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wow, sorry for the longest wait ever XD

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Haha its alright

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Yup! And okay. Ill have mine up at somepoint today as well

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Leonard Maddox Romeo | 16 | Gay

Name Meaning: “lion strength”
Nicknames: Strictly by Leo

Age: 16
Birthday: September 30

Sexuality: Gay
Status: Extremely closeted

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Features: 5’8", 122, underweight, lean, fair skin, dimples when he smiles, and freckles along his nose and cheeks

Leo was born into a Catholic family, father becoming a pastor after a rough spot in his life and his mother coming from an extremely religious family. Being an only child, he was raised to be the perfect church boy. He was fairly disciplined, and his father occasionally would slip back into bouts of his previous bad habits which would impact the family, but everyone saw them as the ideal, perfect family. Goes to church at least three times a week and is close with the other families like them in the community.

•Loyal, dependent on the people he loves, affectionate
•Sensitive, emotional, bad at dealing with emotions
•Stubborn, persistent, likes to get things his way and is good at it
•Acts before he thinks, tries to think ahead
•Occasionally dependent, clingy
•Intelligent, booksmart and streetsmart, sometimes lacks common sense

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Valefar 'Val'

Looks: 18
Actually: 9471

Status: very open

Hair: Black
Eyes: Black but changes to dark blue to hide it
Features: 6' , Fair skin, perfect complexion, has some muscle

There isnt much of one. He is a demon. He use to make deals with people for their souls but got down graded when he lost a couple souls a couple hundred years ago. Now he just wonders about doing what ever he wants. Occasionlly being summoned by random humans and scaring them off. He can still make contracts with others but cant take their soul in return.

- Stubborn, he can be a bit resistant at times
- Protective, he takes care of the ones he cares about most. Right now its just himself though
- Carefree, with people who he is close with. Loves to have fun when he can
- Musical, he loves to play guitar and sing

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woahhh he’s hot XD my guy’s done! where should we start? how/why should my boy summon him?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Haha i like him! XD

Maybe he finds an old book in the church and reads some words put of it and it summons him? And that summoning also binds the demon to him for a certain period of time and my guy basically has ro do whatever yours whats him too? Of course Val will be very stubborn about it though

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Hahah yes I love it!!

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Haha awesome! Do you want to start? We could start where he fonds the book and says the words out loud?

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“I’ll be down in a minute.”
If it weren’t for his occasional smart mouth during Sunday mass, Leo wouldn’t be here. But after Adrien, the punk of the community, snickered a comment to him that he didn’t even hear, Leo’s mother assumed that her son was being nothing but disrespectful simply by being around the ‘bad influence’, in her words. More or less, she made Leo offer helping out after mass, seeing if anything needed to be done. One thing led to another, and he was in the sacristy, searching for the keys for the catering room. Ridiculous, but if this were to be his payment for some stupid joke that he didn’t even hear by some kid, then that’s what he’ll take. Whatever. He dug through the drawers in the back of the church carefully, cautious as to not get himself into any more trouble. His parents were waiting on him and we’re getting impatient, even though it was their own idea. But as he fumbled through another drawer, he accidentally moved what appeared to be a false bottom, underneath being a book. Being raised extremely Catholic and forever devoted to God, he still didn’t recognize the worn, tan book. Curiousity got the best of him, and he flipped through the dusty pages, most of the writing not even legible. “Ad...Ad ligandum eos p-pariter eos coram me,” he attempted to read to himself, biting his lip as he pondered the purpose of this being in here. Was it purposefully hidden?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Today was possible one of the most boring days of Valefar's exsistence. Although he had the pleasure of traveling to where ever he may please, doesnt mean he would enjoy it. He has been in Peru for quite aome time now and he qas about ready to leave. He spent his dayssight seeing and occsionally messing with a few religious people here and there. Nothing too serious. The big guy down below didnt really have any plans for Val and could not care any less what he did. So here was spinning a globe and was going to travel to where ever his finger landed. He watched as it spun and slowly came to a stop. Right as he was about to set his finger down was when he heard the rambling of a couple latin words. Words he has not heard in a very long time and he wished he would have burned them long ago. But poof and he was gone. The next thing he knew he was standing in a room, in a church for that matter, with a teenage boy in front of him. "What have you done?"

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Leo was beginning to tuck away the book again with the false bottom, not wanting to get into anymore trouble than he had with his parents. If he were to ‘misbehave’ any further, he would probably not have his dinner tonight. But before he knew it, a drop in temperature and a clamoring headache indicated that something was wrong. A turn of his head and he saw the young man standing in front of him. He jumped back and scrambled up to his feet, taking a couple steps away as he looked over the other boy. “Wh-what have I done?” he repeated in a stammer, not sure what to comprehend with this situation. Whoever this person was, he was unfamiliar, brought a queasy feeling to his head. He ran his hands through his hair and looked up to meet his eyes. It looked like a strange sight to see Leo, dressed in his church attire, with the boy who looked like he lived on the other side of town, only worse.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Val looked over the male in front of him as he scrambked to his feet. A small smirk spread across his face as he realized the boy didnt even know what he had done. "You are the one who summoned me then?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. Val was use to getting this kind of reaction from the people he has met. Making them feel like something was a bit off, his aura usually did that. Sometimes he was able to make it subside but in this situation he wanted him to be scared. "Well if you dont mind im just gonna leave, because this was obviosuly an accident." A second later he vanished into black smoke, but to his dismay. He was sent right back to his exact spot. So he vanished and then reappeared in the same spot. He curse under his breath and tried to do it again. Thats when it struck him. He snapped his head towards the boy, anger obvious in his eyes as they turned black. "What have you done to me? How did you summon me?" Val stalked forwards at quite a quick pace toqards the younger.

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It became evident that Leo had not a clue as to what was happening right now, who the taller, amused male standing before him was. He continued to walk back, attempting to be cautious as to not trip on his own feet. Summoned? Surely this was somebody messing with him, trying to get a scare out of the church boy just like one of the stupid cliques in school. Only this felt peculiar. The male both terrified and entranced him. he looked him over, eyes widening in shock when the disappearance occurred. This couldn’t be! Only it was, right in front of him. He watched the scene take place, feeling frozen in place. It was when his eyes turned black when he realized how off this was. He shook his head adamently and stumbled back, clutching the cross charm dangling around his neck anxiously. “Get a-away!)

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Val stalked towarda him until the male was backed up against the wall. He glanced down at what the male had clutching in his hand and couldnt help but laugh. "Thats not going to help you here." Although if he were to hold the cross it might sting a bit but only as much as a bee sting. He could sense that the cross didnt not have any sort of spell on it nor had it been dipped in holy water. "As you can see thats exactly what im trying to do. Now listen closing, church boy. Where is the page you read from?" He demanded, not breaking eye contact woth him. Val didnt like threatening people very much, it just didnt interest him any more but if he had to, to get what he wanted he would do it and by the looks of this boy, he could probably scare him into doing what he qanted him to do. "If you dont give it to me, i will burn this place down and take you to hell with me." He couldnt actually do that, but hey, the kid didnt know that.

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Leo stopped when the male backed him up against the wall of the back of the sacristy, only and inch or two away from eachother. He looked up at him in fear almost, and clutched the charm in his hand despite him saying it was useless. And though he wanted to break the inky gaze that was his eyes, he couldn’t seem to part from them. This couldn’t possibly real... except here he was. Church boy? “It was dogtagged, I don’t know,” he said quickly, wanting to check the book now, but the eye contact felt powerful to him. He tried to remain tall, tilt his chin to appear strong, but he would be lying if he was afraid.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Val stood there in silence for a few moments before he stepped away from him. He rubbed his fingers on his temple and heaved out a sigh. "Okay, just show me the book. So i can figure out qhat mess you have just got yourself into." When he turned back to the boy, his eyes had turned back to normal and he was a LOT calmer then what he was before. He hoped that this summoning wasnt what he thought it was. The last thing he needed was to be stuck taking a soul from this innocent kid who spoke some latin words on accident. "You, stay exaxtly where you are. Okay?" Once the book was in his hands he flipped through the pages until he landed on the one he was looking for. A soft murmuring came from him as he read over what was on the page. After reading it over a few times he gently set the book down and looked back at the boy with a eerie calmness to him.

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Leo looked at him both expectantly and with fear, confused as to what he could’ve just brought upon himself. He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding when the supposed demon stepped away, watching him closely. After a moment of hesitation, he realized the order he was told and quickly nodded, shuffling over to the book right beside the drawers he was looking through, carefully handing it to the male. Still watching him closely. The eyes had switched with a literal blink, back to a dark blue. Possibly just his imagination? The sudden change in behavior was peculiar, causing Leo to tilt his head and adjust his suit jacket as he took a step closer whilst he looked through it and eventually set it back down. “What’s going on?” he asked after a moment of silence, somewhat afraid to meet his eyes.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Val took a second to figure out how to say this to the boy. "Okay, so by mumbling these words you summoned me, Valefar. A demon of hell. But not only did you summon you somehow spoke the incantation to bind me to you until you feel its necessary to let me go." Val took the book and slipped it into an inside pocket of his jacket. One thing was for sure, he qas not telling the boy about the fact that if he commanded him to do something, he would do it. Because the contrzct would make him do it. "Although im sure this book also has a way to break the bond. It might be a bit before i can decipher it." Val was definitely not happy about this.

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Leo listened intently, trying to wrap his head around this. He was nearly in shock; the man that stood before him was certainly not man at all. But a demon? He bit his lip as he watched supposed Valefar, a duke of Hell. He couldn’t comprehend this! “I...don’t understand,” he said slowly, taking another step away despite how calm Valefar was acting. He glanced as he tucked the book away and almost reached for it, frowning. What was the purpose behind the Latin incantation he happened to read?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "You dont understand?" Val rolled his eyes and rubbed his temples. How does he explain thsi to him with out completely freaking him out? There was no way he could think of. This was going to end bad or very bad, there is no inbetween. "Okay. Those words you spoke were words to summon a demon. Who was me. Demons are real yes. Angels too. Although they arent all high and mighty like you guys think. But thats a whole other thing." He quit his rambling before he got too off track. He needed to focus. "Those words also bound me to you. Hence why i couldnt leave. Basically at your... disposal. I guess." Those werent the exact qords he would use for it but it would work for now.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments :)

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((gah sorry g! ill have something up tonight c: ))

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Leo didn’t dare move from the wall touching his back, he was afraid from getting closer. Associating himself with the devil even more as the time passed between them. He swallowed thickly and glanced to Valefar before looking away, avoiding their eyes from meeting. “Divine Eternal Father, Divine Son,” he mumbled, more to himself than to anyone else. He faced the male, or demon, again. “At your, disposal?” he said softly, looking back up to the figure. He appeared older, and his eyes intimidated him beyond words. He knew these existed, but he couldn’t comprehend it. Why him? Why was he the one destined to allow curiousity to get the best of him and read aloud simply words?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Valefar raised an eyebrow at his mumbling. There was only certain spells and what not that qould actually harm him. He was a duke of hell after all. "At your disposal." He repeated. He was actually proud of himself that he still had that affect on people. Being able to scare them without actually doing anything at. "So, if you want me to take a soul to hell or torment someone. Or even do your homework. Ive got to do it." Val was not to happy about that though. He liked being able to do things of his own free will. "That is until you set me free." Val ran a hand through his vessels black hair and sighed. This was gonna be so much fun.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Valefar raised an eyebrow at his mumbling. There was only certain spells and what not that qould actually harm him. He was a duke of hell after all. "At your disposal." He repeated. He was actually proud of himself that he still had that affect on people. Being able to scare them without actually doing anything at. "So, if you want me to take a soul to hell or torment someone. Or even do your homework. Ive got to do it." Val was not to happy about that though. He liked being able to do things of his own free will. "That is until you set me free." Val ran a hand through his vessels black hair and sighed. This was gonna be so much fun.

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((sorry sorry, my rp replies have been slowing))

Leo couldn’t help but subconsciously pray for whatever could become the future with this demon summoned by himself. “So, Im...bound to you?” he asked quietly, glancing up at the demon warily. His eyes were the first thing to notice about him, entrancing yet so unsettling for that exact reason. He couldn’t believe anything he was saying, but he had to, he didn’t understand any of this! He realized in that moment that he still had so much to learn regarding the religion that he claimed to have saved him. How was he supposed to take a demon home with him, hide him from the world? His parents wouldn’t allow it even if he did or didn’t tell them he demon part. Demons in their eyes weren’t personified, they were real people. But standing before him was exactly that.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments ((Its alright :) ))

Valefar nodded at his question. "You are in fact bound to me." He began to wonder the small room that they were standing in. Looking at all the different books on the shelf before he placed himself down at the desk. "So the rest is up to you now." As he placed his elbows on the desk and his head in his hands he looked back aqt him. "We should start with names since we will probably be stuck together for quite awhile. Im Valefar. Duke of hell. You can call me Val though." Val stood back up and made his way towards him, holding his hand out to shake his, qondering if the kid would do it or not. If he hadnt noticed already, Val didnt like to sit still in one spot for too long. He liked his freedom, which would make their time together very interesting.

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Leo watched as the demon made his way around the room with the idea in mind that he was going to cause damage, but he was simply exploring. Wouldn’t he be revolted be being in the back of his church? He closed his mouth and said nothing for a while, just watching as he walked around and eventually attempted conversation. Leo bit down hard on his lip as Valefar approached him again, holding out a hand as if he were some friendly person, which was exactly what he seemed to be despite his intimidating appearance and the fact that he wasn’t just summoned.

After quite some time of debating how the introduction could ruin him, Leo went for it and hesitantly shook the male’s bigger hand with his own.“Leo,” he told him quietly, and in that moment he forgot that his parents may still be waiting on him if they haven’t left yet. How would he keep this away from his parents?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Its true demons are a bit squimish when it goes to god and church and what not. It didnt bother him too much but he would prefer to be anywhere but in a church at the moment. He didnt really have a choice though. Val gave him a smirk. "Id say its nice to meet you, Leo but it really isnt." Val could tell something was on the boys mind. He glanced around awkwardly before looking back at him. "So, whats the plan stan? We just going to sit around in this room or what?" He figured the kid was going to have issues explaining this to his parents, but Valefar disnt care. If anything he thought it qas quite amusing. He was excited to see what kind of lie Leo would come up with.

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Leo looked away, nervous to be around a power like this. He had already seen the demon disappear and reappear numerous times, he couldn’t shake that out of his head so easily. How was he going to explain this to his parents? His words snapped him out of his thoughts and he glanced at him for a moment, clearly startled. “Sorry, um. Yeah. Yeah, we gotta get out of here,” he stammered, shaking his head in disapproval of himself for zoning out. He couldn’t help it, he was in shock. He adjusted the collar of his shirt and straightened his posture as he began to walk out of the back of the church, begging for nobody to see him around and say goodbye, because that would lead to questioning. Question led to suspicion which led to talk, and he couldn’t bear to explain this to his parents when eve he could barely comprehend. “My parents, they probably ditched me here. I-I don’t usually stay this long so.” He started to walk out of the place, wrapping his arms around himself.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Val could see that Leo was extremely nervous around him, and he did not mind at all. He should be, he was a demon after all. He followed the boy out the back of the cheuch and took a deep breath. "Thats a lot better." In a church it was pike he qas breathing in super think air but once he stepped outside it was nice and clear. "Well thats not very nice of them." Valefar teashed as he began to walk forward. "How do you plan on getting home then, my friend?" He wasnt a big fan of walking but he would walk if he absolutely had to. Running a hand through his pitch black hair he turned to face the male, awaiting his answer.

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“We walk,” he answered simply, cutting a quick glance to him for a moment. He had only not been given his ride home from church every once in awhile, and it was usually because he stuck around for longer than his parents wanted. He walked out through the back to avoid most people, the only other people present simply talking amongst small groups. He swallowed thickly and showed off a small smile as some of the acquaintances waving goodbye and looking over Valefar questionably. Even if the demon appeared as a human, he certainly didn’t look like he belongned in a church, and he automatically worried if word would spread to his parents.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "We walk?" Val just wanted to confirm what he said before sighing. "You cant drive? I could find you a car and you could drive us there? How old are you exactly?" He should probably ask either way. Knowing Leos age will help him kind of figure out what he has in store for him. "Or I could drive. Although its been quite some time since I did rhat and there are ao many rules of the road now." At this point Val was probably just talking to himself because Leo didnt seem to talk much. "Also dont get me wrong. All this talking does not mean I like you." Valefar disnt pay any attention to the eyes around them as they walked. He was use to people always watching him and looking at him with weird looks.

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“We walk,” he repeated, his mind still trying to comprehend everything that had happened in the past ten minutes. When he couldn’t understand, his mind retorted to normalcy. So in the meantime, he was trying to maintain that for now, despite the anxiety pouring in his head regarding where they would go. His parents wouldn’t allow him into the house, what wasn’t he thinking? He’d sneak them in somehow without his parents suspicion, but he was so nervous about this because of how dishonest he had to be to hide this, and he knew he had to hide it. He just had to figure out how to get rid of this problem and things would be fine.
“Im sixteen. No license or car,” he told him, giving him a quick glance to make sure he was following as they exited the church, a sigh of relief escaping his mouth upon leaving the church goers’ gazes. He didn’t respond any further to his talking, he didn’t know how to. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t afraid.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments ((Sorry for the super late reply!))

"Fine, fine." Val huffed out as he followed behind the smaller male. He guessed he could use the excerise. Its been awhile since he has walked anywhere. Mainly just shadow traveled himself places. A lot quicker and more fun. Plus he wasnt a huge fan of heights, so flying was out of the question. He also hated this awkward silence between him and Leo, although he knew it would be like this always. Hell, the boy just found out demons were real and probably freaked out because of it. Couldnt blame him though. Especially with hiw the bible depicts most demons. "How far of walk is this?" He questioned as he glanced around the streets. Even though he was a demon he was a little wary of the dark. He has heard rumors of people hunting and killing demons before and he didnt want to have a run in with them. So he was always on his guard at night.

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