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message 1: by Riley (new)

Riley (rileyfickett) | 154 comments Mod
This is the discussion thread for chapters 23-26 of First We Were IV. Please keep discussion to this section of the book. If you have not read this section, beware of spoilers!

message 2: by Riley (new)

Riley (rileyfickett) | 154 comments Mod
Omg I was wincing so hard at the part where Izzie cuts her hand. Gahhh just the thought of getting glass caught anywhere in your body makes my skin crawl. That scene was hard to read.

I have no idea why Izzie is surprised that this whole thing is getting a bit out of control. You let a bunch of idiots into your group that commits acts of vandalism and there were copycat attacks from the get go. Like OBVIOUSLY it’s going to spin out of control! XD These kids are pretty dumb haha.

message 3: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (planetshannon) | 28 comments Okay, I'm only partway through this section but it's really weird how smoothly and casually they sway between plotting serious revenge against people involved (or neglectful in reporting) Goldilocks, and getting the popular kids to do embarrassing stuff for initiation and than regular teen drama of new relationships. Wild!

message 4: by Kira (new)

Kira (shelfloving) | 19 comments ugh... this book is not what I wanted it to be. I am having to suspend my belief way too much. Are kids really this dumb...

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