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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult fiction / Mystery & suspense: Woman goes to cottage with college friend. Baby kidnapped by the friend pretending it's her baby girl. Main character hits head on sink and sleepwalks.

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Victoria (eli92) | 2 comments I read this book about 3 years ago (might be longer) on amazon. I'I pretty sur wit was on kindle unlimited and was written by a female author. She also wrote another book about a series of murders along the thames. The book starts off with the protagonist getting a letter from her college friend telling her she went to America, has a baby girl, and wants her to come spend some time with her in her cottage in some snowy place. They go there and there's a story about a baby boy being kidnapped nearby. They're not the only ones there in the cottage, there are other friends; also, the baby girl is really sleepy. One day the protagonist hits her head on a sink and takes sleeping pills but starts sleepwalking. A guy they were either staying with, or that was staying in a nearby cabin says he doesn't think the friend actually went to America because on one of the photos from the trip it says cling film in the background and only the brits say cling film. At one point I remember someone died and the two girls disposed of the body early in the morning in a nearby lake. Someone overheard and they get questioned about it but that's about it. Towards the end we find out that the baby girl was actually the kidnapped boy. The friend never went to America and never had a child. I do t remember why she was lying but she locked the protagonist somewhere and the police came round and nearly didn't find her but she somehow escaped I'm pretty sure. The story ends with the protagonist having left the cabin and the friend caught and (I think) arrested.

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Victoria (eli92) | 2 comments I found the book! It was No Longer Safe by A J Waines :)

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