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Ez Team of Rivals is an in depth study not only of the Lincoln administration but Lincolns strugles to get to the oval office, his rivals platforms and his tenacity in the pursuit of applying his beliefs in the political arena. I loved the descriptions of the gatherings and the stories told by Lincoln and all the country lawyers in the circuit he worked in. At times it was sad, funny and just moving on all emotional levels. The descriptions of how Lincoln handled his grief was very insiprational. The man just continued to get up and put his boots on and go to work in order to keep his sanity. This was before prozac of course and it was proof of how forcing yourself to move forward regardless of the dispair is maybe the best of all treatments for trying times.

Great read !!!!

Laurie Pepper I love history, well told. It shows us how the world works. This book is exceptional, showing how nothing occurs in a vacuum, and that part of Lincoln's GENIUS was his understanding of how to influence the influential folks around him. Doris Kearns Goodwin is a great historian, and this is her VERY BEST book.

Bryan This book explained why Abraham Lincoln was an astute politician and how his knowledge human nature made so successful.

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