Let the Dead Speak (Maeve Kerrigan, #7) Let the Dead Speak question

Maeve and Josh endgame?
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Do you think Maeve and Josh should/will end up together? It seems kind of inevitable to me. In Book #8 Josh and Melissa will break up and in Book #9 Maeve and Josh will get together. And then, honestly, the series should end in Book #10. I really like the series, I've rated every book 4 stars (I only rated half of Tana French's books 4 stars), but I'm not sure there's enough meat here to sustain it for much longer than that.

As much as I like both authors immensely, and I think Jane has a lot of meaty content in her stories, she is no where close to the intensity of Tana French.
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I've grown to like annoying Josh, but I don't want them together.
As far as is there any more meat, sure there is. Will she find it, use it? We shall see.

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Agree sublimnosa. Such a wasted opportunity to explore that. It’s my quibble about this series. I thought it was a bad way to write out that character. Cruel really and way out of character. He was in the wrong thoigh, he was traumatized and completely not himself. But even then his actions are still crap to blame as ptsd and still not in keeping with him.

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