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Okay here we go :)

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments Yay

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here is my idea

okay, well i was thinking maybe the girls dad got caught up in some gang work and the gang wanted his daughter because he owed then a whole lot of money, so he sent her away to place in the country, with some random guy to take care of her. She ignores him, keeping to herself and he tries to get her to warm up to him, then maybe eventually as we go, the gang ends up finding her and kidnaps her and he has to go save her or something?

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments Nice

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does that work then?

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments Yes it dose

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oksy areeyou alright with being the guy? Im not the greatest with rping as the guy

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments Ok

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ok character then? how detailed?

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments It dosen't matter in detail. I ca. Do lazy or detailed. As most 3 lines then

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ok you an make your i have to get off for like half an hour

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments Ok

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Name: Chrystabel Anderson
Age: 17
Personalty: Chrystabel is exetremely stubborn and hates when when people tell her what to do. She has alwwys been a very independent girl. She has barely any faith in her father but still loves him even though she always has to get him out of trouble.

History: Her mom died when she was just a tordler and her dad has been taking care of her. Her dad was living perfectly fine until he lost his job and became an alcoholic. Chrystabel was about ten when that happened and had to learn to take care of herself andher dad. Her dad started to get money from a group of people who call themselves The Hunters. Fhrystabel found out that her dad owed them tons of money so she got a job aand started to help pay them bck, but they didnt get the money fast enough and now the grooup wants to take chrystbel. Her fqther sent her away into hiding with some random stranger and that is where she is at now.


- writing
~ music

- thunderstorms
- Being told hat to do

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments Name: Alexander (Alex) Coper
Age: 19
Personality: Alex is nice and wants to help anyone that asks for help. He don't like to talk about his past

History: Alex grew up in a horrible life. He got bullied in school and he saw how he lost everything. And that's how he dicided to help others


• Helping others

• Disepoint everyone
• Talk about his past

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Should we start on the day she comes to his place?

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments Yes

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Chrystabel sighed as she got out of the car and grabbed her bags. She wasnt in the greatest mood. Ever since her dad said that she was beingsent away for awhile she was upset. After getting her hags she turned and looked at the house.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments Alex opened the door to his house and walked out to greet her. "Hello. My name is Alexander. But you can call me Alex." He said with an big smile

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Chrystabel smiled a tiny, trying to seem happy to be there. "Hey. Im Chrystabel. " She shifted her backpack that was on her shoulder and sighed.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments "Do you want me help you with anything?" He asked and looked at her stuff and walked after her

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"No I am fully capable of doing it on my own." She said confidently and walked towards the house.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments "Okey if you say do." He said he leanded her inside and up to her room where she were going to stay

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Once she got to the room she sset her stuff down and started to unpack. She didnt say anything else.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments "I hope you like your room." He said. "Soon it's dinner. I will leave to let you get settled." He said and walked away

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She nodded and as soon as he left she finished packing and laid down on the bed. It was a nice room, but she liked her one in her old house better.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments He walked into the living room. If she had any questions he would anwser them as good as he could

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She sat up and went over to the window and opened it letting the warm air blow in. She smiled and decided to just stay up in the room. She pulled out a book and sat down, reading.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments He walked to the kitchen to cheak the dinner. It was almost done and they could soon eat. He was starting and couldn't wait to eat

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She stayed up in her room, not planning on eating at all. She wasn in the mood to eat. She kept on reading the book that she had, which she has read about a hundred times.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments When the dinner was done he walked up to her room and knocked on the door. "It's dinner now." He said and waited for her to anwser

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She rolled her eyes. "Im not hungry." She told him, glancing at the door, hn at the window. She knew thing for sure, she loved the big open space of the yard here.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments "But you need to eat something." He said to her. He thought for a moment. "What about if we do like this. I let you eat when you are hungry. What do you think about that?" He asked

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She thought for a second then shrugged. "sure, fne by me." She answered then went back to reading her book.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments "Okey." He said and walked to the kitchen to eat. He saved some of the food for her. He took in that he saved to her in the frige. After that he walked to the living room

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She set her book down and laid down, curling up in the blanket. She closed her eyes, relaxing but not falling asleep.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments He walked out in the garden. Sometimes he liked to work in the garden. Just to see how beautiful it can get by his own work

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She got up and looked out the window. She saw him in the garden and just watched him curiously.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments He was fixing a little with the flowers. He walked to his roses. It was his favorit favorit flowers. The roses

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She smiled and sat on by he window, looking outside. She grabbed her book and began to read again.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments He water te roses. Those was accaly the most beautiful flowers in the whole garden he had

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She kept glancing out at him. When she couldnt stay concentrated on the book, she went downstairs to the kitchen and just grabbed an apple. She honestly wasnt that hungry.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments He walked to the kitchen to get something to drink. Then he saw her. "Do you like the apple?" He asked as he took a glass water

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"If i didnt like it. I wouldnt be eating, would I?" She asked sarcastically andtook a bite out of the apple to add affect to what she said.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments "That's true. Accaly I made those apple." He said and drank the water. "The most fruits and vegetables you find in here have I made." He siad proudly

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"Really?" She asked. She actually thought that was cool. She glanced at the apple then up at him. She thought for a minute. "Do you grow strawberries?" she asked curiously.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments "Yha. Why? He asked and looked at her. He open the frige and took out an little plat with strawbarries.

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"Just wondering." She said with a grin. She had a great recipe for making small strawberry shortcakes. Since she was the one to always cook, sheloved to make desserts.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments "I think the garden is the plase I spend most time in." He said and looked out through the window smiling

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She nodded. "Im usually reading or cooking." She shrugged and took another bite of the apple.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 6214 comments "Ahhh. It sounds really intresting." He said and smiled at her. "Do you want to see the garden a little bit closer?" He asked

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