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Arlington Public Library (arlingtontxpubliclibrary) | 52 comments Mod
In the fast-changing world of technology, we now have many ways to consume books. We can read books on e-readers or apps on our tablets, computers, and phones. We can download books and listen to them or get them on CD. However, there is still the tried and true method of the print book. How do you read books today? Do you use all three methods or do you prefer one method over another? Do think we will ever reach a time when we will not have print books? Is printing books sustainable or eco-friendly? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

message 2: by Ayesha (new)

Ayesha Hawkins (ayeshahawkins) | 8 comments I love all three types. I use audiobooks on my commute, especially on non-fiction books. We I have to travel or I am going to be out late at a ball game I like to take an e-book. We I am home on my couch or curled up in bed I love a good old-fashioned print book. I think all three forms have their place.

message 3: by Trina (new)

Trina  (trinanycolbrown) | 8 comments I love the trifecta of e-books, audio books and print books. I hope we don't EVER reach a point in time where print books will no longer be published. The feeling of cracking open a new hardback is like no other. Books are life and I think we need all three for the complexities of life. For example, I listen to audio books in the car and while grocery shopping; I read print books on the beach and in bed; and read e-books while travelling for the convenience of having my library at my fingertips. Of course, all of these methods are interchangeable but I couldn’t imagine life with this trifecta😊

message 4: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckyintexas) | 6 comments I love all three types as well. I listen to audiobooks while I sew, read printed books while at home relaxing, and read on my Kindle while traveling. Listening to books while I sew has opened up a wonderful new world for me. I just took up sewing in 2014 and decided to see if I could concentrate on both things at the same time. I've listened to dozens and dozens of books now and LOVE this two-fold hobby even more now.

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