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Amanda | 5 comments A small theory about Elodin that I have yet to see proposed sorry if this is duplicated elsewhere.

Could Elodin be one of The Fae?

“most fae are sly and subtle folk who step as soft as chimney smoke. some go among your kind enshaedn, glamoured as a pack mule laden, or wearing GOWNS to fit a queen.” She gave me a frank look. “we know enough to not be seen.”

Elodin poses the question about the moon and can recognise a shaed, seems older than his years (as is Bast) I think we can all agree that he has spent time there but could he be one of them?

Moonshadow | 10 comments Well, we're told that Elodin was the youngest person to be accepted at the University when he was 14. So, I'm just assuming he aged normally, unlike the Fae, like Bast is 200 and looks 20. And that Elodin is in fact human, as in the book he's now in his thirties.

Kenneth Geary (kennethhayes) | 86 comments Well we don't know how long Bast has been in the human world. The Fae might age normally in the four corners but not in the Fae.

Amanda | 5 comments Rothfuss has said that there are hundreds of little things and small references throughout the books. To the extent that there is a secret translator forum to make sure the references are kept. There are also clues in book one about book two, two in three etc. Bast is hundreds of years old but doesn't show his age. Elodin entered the university at 14 but was he 14? Has he been in the mortal world since he was (14) He is described as a less sexy Felurian. He had knowledge of the realm but appears to have been constantly at the university ageing in the normal way since he was 14. It's just a theory.

JaphiaHart | 66 comments I wondered about his interest in Auri. He seemed impressed kvothe would take her as a friend (or her him) and his protective streak.

That's really the only exceptionally odd thing about him that I noticed. He recognized the shade cloak so I imagine he's seen one before somehow. I liked the idea they elodin was "normal". He's pretty great as is

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Amber (ivorydoom) | 1471 comments Mod
Personally, I believe he's just a regular mortal, but have always assumed he had either been to fae, or knew some creatures from fae since he clearly has some knowledge of the subject.

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Ron Howard | 1 comments Or maybe even Taborlin?

message 8: by John (new)

John Henry | 4 comments He's a Master Namer, able see the nature of people (Kvothe when he calls the wind) as well as detect and work around changes in the stones of his cell. To me it would be no surprise if he couldn't detect the shaed as it is a part of the fae, literally of another word, and would therefore scream it's difference to a namer. Yet, if you notice, he calls the shaed “Here’s a piece of old magic man rarely lays a finger on.” and when Kvothe replies it's in fact new he is confused. Even when he listens to Kvothe's story none of it surprises him, suggesting he's been to or at least knows of the Faen Realm. He's also both surprised and NOT surprised that Kvothe called Felurian by her true name. That means he's either done it before or knows it's been done, something which suggests just how powerful namers can truly be.

But I don't think he is fae. Firstly, there's no evidence to suggest that
fae can even use names as Felurian can't even grasp the concept of mortal "magics" because such things are simply natural to them. What I think is naming is a solely human ability and that it was the only thing which allowed them to combat the fae as they did during the Creation Wars, which is why it's slowly died out as a practice since its end. After all, the two instances we see naming in the presence of fae (Chronicler v. Bast & Kvothe v. Felurian) the humans had the upper-hand. That's why I think Elodin can't be fae, because naming and fairies or anathema.

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Amber (ivorydoom) | 1471 comments Mod
I generally agree with your presmise, but I don't know about the fae not being able to use names. During the Creation War the first inhabitants of fae were namers who had become shapers, so that doesn't exactly pan out, they weren't called fae until after the creation war. It's more likely, in my opinion of course, that Felurian just never practiced naming, much like most mortals.

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Daniel | 2 comments I like to think he's one of the amyr. No real proof coming to mind, but if he's not an amyr I'm certain he could tell Kvothe about them if he actually asked. Anyway, Elodin is the most interesting character to me. His depth of knowledge regarding basically everything leads me to see him as the most powerful character in the story. Kvothe's power may come from learning many things like with his training with the adem, or his experience with the Maer, and then we see that Elodin is never surprised and always knows at least as much.

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