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message 1: by Riley (new)

Riley (rileyfickett) | 154 comments Mod
This is the discussion thread for chapters 7-9 of First We Were IV. Please keep discussion to this section of the book. If you have not read this section, beware of spoilers!

message 2: by Riley (new)

Riley (rileyfickett) | 154 comments Mod
Okay, first of all, wouldn’t there be surveillance cameras in their school? I feel like they definitely should not have gotten away with the flyer thing. But I guess I’ll suspend belief for that portion.

I really enjoy that we’re learning that there’s more secrets between the four, like how Viv and Izzie know that their parents kissed but don’t want to destroy their families with that information. I’m interested to hear more about the attack on Harry’s Dad as well. I’m thinking there’s probably a connection between that and the Goldilocks death.

Am I the only one who already kind of can’t stand Viv? I really hope there isn’t a catty female friendship between Izzie and Viv but it’s kind of going in that direction already. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Died at the “grow a pair of boobs line”. HILARIOUS and now I want to use it all the time.

I really enjoyed the video clip descriptions for the shared IV folder and I’m hoping we’ll get more of that as well!

message 3: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (planetshannon) | 28 comments I totally agree about the flyers and surveillence, although I thought it was fascinating to see how that part of the story progressed, I felt it hard to believe that that would go off without a hitch.

I feel like I missed them talking about Harry's dad... I read the first part a while ago but now it's talked about with a common knowledge tempo that I find confusing.

I totally see what you are saying about Viv, I know there are all friends but specifically I can't quite understand how Izzie and Viv are friends. What does Viv bring? She certainly isn't compassionate.

It's interesting to see the theme of power come into play. I'm wondering if this will go in the direction of revenge, or of justice (or somewhere else entirely).

Descriptions of the video clips was fascinating, that really gives the book the vibe of found footage / cinéma vérité style. I am very worried for where this could all lead to! And of course , can't wait to read more!

message 4: by Kira (new)

Kira (shelfloving) | 19 comments I am shocked at what happens in schools that parents and teachers are not aware of so I can kind of believe the flyers. Kids are really adept of knowing when and where they can get away with things and how to shut down and not let adults in.

I am really liking all the dynamics coming to light with the friend group. It will be very interesting to see what other secrets come to light.

The mixed media does add a little touch that gives it that something extra!

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