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message 1: by dashofmagic, Chocolate and Starlight (last edited May 26, 2018 08:47AM) (new)

dashofmagic | 299 comments Mod
Introduce youself to the group, and Welcome!

*AHEM* I'm Dashofmagic and I love chocolate!

message 2: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Durant (x1f49c) | 48 comments Mod
Hello! My name is Cameron and I love gummies (sry dash, I confess I’m not much of a chocolate person, well, I don’t like dark chocolate)

message 3: by Adeline, HunterAvalloneFan (new)

Adeline | 260 comments Mod
Hi Cameron! Hey Dash, thanks for the invite :)

message 4: by dashofmagic, Chocolate and Starlight (new)

dashofmagic | 299 comments Mod
Cameron, it's fine, tons of my friends hate chocolate.

Alexis, of course! XD

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