?” Asked Lily, although it was a foolish question.

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soub (gothstew) "It's the school here, for students like me; with abilities. That was a stupid question, I apologize" she said, embarrassed.

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soub (gothstew) "Do you want me to take you there?" she asked. "I have to be getting back anyways, my sister is expecting me." Lily smiled at him.

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soub (gothstew) "No problem!" exclaimed Lily. Lily grabbed her backpack and stood up. She dug around in it for a small container, which had two freshly purchased flowers inside. She took one out and placed it on her mothers grave, and did the same for her fathers. "Should we go now?" she asked.

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soub (gothstew) "Ok, it's about a ten-minute walk," she said, slinging her backpack over her shoulder so she wouldn't have to carry it.

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Koroneko walked around the graveyard humming the song 'I'm just Your Problem' from Adventure Time. She stopped at an old Gravestone. It was hard to read the name and the headstone was crumbling apart. "Hm.. He died because he wasn't a follower of The Dark Queen. Therefore he was hated by all followers and had a slow and painful deathby fire." she made up as she spray painted a Skull on the headstone.

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soub (gothstew) Niko was perched atop a random gravestone when he saw a girl defacing a gravestone. He chuckled softly to himself as he hopped off of it and started to creep his way towards her. "You really shouldn't be doing that~" he said in a singsong voice. Niko was in a state where he was flickering in between personalities. It happened occasionally and only lasted about 5 to 10 minutes.

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"I honestly don't care. He should be happy he's cursed by the Dark Queen in the afterlife." she said standing up, kicking the headstone. "Humans deserve to be cursed for their sins anyways." Koroneko mumbled.

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soub (gothstew) Niko twitched slightly, entering the bad side. "You sound absolutely insane." he said, eyes narrowed. He twitched again, smiling. "Sins?" he asked curiously.

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"All humans are murders. All they do is kill and kill. They take childrens friends and family, whether its cow, monster, or a fellow human. They take and take and only leave destruction and sorrow behind. They should all just die and suffer along the way." Koroneko said.

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soub (gothstew) “Someone is slightly angsty.” He muttered. “I’m slightly offended, seeing that I’m human and all, but when you put it that way, I guess it makes sense.” Niko replied.

“What about the humans who haven’t done anything wrong but have had people hurt them. Or the people who are forced to hurt people?” He asked.

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"They'll die and go to hell either way. No one is forced to hurt anyone, In the end it is they who make the decision." Koroneko resplied.

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soub (gothstew) Niko's bad side was out once more. "Are you that ignorant?" he snapped. "Have you ever been mind controlled into killing someone?Or been told that if you didn't hurt the person, that that your friends- hell, even family would get hurt?" he said, in a fit of rage.

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"If your mind controlled, it just means you didn't have the willpower to resist. If you were threatened to kill someone or they'll kill your loved ones, you either record it and give it to the police or you go to save the ones you love, or die trying." Koroneko said flatly. "Theres always a way to avoid killing." she said.

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soub (gothstew) This girl made Niko's blood boil. Literally. He could feel the blood inside of him grow hotter and hotter, bubbling right below his skin. He could feel the red stitches on his arm begin to grow loose, blood rising to the surface, seeping out from the slits that were beginning to form under the stitches. "You. Obviously. Have. No. Idea. What. It. Feels. Like." he snapped. Niko was growing dangerously angry. Something inside him was yelling at him to calm down, most likely Niko's good side.

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"Hm? Your right i don't know, because i don't know what your refferring to." Koroneko said. "I've honestly forgot how children feel these days. Please, Enlighten me little one, how does it feel?" She said smiling.

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soub (gothstew) "I'm not a fucking child" snapped Niko. He wanted to slap the smile right off her face, but he couldn't. The good side of him wouldn't let him. Instead, his anger was literally dripping off of him. The blood was trickling down his arm, stitches fallen apart. It didn't hurt him at all, and he wouldn't die from the blood loss. "I'm not going to waste my time explaining it to someone who couldn't possibly understand. Monster" he spat.

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"Whos the monster here?! The peaceful little girl or the humans who took everything from her? Tell me, have you had to watch all your family and friends get slaughtered because you were to weak to do anything? A peaceful village that never harmed anyone, burned to the ground because of humans. Because We're different We're automatically outcasts. We're classified as monsters." Koroneko snapped.

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soub (gothstew) "I may not have had to watch that, but have you ever been tormented by your family, experimented on, tortured??" he asked. "Losing people is tough, but my 'family' ruined me. They broke me. They broke my mind. They turned me into..this" he said, shaking. Niko twitched again, reverting back to his old self. "Oh dear." he mumbled, holding up his arm. His skin began to knit itself back together. "Sorry about that.. " he said sheepishly. Niko didn't remember much about what had happened.

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"Humans should just all die in hell." she said, kicking the gravestone again, this time it fell on the ground and shattered into a million pieces. Koroneko took a deep breath. "I should have just stayed inside and watched my anime."

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soub (gothstew) Niko was confused. "What did the humans do? I mean, they aren't all bad." said Niko, rocking back and forth on his heels. "Also, what's anime?"

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"Bad or not, they are poisonous creatures." Koroneko said. "Anime is a form of entertainment. I would pull something up for you, but I've yet to figure out how to work a phone." she said as she picked a purple rose from a nearby bush.

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soub (gothstew) “I’ve heard of phones, although I’ve never seen one.” Replied Niko. “This is actually my first time out of the facility so I don’t know much about life here.”

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"Well I only know a little. I only really leave my house whenever Alex forces me or whenever I need a break. It's hard to learn something when you hardly go anywhere other than The graveyard." Koroneko said. "Anyways, Whats your name, boy?" she asked.

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soub (gothstew) “Nikolai Meddalion. Call me Niko, Nikolai sucks to be honest.” Replied Niko. “What’s your name?” He asked, smiling. Niko adjusted one of
The clips in his hair and let out a small

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"Hm? I'm Ruri Delacroix. You can call me anything you want. Most People Call me Koroneko or Neko." she said.

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soub (gothstew) “Alright. It’s nice to meet you Kuroneko!” Exclaimed Niko with a smile. He stuck out his stitched hand for her to shake.

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She relunctantly shook his hand."I-its nice to meet you too... Niko." she said quietly. She wasn't really used to interacting with people, so naturally she was pretty antisocial. "Um.. I-I'm sorry about earlier, I didn't mean to come off as rude or anything. I was just upset." she appologized.

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soub (gothstew) "Earlier?" he asked. "What happened earlier?" Niko couldn't remember much. He could recall something about humans being bad, but that was it. His other personality must have taken over or something.

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"You don't remember? I said something that seemed to have upset you. I believe it was something about how no one is forced to hurt anyone? Hm... I vagually remember calling you a child as well, although i totally won't appologize for that because the way i see it, your still a child." she said. "Although respectably, i'm still a child, by human standards, however, i am what is known as an 'Elderly'. I don't looked as nearly as poorly kept as these 'Grandamas' though." Koroneko said.

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soub (gothstew) "Oh, I know what happened now. Sorry you had to meet him!" apologized Niko. He felt bad that she had met the other personality. Bad Niko was truly a douche. "You don't need to apologize though, It's totally fine!" From her statement, Niko assumed she wasn't human, but didn't ask what she was out of politeness.

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"Ok..." she said. "Hey. Niko, Do You wanna be friends? It'd be great to know i have at least one friend in this bizzare country." Koroneko asked quietly.

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soub (gothstew) "I would love that." he said, smiling. "Ooh, I've never had a real friend before. What do friends do?"

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"Hm? I'm not sure. I believe they 'Hang out' or something. I pretty sure thats what my brothers friends do." Koroneko said.

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soub (gothstew) "Do you want to 'hang out' then? Maybe we could do that a-amine thing?" he asked, still confused about the whole anime thing.

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"Hm.. Yeah. If you want to watch Anime, It'd probably be best to go to my dorm room. I was supposed to be going there eventually anyways. Not that i really have a choice anyways, my brother kind of took all my things and moved it there" Koroneko said.

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