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Abigail (Abbie) Osborne I am currently re-reading the Providence series by Jamie McGuire and I don't know anyone that has read it to discuss it with! I am really interested in whether people loved or hated this book! Any discuss would be really appreciated and enjoyed!!

Sarah I absolutely loved it, but I've never read the third book. Are you still on book 1?

Abigail (Abbie) Osborne I've finished book one and will read the next one next week probably. What did you think of the paranormal side? Also did you like nina?

Sarah Nina I was a bit iffy on. She never really settled in my heart. Jared (I think that's his name) I completely feel in love with.

As for the paranormal stuff, I loved the Shax related stuff, partially because I'm a Charmed nut, and partially because I'm a sucker for books with demons. It has been awhile since I read it, which is why I never read Book 3, so I may be remembering wrong. I also liked the idea of Jared being charged with being her guardian but having to use mortal means for the most part.

There's one huge, whopping, glaring inconsistency at the beginning of book 2. I'll be curious to see if it bugs you as much as it did me. I really loved Claire's (?) character as well, she was pretty awesome.

I'm wondering if I can shift reading priorities and catch up with you. I've needed to finish this series, especially because I loved it so much. I might be able to read Providence on Sunday.

What are your views so far?

Abigail (Abbie) Osborne I've already read all three but it was so long ago I'm reading them again, I just remember loving them so much. I reread the first one and I loved it so much. I am still iffy on nina aswell, she annoyed me when she stopped seeing jared to protect him and then pretended to date Ryan. That was awful, she doesn't deserve to have some like jared if she is capable of hurting him so badly. I understand why she did it but to use another person was really low. It really annoyed me. She was quite funny in the beginning but I got impatient with her after that. What do you think? With this book I find I love it for the other characters and not the main characters who's point of view it is. Although I do have to say the main draw of this book is the love between nina and jared, when he revealed everything to her it was so sweet! I loved it :) I want a jared! I kept telling my husband off because he doesn't say anything like that to me haha! Jared is amazing and so well written.

Claire is amazing! She is the exact opposite of nina, strong and independent and she can kiss ass! I wish it was her pov!

I like the paranormal side of the book! The demons are good, it's so such a relief to have villains that are plain old demons rather than vampires for a change! What did you think to the half angel thread? I thought it was quite interesting, although I got rather confused about the role of Eli and Samuel in the first book, it didn't really explain things but confused me. Yeah reread it if you can and see what you think the second time round that's what I have done :)

Abigail (Abbie) Osborne I'm about to read the second one again, I can't remember the inconsistency! Although the first time I read them I read them all in two days I was obsessed so I probably was too observed to notice. Can you tell me what it is so I can look out for it?

Sarah I want a Jared, too! He's probably my favorite male character in any series I've read.

The inconsistency I was talking about is that in the second book, Nina has visions of what she say is her dad being killed. But he lived long enough to get Shax's book into the safe deposit box and then get murdered. So the two deaths don't add up.

What would be REALLY awesome is a second series from Claire's POV. Maybe something else could happen? I would really love that.

I'm a sucker for demon stuff for some reason. If it's got a demon in it, I want to read it. And I'm SO sick of vampires and weres. I loved the half angel idea. It was very different from the fallen angel books I've read. I thought it was awesome that they were still charged with being guardians, but didn't have a true guardian's power. How can they expect them to succeed? It was an interesting twist that Claire ended up being Ryan's guardian.

Since I haven't read the last book, I have no idea what happens about the baby/angel. I'm extremely curious about that. The pregnancy caught me off guard because it's not something you normally read about in either young adult or new adult books. Usually the goal is to steer clear of that.

I agree about Nina using Ryan. It was a horrible thing to do. Especially when she knew he had feelings for her. I can understand distancing herself from Jared if she thought he was in danger and she was trying to protect him, but then my heart broke when Claire pointed out that he was feeling her pain as well as his.

The one thing that was super creepy to me was the surveillance. I don't care if it's a boyfriend that's the best thing the universe ever sent my way, it's still WEIRD. And he's been doing it for so long.

I've got this insane stack of library books and I'm wanting to just drop everything to reread these and finally read the third book! This is one of my favorite series. I'm going to try to start Providence today and maybe finish it tomorrow. I don't think I have anything important to do tomorrow. I'll try to catch up. I love discussing books with people.

Abigail (Abbie) Osborne Do you know what I would have to agree with you there. He is so sensitive and it's a nice change from all the macho and mysterious characters. Apart from at the beginning of the book he lays bare for nina wants she insists on the truth and that is what is so refreshing.

Oh right, I never thought about that. I will have to reread that bit as I never considered it. the only part I remember about that bit was the levitating/climbing the wall she did. I am looking forward to reading this again. I have put off reading them all in a row as last time I found it so intense reading them all in a row that when I finished I felt empty inside! haha! So I am taking my time this time! Will start the second one when you do so let me know :D

Oh that would be amazing, I have read everything that Jamie McGuire has written and I loved these more than her other books (the beautiful disaster) she has done spin offs of these books why can't she do it on these!! A Claire POV would be really good!

Yeah the demon stuff is quite good, have you read the painted man series? They are quite dark and demon obsessed, let me know if you have/do read those! Yeah the vampire/werewolves is very common now and overdone!
Have you read Hush Hush? What did you think of that if you did. This could not be more different I think! A lot more maturer I think. I think it is good that they can kill unlike full angels, the book would be very different if they couldn't harm another human. That was an interesting twist, I think that he is annoying, I don't know if I am annoyed with him on Jared's behalf because he was trying to steal Nina from Jared though! haha!

Oh yeah, that was a very interesting storyline! I agree it was strange for a YA book, not something that has happened, unless you count twilight. But I assure you it is a lot less gross than twilight made it! I rather liked it a lot to be honest as it showed the characters maturing. How come you never got chance to read the third one?

I know, I think that is one of my favourite things that he can feel when she is upset etc. I wish that could be a real thing!

Oh yeah! I couldn't agree more, the first time I read it I thought it was so sweet that he had been taking care of her. But then when I read it again. I was worried that maybe he only fell in love with her because he was watching her all the time. It kind of stole some of the magic out of it, but the diary reading answered that which I thought was good. However, I thought it was really cringey the bits when she was talking about her past dates and things like that and I thought the mics and cameras were a bit obsessive.

I love the beginning when she is just getting to know him. and my favourite line is 'what he would have ordered had he not asked a toddler with him' haha!

Ooh I started using the library, I try to buy as many as I can but I'm getting married this month and have no money left so I am using the library as much as possible! What is in your stack of books.

I will wait till you've read the first one then we can start the second together :)

I love discussing books too, I normally do with my friends but they don't like to go as in depth as we can here!

Hope your having a nice sunday!

Sarah I totally don't remember the levitating thing!

What is The Painted Man? I'm not familiar with that one. I have read Hush Hush. My first time around I was kind of frustrated and thought it was kind of mediocre, but when I went to do a reread for book 4's release I actually ended up really enjoying it. It seems so typical until you discover what Patch is really up to. I think it's a series I'll go back to a few times.

I can't even imagine having a camera in my dorm room! I would NOT be okay with that. And I would be racking my brain trying to figure out if I had ever done anything embarrassing.

I have a ton of stuff in my stack of books this month and I think my head may actually explode! I'm supposed to read Farthing by Jo Walton for my real live book group on Thursday. Then I've got Midnight by Stephen Leather, In Cold Blood, Paper Towns, Promise of Blood, Gun, With Occasional Music... and that's before I get to my library books! I think I have 13 of those and I only get three weeks to read them. I wish I could predict which ones I wouldn't be able to renew so I could prioritize them. I joined too many GR book groups and they all read multiple books. Even full time reading can't keep up. My goals this week are Farthing, Midnight, Providence, In Cold Blood, and hopefully Eden. It's a super quiet week so far so it might happen. Thank goodness for short books.

But if you're getting married, you must put my book insanity to shame! You must be so busy!

Also, you asked at some point why I never read the third book and I'm not sure if I answered. It hadn't come out and then once it did I just never made my way back there. I really love it, too, so I'll be glad to read it again. I haven't read any of Jamie McGuire's other books. I have Red Hill from the library right now, but Beautiful Disaster actually didn't look very good.

Abigail (Abbie) Osborne Hi

Sorry I've been absent! I am away at the moment so I will get back to you as soon as I can!!


Sarah So I finished it a couple of days ago. I enjoyed it, but I didn't remember that the writing was so jerky! This really could use an editor. Also, sometimes she used the wrong words for what she was trying to convey.

She really needed to describe a little more of what was going on in between the action. Instead we've got Nina crying on every other page. She cried A LOT! It was ridiculous. I wanted to slap her upside the head. She was acting more 13 than 19. One thing I thought was weird each time I read it is that it reads like a teen book which is why the sex and pregnancy surprised me so much.

I really really love Jared though. And Claire. And I love the supernatural element. I thought it was odd that Shax was going to attack at the end in order to take Nina. Jared had the damn book. Rather than going to get the book he wanted to abduct Nina? Weird.

It seems like I found more to criticize this time around, especially since I've read some really well written books lately, but I still really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to finally finishing the series!

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