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Eric's fate - spoiler alert -

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Mrs Knightley Am I the only one who has a problem with Four executing Eric?

It took me out of the book completely, I find it highly disgusting.

But it is also out of character for a person who wants to be a conglomeration of all 5 factions (something else that is never really taken up again...).

It was not out of self-defense, or to save someone else. If it was for anything, than to demonstrate what a toughie he is and that he can be a Dauntless leader. Oh, and to overcome a fear. Hallelujah, good for you. Yuck.

Well, he lost my respect.
But the characters changed so much anyway, it all became rather random.

And I still don't get why it is allowed to kill and maim and do all sorts of violent things in YA fiction but not have sex (well, at least touch more than arms, shoulders and backs...^^). Just sayin'

Rida Sajid Veronica has clearly mentioned that its a dauntless custom.

Mrs Knightley Customs can be changed, and the custom apparently was to have three people shoot when only one of those three is loaded, so Four let himself be manipulated by Eric as well to act against the custom.

Plus, it is Four who in Divergent is clearly very unhappy about all the new Dauntless rules and is very much at odds with having chosen it - it's his BIGGEST REGRET, feels that his Abnegation qualities are stronger and worth more....just sayin'...and one act of bravery could have been shown in not killing someone for killing another - that does not change killing at all.

I know I take it very harshly but I was really really shocked and I am so very against the death penalty.
Not acting out revenge and spite, installing a judiciary system, even if flawed, means a lot to me. Common Law means a lot to me.

And, as I said, I was wondering if I am the only way who feels that abhorred by it. Maybe I am.
Then I guess it is very consistent that Tris got executed as well...:-)

Rida Sajid Lol, I think you should complete triology and then read Four stories. And yeah, four was acting a bit odd but I don't think he'll disappoint you in the end

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pi i kinda agree with you, but would you have liked eric to live?
just food for thought. i think veronica roth made four execute eric because eric had to die. was it the cleanest, most "in-character" way to do it? probably not. but i would rather keep the scene and have eric die. then having him live in the book.

also, i feel bad that four never got a chance to do it with tris. but i guess thats life. you go for it or you don't.

Rida Sajid I feel like he should have lived or died in a better way at least. But I think it was a contrast to his character.
The kind of person he was it was expected by I think every one that he would die in action but he died like a prisoner. I found it ironic

Mrs Knightley Hm, yes, well, I'm not that easy with executions.
And it felt a little constructed through the prior 'execution' of the divergent boy (which I thought made Eric's execution more 'acceptable' to many people...). Eric went a little crazy there.

But I don't really care for Eric, a death like Tris's would have been nice, just after he thought he had accomplished something - oops, there's an express train and your standing in the way, bye bye

I am not really impressed with where the story went after the first book anyway. It's like The Matrix trilogy - very unsatisfying. The films can only be better, but that's just me not liking the increasingly random plot and sloppy writing I found in Book 2& much as I fell in love with Four and Tris in Book1, they evolved (or rather devolved...) into exasperating ping/pong people that made me block out the last two books and just love them in Div...^^

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