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message 1: by Khalima (new)

Khalima (kbolde01) | 18 comments I am an alpha/beta/proof reader with availability to read and provide feedback in June. I’m an avid reader with particular interests in romance and all sub genres therein. Additionally, I read suspense/mystery/thriller, SFF, and historical works (fiction and non-fiction). I have a background in writing and editing for various scientific journals and have been alpha and beta reading for novelists for ~4 years now.

For Beta reading I provide general feedback on: Character development - maturation of characters, inconsistencies in characteristics, believability of actions and thoughts, overall voice and problems therein, chemistry between partners, etc.; Plot development - story development, plot holes, idiosyncrasies, plot device usage, pace, flow, etc.; Language - general impressions, recurring issues regarding word use/choice, any major problems. I use track changes for word docs or notes in PDF to highlight problematic text and ask questions/note issues as they come up. I don't change the actual text (other than using spell check) and focus on my reception and connections as a reader. I also provide a summary of main points and issues in a second word document. If there are specific questions or a response format you have, I’d be happy to answer those questions as well as give my overall impressions. I read the story 3 times which helps me to parse out my initial experience, then examine plot/character issues, and last flag any language/writing issues. This service is provided for manuscripts ready for publication or ready to be shopped out to publishers. My rate for this is .001 per word and my turn around time is ~4 weeks to review and provide feedback on the manuscript.

For alpha reading and light content/stylistic editing I provide the same services as I for beta reads but will also do light editing. I'll rewrite problematic passages or if there's a recurring issue that may be attributed to your personal style I'll change it once and provide my rationale and leave further changes up to you. I move things around, slash sentences or paragraphs that seem superfluous and focus more on developmental editing. I’ll also flag and change repetitive word use and phrasing with suggested changes throughout the text. For this service the price includes the above editing and feedback as well as 2-3 back and forth exchanges of the manuscript and phone consultations. I also read the story 3 times during the first alpha read/light edit and then just work on the edited portions of the story if there are any exchanges. This service is for manuscripts that have been fleshed out but need a first read by a target audience member and the price is .005 per word and my turn around time is ~6 weeks

For proofreading only (no content issues) I read the first 3-4 chapters to get a good feel for the author's style and narrative voice. I review for grammatical and structural errors and will send those chapters back for review if I find that there is a recurring error that might be attributed to the author's style. That way I don't make changes they author would not find helpful. I read the novel twice to ensure I’ve caught all structural/grammatical errors. I also make sure character names and other proper nouns/created languages are consistent and if requested will make sure changes in narration are properly delineated (with page breaks or symbolic demarcation). My rate for this is .003 per word and my turn around time is ~4 weeks to review and provide feedback on the manuscript.

For all services I ask for a 50% down payment.

I am happy to read books in a series but do ask that I be allowed to read the previous books prior to agreeing to work together and ask for 1-2 weeks to allow for time to do that.

I can provide references and testimonials upon request. Let me know if you have any questions and if you’d like to chat about possibly working together!

message 2: by Rrthurston (new)

Rrthurston | 4 comments Hello. Do you also have a knack for identifying potential markets and how to appeal to those readers?

I see my WIP as mainstream fiction, an unconventional, picaresque story of disparate characters pursuing happiness in Hollywood during the eighties. There is a gay love story at the heart of it, and an irreligious theme throughout.

message 3: by Khalima (new)

Khalima (kbolde01) | 18 comments Unfortunately marketing isn’t a skill I can boast. I can only give feedback as a consumer who may belong to one of those markets but anything beyond that would be a big stretch.

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