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message 1: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3567 comments Mod
Hi everyone, our challenge for July is to read from the CBCs list of 100 Novels and 100 True Stories that make you proud to be Canadian. From this challenge we need to pick a monthly read and I am suggesting 2 streams - one for fiction and one for non-fiction which readers can choose from or read both. Please add your suggestions below and I will prepare a poll from those books mentioned the most. Thanks!

message 2: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) many great books to choose from!

I suggest The Cure for Death by Lightning by Gail Anderson-Dargatz

message 3: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3567 comments Mod
@Storyheart - the Cure of Death has been on my TBR for such a long time... especially since meeting this amazing author and enjoying her other novels.

message 4: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) I've met her too...she seems like a wonderful woman :)

message 6: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3567 comments Mod
@Rainey - reading your suggestions, I think that this will be a challenging selection to choose from. Except for the Richard Wagamese book, which I have already enjoyed, these books are all waiting on my shelves!!

message 7: by CynthiaA (new)

CynthiaA (bookthia) | 91 comments I'm reading one now! :o) The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

I might be finished by July. Would that count?

From the Notoriously Slowest Reader in the Group, Cynthia

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) | 1643 comments I have a couple from the fiction list that I hope to read soon: The Birth House and Late Nights on Air. In non-fiction, I would like to read Me Funny.

message 9: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 14 comments I've got Annabel on my tbr pile right now. Happy to read (or reread) almost anything off that list. I've only read a handful off the non-fiction list and am going to add a bunch to my tbr pile.

message 10: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3567 comments Mod
@Cynthia - lol - we will be discussing the winning book in July so if it is chosen, keep reading!! Slow and steady wins the race!!

message 11: by Heather(Gibby) (last edited May 30, 2018 07:17AM) (new)

Heather(Gibby) (heather-gibby) | 428 comments Well I am going to selfishly put forward the books I want to read for my BINGO
Fiction: Kiss of the Fur Queen
Not Wanted On The Voyage
Late Nights on Air

Between Gods: A Memoir
Open Heart, Open Mind

message 12: by Ann-Marie (new)

Ann-Marie | 158 comments Fiction:
In the Skin of a Lion (also the Canada reads checklist winner)
SO many amazing titles, I'd be happy with any.

Non Fiction:
A House in the Sky: A Memoir
The Game

message 13: by Shelley (new)

Shelley Krueger Late Nights on Air is a beautiful book. I highly recommend it.

message 14: by Allison (new)

Allison | 1928 comments I'd like to suggest Annabel. It's (my choice!) for my real-life book club's read for August!

message 15: by Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (last edited Jun 01, 2018 05:17AM) (new)

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) | 1643 comments Allison wrote: "I'd like to suggest Annabel. It's (my choice!) for my real-life book club's read for August!"

My book club just did this one a couple of months ago and everyone loved it. We had a great discussion about gender issues, gender fluidity, etc. Enjoy!

message 16: by Allison (new)

Allison | 1928 comments Great to hear, @Allison! I’m really looking forward to it!

message 17: by Ann-Marie (new)

Ann-Marie | 158 comments Annabel is a really good book, and a bit 'pioneering' on the topic when it was written.

message 18: by Mj (new)

Mj Not sure that I will read 2 books for this challenge and many of the fiction recommendations I have yet to read. Most look interesting and there are lots to choose from, so I won't add any more and just wait for the poll

In terms of NON-FICTION I have read most of them and would like to read a non-fiction for the July challenge; and would like to put forward 2 other possible choices:

This is Happy by Camilla Gibb or
How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler's Memoir by Amber Dawn

message 19: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3567 comments Mod
thanks everyone - last call for suggestions and I will organize the polls on the weekend

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) | 1643 comments ❀ Susan wrote: "thanks everyone - last call for suggestions and I will organize the polls on the weekend"

There doesn't seem to be any multiples in the nominations. Organizing the poll may be difficult!!

message 22: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ wrote: "
There doesn't seem to be any multiples in the nominations. Organizing the poll may be diff..."

I noticed that. Maybe we should do it like the Mount TBR month and read one of our choice and report back? Just an idea.

message 23: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3567 comments Mod
Hi everyone - there were a few books with multiple mentions so I have started a poll and one of the options is to pick your own. Please vote before the 15th and we can choose the group read for July.

message 24: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3567 comments Mod
Just making a plug for Clara Hughes book or considering changing one of our future months to a mental health theme after the recent news of suicides.

message 25: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3567 comments Mod
The poll has ended and The Sisters Brothers has been chosen for July! This is a book that has been on my TBR shelf for a long time so I am looking forward to reading and discussing it!

message 26: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) Excellent choice!

message 27: by ✿✿✿May (new)

✿✿✿May  | 671 comments Looking forward to it!

message 28: by Allison (new)

Allison | 1928 comments I've read it, so won't be involved. But it is a GREAT book, and I hope you all enjoy it!!!

message 29: by Wanda (new)

Wanda | 599 comments I've had a copy on my bookshelf for a long while so hope to join in! Heard so many good comments on this book.

message 30: by Heather(Gibby) (new)

Heather(Gibby) (heather-gibby) | 428 comments I read this a couple of years ago, and gave it five stars, I will join the conversation from what I can recall of it.

message 31: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 207 comments This quote from the book pretty much sums up the writing style, and the different viewpoints of the two outlaw brothers: "Just as I longed for the organized solitude of the shopkeeper, so did Charlie wish for the days of continued excitement and violence, except he would no longer engage personally but dictate from behind a wall of well-armed soldiers, while he remained in perfumed rooms where fleshy women poured his drinks and crawled on the ground like hysterical infants, their backsides in the air, shivering with laughter and brandy and deviousness."

message 32: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) I so agree, Elinor. I'm wondering, as I re-listen to the story, how the film version will be able to capture the wonderfulness of Eli's inner thoughts.

message 33: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 207 comments @Storyheart Yes, indeed. When the writing is the star of the book, there is no way to bring that to the big screen. Books-to-movies work so much better when they are all about character and plot.

message 34: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 207 comments I also wanted to give a shoutout to the red and black cover. The design is quite brilliant.

message 35: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lisafriel) | 202 comments What an interesting story! I read this in one sitting today. It was surprisingly captivating. I didn't think I would like a Western, but it was so well written, you couldn't help to come to like Eli. The humour definitely helped.

message 36: by Peter (new)

Peter It's rare for me to find a book this good. What fun!

Here is a redacted review I left on Goodreads:

Unappealing characters and a story which is anything but inspirational; yet a magical book nonetheless. Two brothers, contract killers, and likely sociopaths travel across the west to
gold rush era California in order to fulfill a contract. Inevitably they meet dozens of people along the way and leave only a handful alive after their encounters. Remorseless killers.

Yet, a magical novel. A total delight to read not least because one begins to feel empathy for the younger brother but the prose dazzles with wit and movement. Not surprisingly a movie is in the works.

Considering the subject matter I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the book. HIGHLY recommended. Canadian fantastika at its best.

message 37: by Gail (new)

Gail Amendt | 115 comments I read this book several years ago and really enjoyed the quirky dark humor...not at all what you expect from a western. I did only give it three stars, however, because I just couldn't get past the historical inaccuracies. It is set in the California Gold Rush, which took place between 1848 and 1855, yet makes reference to local anesthesia in dentistry, and general anesthesia in surgery. Local anesthesia wasn't developed until the early 1900's. General anesthesia was in its infancy at this time, being used experimentally in large hospitals in the eastern U.S. and Europe, but certainly not on the frontier. I don't expect perfect historical accuracy in my fiction, but this is a pretty glaring error that a simple Google search at the time of writing could have fixed. It's still a really entertaining book, but it set off my "bullshit meter" a bit too much!

message 38: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3567 comments Mod
@Gail - I have not gotten to this book yet but that would bother me too!

message 39: by ✿✿✿May (new)

✿✿✿May  | 671 comments I finished the book last week and although I enjoyed some parts of the book for its dark humour, the ending was just not satisfying for me.
Thanks @Gail re: your input on the historical accuracy.
Now we will see how it will appear on the big screen :)

message 40: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3567 comments Mod
I am late to the party on this book but so far am really not sure what to think!

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) | 1643 comments I read this book a number of years ago and liked it, but did not love it. I think it has the potential to be a good movie though and I’m looking forward to it.

message 42: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) An interview on books and our need to laugh with Patrick deWitt

message 43: by Peter (new)

Peter His new book, French Exit, just made the Giller longlist.

message 44: by Megan (new)

Megan | 461 comments Has anyone seen the movie and care to share their review? I'm hoping it's still in the theatre by Thanksgiving weekend.

message 45: by Peter (new)

Peter The movie will be released on September 21.

That's *this* Friday! :)

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