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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Sci-fi paperback about female veterinarian for aliens who possibly has a pet otter. [s]

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Amy N. | 13 comments I read this book back in high school or middle school, so anywhere from 1998-2005. It was a slightly yellowed paperback in my local library with a picture of the brown-haired, female main character on the cover along with various alien and Earth-based animals. There might have been some allusion to Noah's Ark in the title or the blurb on the cover, but I don't know for sure. The book I am remembering was part of a series and was likely the second book. The big plot detail I am remembering is likely a spoiler: about half way through the book the main character, who is pregnant, puts on some kind of hazmat or space suit that a saboteur has coated with a very nasty virus- I remember specifically they put the substance on the crotch and armpits of the suit they knew she was about to put on. The virus did not kill her, but it did cause her to miscarry, which I think was the plan of the saboteur.

I tried Google, and I can say for certain the the book is not the Zenn Scarlett series. I don't think it's the Stardoc series, although it does seem to hit most of the requirements. But Stardoc seems to have a darker tone with bigger stakes; I think the book I'm trying to remember had a mostly light tone (which I think left me feeling strange when the above spoilery scene happened) with the stakes being the success of her career/alien vet clinic or possibly a little higher.

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Aerulan | 1247 comments For what it's worth, it's definitely not the Stardoc books. I read the first six or so years back and there's nothing I recall like what you describe with the suit and the virus. No pet otter either.

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Ayshe | 4324 comments Taylor's Ark maybe?

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Amy N. | 13 comments Ayshe wrote: "Taylor's Ark maybe?"

That's definitely it! Thank you so much!

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